Modeling Charm pantyhose by Fiore

February 9, 2017 under Fiore

Charm tights by Fiore just went on sale for $7.99! Here are some photos of me modeling them. This french cut panty style is very nice and it looks much better than just plain control top for those of you who want more support. 20 den sheer leg, cotton gusset.

French cut panty with lace design. Sheer 20 den pantyhose from Fiore hosiery line. French cut panty with lace design. Sheer 20 den pantyhose from Fiore hosiery line. French cut panty with lace design. Sheer 20 den pantyhose from Fiore hosiery line.

Agnes tights by Fiore on me!

December 30, 2016 under Fiore, Photoshoots

I did a few photos in these Agnes tights by Fiore and I hope you like it. What does this print look like to you, like feathers or like leaves?



Right now there is only one pair left of these in size Small in stock. Agnes by Fiore.

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Personality and Patterns

September 21, 2016 under Style, Weird

I was reading a little bit of psychology articles on what your possessions say about you. Here are some fun stuff about patterns. Which one would you pick?

Tights with Bold Stripes

PROMISE_20 den_pattered_tights_Fiore Promise by Fiore tights

Big, bold stripes could mean you’re confident and not afraid of what people think. Could that be you?

Tights with Polka Dots

DOTTY 60 den tights with polka dots by Fiore with suspender strap pattern

Polka dots communicate your fun side. This is perfect to show off your playfulness!

Animal Print Tights

ANTERA 20 den belt stockings by Fiore with leopard print top

Animal prints say you’re creative. I wonder if the reverse of this works, if wearing animal print would actually spur your creativity. Do you want to find out?

Geometric Print Tights

MARGOT 20 den geometric print tights with turquoise pattern

Geometric prints usually mean you have a need for order and might be type A. I can probably relate to this personality type the most myself.

In general, I think that depending on your mood, any one of these styles could work, more or less. Every day has its new flavour and energy.

Fiore Chantal Stockings with a Garter Belt

September 5, 2016 under Fiore

I went to a restaurant on top of the Calgary Tower with my cousin. She wore my Wolford stay up stockings and I wore Chantal by Fiore. Here are a few photos we managed to do when there were not too many people around.

Chantal stockings by Fiore

The food was good, so was the view. This photo is taken from the glass floor. The weather started to get colder and I realize this was one of my last few chances to wear a garter belt.

My cousin surprises me with some photos

August 21, 2016 under Fiore

One morning I woke up, but my teen cousin was still sleeping. I asked her to be up by 10 a.m. every morning, so I asked her why she didn’t wake up on time.

Turns out that she was fooling around at night with the camera, taking photos of her legs on the washroom floor. She wanted to surprise me!

Out of all the things she photographed that night, Vadima by Fiore were her favourite. She said that she wants to wear them in winter. Here are some photos of those.

Vadima by Fiore on the legs 1

If you like these, here they are in my shop – Vadima tights, 60 den, in ecri shade.

Five pin bowling is so much fun!

August 15, 2016 under Travel

I shall say that this is the first time in almost a decade that I am going bowling. I’ve been asking many times to go, but then something would come up. Coincidentally I got my hands on a coupon book that offered a deal on bowling and I took off there with my teen cousin who is visiting from abroad.

She spent at least an hour getting ready, so I figured to put on a funky shirt and some cool fishnets (a gift from a fan, thanks Marty!) to share her enthusiasm. She is wearing Maloria tights by Fiore in case you are wondering with tight gym shorts over them.

We were both surprised that this bowling alley only had 5 pin version and smaller balls. Turns out that this is a true Canadian way to bowl. It is a little bit tougher to play than regular 10 pin bowling. We had a lot of fun and it was a new challenge for both of us.

Maloria pantyhose by Fiore

Maloria pantyhose by Fiore and fishnets

Maloria pantyhose by FIore and fishnets

Wearing Ofelia tights in Plum shade

August 10, 2016 under Fiore

These are tights by Fiore called “Ofelia”, completely opaque, with a geometric print. You can find them in the shop here – Ofelia by Fiore.

I decided to try them on in plum shade. Let’s just say that our Calgary summer has been unusually cold and wet, so I feel quite comfortable wearing these around the house instead of pants. I usually don’t reach for 60 den until it’s October or so.

I like the kaleidoscope pattern on these tights. Outside it does look like the colour of a plum, but inside in dim light it looks almost black. This pattern covers the legs only and not the panty portion. Reinforced toe.

Ofelia by Fiore in plum shade on my legs

Ofelia tights in plum shade

I do hope though that the weather will improve. So far my trip to a lake in Saskatchewan has cancelled because of not so hot weather and floods in that area. I went to a lake in Alberta called Pigeon lake and didn’t even bother to swim, it was cold and windy. My only hope now is to swim in Lake Ontario in two weeks on my trip to Toronto.

Tights called “Simple” – Waffle Cone Pattern by Fiore Hosiery

July 8, 2016 under Fiore

I tried these tights by Fiore called Simple, with quite a common criss cross pattern just like on a waffle cone. I love black, but I have way too much black, so I took a shade called Mocca. Do you like it? I think it looks good with other colours like burgundy flats.

This was a photo of me on my way to the gym. Yup, I wear normal clothes and change when I get there. You’ll rarely see me in sportswear on the street.

Simple pantyhose in brown by Fiore hosiery on my legs

I also found a photo online of another blogger wearing the same style, but in black. I’d be curious to hear, what shade would you go for? Black or brown?

model wearing fiore tights simple style

If you like these, I have them in the shop, but for now in black only – Simple by Fiore.

Wearing Opaque Tights in the Summer

July 1, 2016 under Fiore

Just about every day I see people wearing leggings in the summer. So if they wear leggings, why not wear tights? Perhaps I wouldn’t go outside like that in the sun, but later on in the evening when it’s not as cold I would.

Photos below are of me wearing Davina tights by Fiore. I just have a few left and they are on sale.

Davina tights by Fiore photo 4 waist line

Davina tights by Fiore photo 3

Davina tights by Fiore photo 2 legs

Davina tights by Fiore photo 1

Davina is a cool 3D textured style with a zigzag pattern on the sides and dotty texture towards the middle. It has a slight gloss to it and the pattern goes all the way up to the waistline. Black is always easy to match to any outfits. The toe is reinforced for extra durability.

You’ll see that on the cover photo it is shown in blue. For whatever outrageous reason, Fiore never produced it in that shade. It was available in black only.

Wearing 60 den Nubia tights by Fiore

June 29, 2016 under Fiore

Today is too hot for 60 den, but I figured I’ll wear this at home instead of leggings while doing a few chores. This style is Nubia by Fiore. The name sounds Egyptian and the pattern has distinct geometric shapes to fit the theme.

What I like most about this style is that the pattern goes all the way up to the waistline. It should be put on with caution though to keep the lines straight in order to make this pattern look the way it is supposed to. Reinforced toe adds some detail to the feet, highlighting the toes.

Graphite is one of my favourite shades because it easily goes with almost anything and because it is a muted colour, other bright colours are brought out by it, just like the blue shoes that I am wearing in the photo.

Nubia tights on my legs by Fiore 2 feet close up

Reinforced toe on Nubia tights

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