Modeling Lucine floral tights by Fiore

May 26, 2017 under Fiore

Here are my legs in Lucine tights by Fiore, 40 den. I love this bold flower pattern on the side, very feminine and elegant. These are sheer to waist with a t-top. Just like majority of all other European tights, they feel wonderful on the leg. Superb elasticity prevents it from sagging. These tights are currently on sale for $4.99, it was a limited edition and there are just a few pieces left.

Lucine tights by Fiore on my legs

Modeling Heidi Tights by Fiore

May 25, 2017 under Fiore

Here is a shot of me wearing Heidi tights by Fiore with matching high heel shoes. This is such a cool woven pattern and the tights are very stretchy because they are made of microfiber. The top part is not pitch black because this has a cozy melange effect to it as two types of yarn are being used.

I like it that they are completely sheer to waist and there is no t-top or knickers part. I could easily wear it with a high cut outfit.

Isn’t summer the best time to stock up on winter tights? These are now on clearance for $4.99 like a lot of other limited edition tights on this site. There are just a few units of Heidi left in stock.

Heidi by Fiore tights over knee woven pattern on my legs pantyhose

Fiore Innocent Stay Up Stockings on Me!

May 24, 2017 under Fiore

These stay ups are called “Innocent“, the brand is Fiore. It is a nice nude shade called “linen” and it has an accent blue band on top.

They are back in stock now! Get it here.

Innocent stay up stockings by Fiore on my legs Innocent stay up stockings by Fiore on my legs 2



Photos of me wearing Ravenna brown tights by Fiore

May 24, 2017 under Fiore, Photoshoots

Here are some photos of me wearing brown Ravenna tights by Fiore. Currently there is only size small left in black and brown. The weather was horrible and rainy, I stayed indoors and decided to take a few pictures. My new shoes turned out to be a perfect match.

RAVENNA-40-den tights brown shade on me legs RAVENNA-40-den tights brown shade on me legs sexy RAVENNA-40-den tights brown shade on me

Fiore Hosiery Styles in XL Plus Sizes from Summer 2017 Collection

May 17, 2017 under Fiore

Many people ask me about patterns in XL size. Not many brands make them!

Here are a few suggestions for fun prints from Fiore’s 2017 Summer Golden Line collection.


Encore polka dot tights by Fiore, 20 den

ENCORE 20 den by Fiore pantyhose with polka dots available in plus size XL sheer

Butterfly sheer tattoo tights by Fiore, 20 den

BUTTERFLY 20 den sheer tights by Fiore butterfly pattern on the side, available in plus size, queen size, XL

Spice up suspender tights by Fiore, 40 den

SPICE UP 40 den mock stocking pantyhose, suspender tights, available in plus size, queen size, XL

Supernatural fine mesh pattern tights by Fiore, 20 den

SUPERNATURAL 20 den by Fiore sheer classic tights, plus size pantyhose, queen size hosiery, XL

Chatty belt stockings with dotted print by Fiore, 20 den

CHATTY 20 den dotted stockings for wearing with garter belts, available in plus size, queen size, XL

Bernika by Fiore on my legs in grey!

May 14, 2017 under Fiore

This photo is from a while back in Vancouver. I thought you would enjoy to see another pair of grey tights, a subtle and gentle shade, perfect for the summer. When combined with red or hot pink, it looks even nicer!

Only S and M size are left in stock. Bernika by Fiore. On sale now for $4.99.

Bernika tights by Fiore in grey on my legs - pantyhose model with red shoes

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Review of Total Slim 20 Pantyhose

May 14, 2017 under Fiore

Total Slim 20 pantyhose with shaping effectOne of my male customers bought a shaping pair by Fiore called Total Slim 20 and he left a review. He did mention though at some point that it could be because his male body is not shaped the same as the female body that the top doesn’t stay up high enough.

by Paul, 4 out of 5 star rating, he tried a pair in XL size:

“I love the firmness and feel of these pantyhose! I would have rated them a 5, but the panty isn’t long enough in the torso to keep them from slipping down. (BTW, Jessica is wonderful to work with!)”


Trying fun poses in Lorraine by Fiore tights

May 11, 2017 under Fiore

I went to the back yard today to take some photos in these Lorraine tights with sheer cut out pattern at the back. I wish I’d have some fun shade running shoes and I could do a very stylish street look in these. Opinions welcome!


Lorraine pantyhose with cut out pattern by Fiore resized 2 Lorraine pantyhose with cut out pattern by Fiore resized 3 modeling European pantyhose outside, in public

Wearing Raylene tights by Fiore

May 1, 2017 under Fiore

Raylene pantyhose by Fiore with dotted backseam and reinforced sole and toe 2

Today I put on a pair of Raylene tights by Fiore. They have a cool dotted backseam pattern. You can’t really see it here, but there is a thicker panty portion and at the back it continues into that triangle that you see peeking out of my shorts. The foot is also fully reinforced. I think it’s really sexy, but also it adds some more durability to the product.

Raylene pantyhose by Fiore with dotted backseam and reinforced sole and toe 1

These tights look so nice if you can wear it with something short enough to show the little triangle at the top and the triangle at the ankle emerging from your shoe.

Newsletter is coming out in a few days!

March 26, 2017 under News

Hello friends, I will be sending out a newsletter with some photos. Here are two photos of me from last week wearing pantyhose by Fiore called “Sin”.

Don’t miss it, please sign up if you haven’t already done so! These are really hot backseam Cuban heel pantyhose. I wore pants under this jacket, then took them off in the car, and took a few daring photos. Well, not too daring, there were people walking back and worth, it’s a public place after all.

Sin pantyhose by Fiore on me from the back

Sin pantyhose by Fiore on me


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