Our first item from Trasparenze – Seamless Claudia tights!

smooth waistband on Trasparenze Claudia tightssheer toe on Trasparenze Claudia tights

This style is on sale for $18. Reduced from $25. There are only 3 pairs left in nude shade. Sizes M and L.

There are some new arrivals in my store! I am glad to announce that I purchased some Trasparenze Claudia Seamless Tights for resale on my site. This brand has a very good reputation, but somehow in Canada it is hard to get.

Thanks to two of my contacts who helped me out to get my hands on this stuff, now there is a new option here for you to enjoy besides what was previously uploaded from OMSA and Gatta. You can add that neat style to your wardrobe for ultra light or sleek dresses to avoid panty lines.

In case you want to know some features, here they are:

  • Completely seamless panty area
  • Sheer to waist
  • Smooth waistline with seamless finish on the top
  • Matte look, velvety to touch
  • Sheer toe
  • Composition: 73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane
  • Made in Italy

People generally say that the quality is good and the fit is comfortable. Also, it is a good value for the money when compared to more expensive seamless brands. Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

Trasparenze-Claudia-Seamless-Tights 15 den pantyhose


Celebrities in Mock Stocking Pantyhose

mock stockings pantyhose and celebrities

As the weather is getting colder, Vancouver is filled with Asian girls walking around in mock stocking pantyhose.  I even saw one in Costco the other day with runs in the sheer part all over that didn’t seem to bother her.  Today also spotted a few in transit.

I wrote more on the subject of mock stockings for the next issue of Finn Magazine (contact me for a promo code for that).  Even modeled in pantyhose like that for them, also wearing high heels and short dress, which made my legs look super sexy.  I must say though that Asian girls here only wear such style with flat shoes that are completely non-feminine and jean shorts, almost as an attempt to play down the sexiness of the design.

If I wear something like that, I want to look like a real sex bomb, so in my case flat shoes are out of question. My next “homework” for such designs is to experiment with different colours of mock stocking pantyhose to see which ones work best with my outfits.

Which one of these should I start with?


mock stocking pantyhose - suspender tights



microfiber tights - imitation of hold ups - mock suspender tights


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore


mock stocking tights, imitation, faux garter, 60 den




Fiore hosiery - mock stockings pantyhose - imitation of over the knee socks


mock stocking pantyhose - we ship to Canada and to United States


mock stocking pantyhose with imitation suspender lines


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore - imitation suspender tights


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore with micromesh


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore



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Wolford Boutique in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii - Ala Moana center, Wolford boutique store front As I was browsing some stores at the Ala Moana shopping centre in Honolulu, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Wolford.  Is this my imagination playing a trick on me?  I was in disbelief to find it in a place where I thought hosiery was least popular. 

Just a few minutes before my discovery I was at the Neiman Marcus department store asking for Wolford hosiery.  The staff were very nice, but there was barely any hosiery there and no Wolford.  Perhaps they didn’t know, but I really can’t say why they didn’t tell me that there is a Wolford boutique in the mall.

So I was really surprised to stumble upon this Wolford boutique as I already was lead to believe that I would not find anything of that sort in that city.  Turns out that it’s mostly tourists who shop there, especially the Japanese.  They even have special signs for them saying that Japanese cards like Union Pay are accepted.

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 2 hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 3

I walked in and was greeted in a friendly manner by Nancy.  She was very polite.  For a long time already I was hoping to find Aura 5 pantyhose to try, so I asked her and right away she knew what I was talking about and went to that drawer.  I had a look at the colours available and decided to go for the shade called “Honey” that was more like a light tan.

Nancy introduced me to the new accessory for this season – gloves.  Wolford apparently decided to introduce a collection of high quality gloves that I even got to try on.  I was surprised that they were completely seamless without any uncomfortable seams between the fingers.  That must have been one a real high end technology that made something like that!

gloves at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 1 gloves at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 2

It was a really pleasant experience.  For sure my visit to Wolford was one of my main highlights of the trip.  Those 5 den pantyhose will remind me of it as I wear it.

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 5

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 1hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 4


What is Customer Service Like at Fogal Hosiery in Vancouver?

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating experience for me.  You see, I never actually owned a pair of Fogal hosiery.  I decided to send my guy to buy me some from the local Fogal boutique that recently opened in Vancouver.  He went there, but returned empty-handed.

What happened?

“I didn’t get any customer service”, he said.  Turned out that when he came to the store, there was only one person working (the manager) and she was talking to a female customer.  He picked out something that he liked from the sample display and asked the manager three times for that specific item in size Medium.  All that needed to be done was to run the purchase through the cash register, that’s it!  After being in that store for some time (15 minutes according to his estimation), he walked out.

I was surprised, last time I was there I got really good service.  So I picked up the phone and called up the boutique.  The explanation I got was that the staff is trained to stay with the customer that they started working with until the end.   She explained that the other customer seemed to be very needy and required assistance.  That’s why the manager could not interrupt her conversation with the other customer and go to the cash register to process a sale.  I agree to an extent here, but if you are the only staff in the store, sometimes you need to multi-task.  She was polite and of course she apoligized, but there was no offer extended to compensate for that unfortunate experience.

I wonder if his gender made any difference.  Could it be different if it would be a woman coming in to make a purchase?  I find that sometimes in high end stores staff only watch out for their “target market”.  They may not even greet a customer if for some reason they don’t think that this person is going to buy much because of their youth or simple clothing.  I really hope that’s not the case since my first experience with Fogal was quite positive.

I am sad that it didn’t work out.  Maybe some day I’ll order it online or buy it in Toronto’s store.  This time, instead of Fogal, I went to the Wolford boutique that is literally across the corner from them and purchased another pair of Neon 40 in Cosmetic shade (skin tone).  You see, my guy was too upset to go back to the Fogal store.

I am still open-minded about the Fogal brand and I judge people favourable.  At least for now I prefer to think that it was simply inexperience of the staff  person to multi-task while working alone with multiple clients.

Note Added Later: I heard from some of my fans that they went to Fogal and got good customer service.  So maybe it was just a day of bad luck.  I would also like to say that I had AMAZING customer service at Fogal in Toronto. What is customer service like at Fogal for you?  Would love to hear.


Fogal in Vancouver (I’ve been asked about the location – so far listed in Yellow pages only)

1012 Alberni Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

1 604 685 6722

(also goes under Fogal Legwear Canada Ltd)


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Fogal Boutique in Vancouver – New!

Fogal store opened in Vancouver 2 months ago. They also have locations in New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Fogal opened 2 months ago right around the corner, literally, from Wolford!  They have stores in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto.

I went inside and the staff were friendly.  They perked up when they realized that I was familiar with Fogal brand.

I was wearing my Wolford pantyhose, Neon 40, with the shine effect.  Right away I got compliments, questions, and even got presented with a similar item from Fogal line.  I asked about seamless pantyhose, but turns out that Fogal does not carry such design.

Correction:  Yes, Fogal has seamless, but they don’t sell it at that boutique.  People buy it online.  Staff at the store didn’t know about this item. 

Staff were calling me by my first name and they even offered that I’ll try on samples.  Yes, they’ve got a whole wall of samples that customers can try on before purchasing.  Both customer service and the quality of product were really good.

I only heard of Fogal from other hosiery enthusiasts, but I have never actually had a chance to try it, so I was very interested to have that opportunity.

I tried on snake print and leopard print pantyhose, as you can see on photos here.  Stay up stockings that they had on display also looked really good.  I touched the double silicon lining and it felt like it would be comfortable on the leg, not like cheaper brands that either squash your leg or simply fall off.

There were some points though that caused me to get a little concerned.  First thing that alerted me though is that they don’t sanitize the samples in between.  They tell clients to keep their underwear on when trying, but from my knowledge it’s not good to share socks since some people may have skin problems on their feet.

Second, they destroy all samples once per month at the head office in Europe.  Even staff can’t keep it for themselves.  Why?  Because it is a luxury brand, so that’s the proper thing to do, as I was told by the staff.

Since you know how I am about stitching my pantyhose and reusing it, you can probably guess my reaction!  I am not suggesting to exhibit flawed product, but there are charities like “dress for success” where women would appreciate donated used hosiery.  Vancouver is a very eco-friendly city.

It was a very nice experience overall to visit their store.  The atmosphere is very high end and they have nice displays.  I greatly recommend you to pay a visit.  They gave me two catalogs to take home, but I couldn’t wait and looked through them as soon as I left the store.  I am glad to see that serious hosiery brands are coming to North America and I hope that they’ll bring along a wave of femininity that will inspire women to dress beautifully.

Wall of samples on display.

Great selection of colours.


*Friends, the only funding for this blog is from the shop section.  Please indulge your pantyhose obsession and show some support for my work!  Your purchases make this blog possible.*


Fogal Boutiques Updates:

– my visit to Toronto Fogal Boutique


– my downhill experience at Vancouver Fogal boutique



Fogal in Toronto (awesome place!)

The Colonnade

131 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario

1 416 929 0369


Fogal in Vancouver

1012 Alberni Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

1 604 685 6722

(also goes under Fogal Legwear Canada Ltd)