Pantyhose is synthetic, thus it isn’t biodegradable.  What should we do when it’s time to say “good bye”?  I hope this page can give you some ideas!  It is under construction and any help with content is appreciated.


Some brands, like No Nonsense, came out with a recycling program.  They accept used hosiery from any brands and it is melted into a nylon mass that is used to create plastic items like benches.  I’d love to interview them on this program, but I sent them an e-mail and haven’t heard back.  So if any of you have some contacts in that company, please help me out.

Reusing – send it to clean up oil spills

This is an eco-friendly topic featured on BBC news.  Human hair can absorb a lot of oil, so someone thought of cut hair from salons packaged in used pantyhose to possibly mop up oil spills.  Turns out it works very well and some organizations used it since 1998.  The hair is stuffed into legs of used pantyhose, thus creating something looking like giant tubular pillows.  “To make a hair boom, first cut the legs off a pair of tights, and fit the open end over a wide plastic pipe – this makes it easier to feed the hair and fur into the stocking.” At the moment no more hair or nylon donations are being accepted.  Of course, you can always check at a later date if there is a need, especially if another oil spill happens.


Reusing – turn it into another fashion garment!

Used pantyhose turned into arm warmers or fingerless gloves

My taupe pantyhose ripped up on the foot.  I tried to make arm warmers and I think it worked!   My arms are really small in diamater, but on fuller arms it would look even better.

Please note, those were run-resistant, therefore there is no runs in the fabric.   Otherwise, I’d probably would need to hem the edges.

Artistic Ideas for Your Discarded Colourful Tights

flowers made from used pantyhose

In Portugal there is a trend to make beautiful flowers from used pantyhose!  You can learn more here:



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