Discreet Shipping

Shipping cost

Shipping is $9 Canadian, flat rate.

That means if you buy 50 pairs, you still pay only $9 to ship it.

For Canadian customers the product is shipped out of Toronto, Canada.

For American customers the product is shipped out of NY state.


Yes, Shipping is Discreet!

Items are shipped out in a business-like envelope with a generic name.  It is very discreet. Since domestic shipping is provided for Canadian and American customers, contents of the package are not disclosed because there is no custom clearance form.

If international, on the customs form it may say either “textile samples”, “clothing”, or something of that sort to communicate the nature of textiles but not to flaunt that what’s inside.

It won’t say Fantasy Stockings on the envelope, unless you ask for it with kisses, unicorns, and ribbons. 🙂 We respect your privacy.


Canada Shipping

Without Tracking: If you order up to 4 pairs, your package is slim enough to go as a letter, unless you specifically ask to have tracking. Letters are faster than parcels, so I send it like that for you.

With Tracking: If your order is more than 4 pairs, you get expedited shipping with a tracking number.  It arrives within 3-5 business days from the day it is shipped.  Usually.  If you are on the other end of the country (ex. you are in Halifax and I am in Calgary), Canada Post says it takes 5 business days.

USA Shipping

With Tracking: I use a logistics company to take US packages across the border and I go there once a week. This still works out to be faster than to ship out of Canada and you get your USPS tracking number.

International Shipping

For customers outside of Canada and United states shipping rates are pretty high for tracked packages. Unless you are happy with slow surface shipping (since I only collect $9 for shipping), please let me know and we can arrange for a faster service. Either way, I strongly encourage you to check with me before ordering because sending to Russia and sending to England let’s say are two separate scenarios. UK customers get it within a week, Russian customers may wait over a month.

Customer support questions are welcome – friends@fantasystockings.com



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