Fogal Boutique in Vancouver – New!

Fogal store opened in Vancouver 2 months ago. They also have locations in New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Fogal opened 2 months ago right around the corner, literally, from Wolford!  They have stores in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Toronto.

I went inside and the staff were friendly.  They perked up when they realized that I was familiar with Fogal brand.

I was wearing my Wolford pantyhose, Neon 40, with the shine effect.  Right away I got compliments, questions, and even got presented with a similar item from Fogal line.  I asked about seamless pantyhose, but turns out that Fogal does not carry such design.

Correction:  Yes, Fogal has seamless, but they don’t sell it at that boutique.  People buy it online.  Staff at the store didn’t know about this item. 

Staff were calling me by my first name and they even offered that I’ll try on samples.  Yes, they’ve got a whole wall of samples that customers can try on before purchasing.  Both customer service and the quality of product were really good.

I only heard of Fogal from other hosiery enthusiasts, but I have never actually had a chance to try it, so I was very interested to have that opportunity.

I tried on snake print and leopard print pantyhose, as you can see on photos here.  Stay up stockings that they had on display also looked really good.  I touched the double silicon lining and it felt like it would be comfortable on the leg, not like cheaper brands that either squash your leg or simply fall off.

There were some points though that caused me to get a little concerned.  First thing that alerted me though is that they don’t sanitize the samples in between.  They tell clients to keep their underwear on when trying, but from my knowledge it’s not good to share socks since some people may have skin problems on their feet.

Second, they destroy all samples once per month at the head office in Europe.  Even staff can’t keep it for themselves.  Why?  Because it is a luxury brand, so that’s the proper thing to do, as I was told by the staff.

Since you know how I am about stitching my pantyhose and reusing it, you can probably guess my reaction!  I am not suggesting to exhibit flawed product, but there are charities like “dress for success” where women would appreciate donated used hosiery.  Vancouver is a very eco-friendly city.

It was a very nice experience overall to visit their store.  The atmosphere is very high end and they have nice displays.  I greatly recommend you to pay a visit.  They gave me two catalogs to take home, but I couldn’t wait and looked through them as soon as I left the store.  I am glad to see that serious hosiery brands are coming to North America and I hope that they’ll bring along a wave of femininity that will inspire women to dress beautifully.

Wall of samples on display.

Great selection of colours.


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Fogal in Toronto (awesome place!)

The Colonnade

131 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario

1 416 929 0369


Fogal in Vancouver

1012 Alberni Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

1 604 685 6722

(also goes under Fogal Legwear Canada Ltd)

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