The End of the Leg Show Magazine

leg show magazine stopped publishing - finished - out of business

It’s been mentioned on the pantyhose forum that Leg Show no longer publishes its North American edition.  This magazine was of adult nature, with a focus on stockings, pantyhose, and glamorous legs in general.

I am sad to hear that such magazines are becoming extinct with all the online material that is available for bedroom entertainment.  Could the fate of Playboy be threatened too?


P.S. Update at a later date… I got myself a copy of a Leg Sex magazine. You may still be able to buy some at the Books Unlimited Store in Vancouver. Google it, they keep on getting vintage magazines.


12 thoughts on “The End of the Leg Show Magazine

  1. In this age where people have access to a plethora of adult-related material at their fingertips, it almost seems like a bad business move to keep mass producing adult magazines. I don’t see any of the major ones such as Playboy or Hustler closing up shop anytime soon. But I do think that many of the smaller or niche magazines will either close up shop completely, or make the complete shift to being an online publication where people can either view the publication online, or purchase a hard-copy as desired.

    A couple of adult fetish magazines some of my photos were recently published in operate this way. It seems like a more financially feasible option these days for the smaller publications. They can still produce their magazine while also keeping costs down since they are not printing a large number of hard-copies of their publication which may not sell and ultimately end up as a huge waste of resources and money.

    Just my opinion.

  2. I’d guess it’s part of the trend affecting all print magazines. I think Newsweek printed its final paper issue recently. If there aren’t enough people buying the physical product, it eventually gets shut down. I buy magazines sometimes (like InStyle a few days ago) but I don’t get many simply because they take up space. I have over 300 National Geographics and they take up space.

    • Hi, Gillian, that’s true. I also find that I read on the internet mostly. But I miss that feeling when I would lie down on a bed and read.

      I used to order National Geographic, but I can’t keep up with reading it because something always comes up.

      Adult material I think is a little different. It’s harder to hide! It’s easier online. People come over and they don’t see it.

  3. The demise of Leg Show is, kind of sad. I discovered Leg Show at a Readmore store in my town, and a small kind of town at that. It was the September 1988 issue, I was in college and I bought it because the cover girl was NOT in a overly sexual pose, was clothed and had thick legs, and showing them off in a very standard pose. I forgot what the cashier said to me when I was paying for it, I know she was saying something, but I can’t remember because it was 27 years ago. I do remember though, that she resembled Joey Ramone. Hmm. Anyway, I bought and loved the way Leg Show presented its magazine. More soft core than anything, there was some imagination left to the reader so to speak. But what attracted me most of all is the choice of women in the issues. Slightly more ‘fetish’ and more focused on legs and feet. Best of all, very little MEN!!! Most issue have NO MEN in any of the pictorials!!! I loved that! I was a fan and as I started my early work career, I would buy Leg Show, off and one throughout the years. Most if not all of the issues I bought in the 1980’s and 1990’s Dian Hanson was the Editor of the mag. She always had interesting editorials at the beginning of the issue and showed off her beautiful body, always clothed and never showing her face. That was such a creative way of introducing the issue. She was the best! After layoffs, bad times, no money, desperation, between 1995 and 1996 I finally found a couple of bucks to buy the October 1996 issue with a woman named Tammy on the cover dressed in a witch costume. I bought it after not buying a copy of the magazine for over a year or so. I was not a subscriber and I didn’t buy every issue every time, I had to buy this one because Tammy has such great legs and the cover was just great! Any way, I was still in desperate shape, no job, but I had a record player, and the latest issue of Leg Show and I was feeling great for a short period while my job search continued. I finally got a job at a big retail store for the XMAS season that year, and as I started a career there I started to buy Leg Show again. Not every month, but only when I saw that there were very leg centered women in the issues. So off and on I would purchase Leg Show magazine and enjoyed them. Many of these magazines I still have, in on form or another. Some don’t have a cover anymore, some have only the cover…anyways I still have the first one, September 1988, in tact! My last issue of Leg Show was 2 years before I quit my job to start a new journey in life. That last issue I still have. October 2001. The front cover has covergirl Karen (The return of the arch angel). On the back cover it has Erika Steele’s ‘Private Pantyhose Party’. Erika is on the back cover. At the lower left hand side of that back cover reads: IN THE NOVEMBER ISSUE OF LEG SHOW ON SALE SEPTEMBER 11th. I never bought that issue, nor any other issue after. My life is different now. I know that digital media has taken the world by storm. There will never be a substitute for the real physical thing…magazine, books, records, tapes, cd’s. I use electronic media, but I’m old enough to have a perspective of it all, because I own, and have lived through what has come before. I am now waiting to fine the June 2012 issue of Leg Show. I think it was the last one. I saw the cover, and the woman on the cover is a CLASSIC LEG SHOW model. I gotta have it, and it is not available. Now after all these years, I can’t get this issue of Leg Show, anywhere!!!??? I am patient. I got the money. All I need is THAT DARN ISSUE!!! Anyway, thanks to Leg Show, Dian, Elmer, R. Crumb and all the others that contributed to a great, and in my opinion, THE GREATEST mens magazine ever published in America. R.I.P.

  4. Hello there, I used to own a small erotic boutique ROMANTASY in San Francisco (opened 1990 closed 1998 to go on the web and specialize in custom corsetry). My book section routinely sold Leg Show. I collected many of them and have kept them in a box, most in pristine condition, some with a small binder rip or cover damage or with a very few ads or pictures neatly cut out (I didn’t do it! dunno…). My publications dates go from 1989 through 1997!! I have 40 in excellent to very, very good condition, plus 8 with a bit of cover damage or ads missing. Interested? Call me at 415 587-3863 or email Hope I can find a good home for these at a reasonable price as I am definitely interested in finding an appreciative home for them and will not throw them out! Loved this mag! Contact me and make a bid/AQ about what months are available including a 1995 Collectors Edition (no month). — Ann Grogan, President, ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry ( Dec. 28, 2018

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