Size Charts

Sizing is probably one of the most popular questions. Will it fit you?

Size 1 – XS (doesn’t exist or very rare)

Size 2 – Small

Size 3 – Medium

Size 4 – Large

Size 5 – XL (rare to find)



In general there is a law in Poland that asks all the hosiery manufacturers to make their product according to the same guidelines.  So hence Gatta, Fiore, or any other Polish hosiery brand should have the same size charts.  Whether that’s the case, you be the judge.

I personally find that what makes a real difference is the material.  Microfiber is much stretchier than Lycra, for example. If you are not sure about your size, please go for a larger size.  I promise you, it won’t be too big because this product is very elastic.

Also, I think it depends what you are buying.  Stockings and footless leggings can even be OK on the smaller side, but for pantyhose it’s best to be a little bit more generous with the sizing because under no condition you’d want it to be too short for your legs.

In general, my recommendation:

Small is good for a slim petite lady, let’s say about 5’5”.  Asians usually buy this size.

Medium would fit a slim woman up to 5’8” or so or a fuller woman that is not very tall.  This is the most common size.

Large is best for ladies who either have long legs or fuller figures.  A model-like woman with a super-narrow hip, but at a height of 6 feet would for sure require large based on her leg length.  A woman who is of average height, but with a plus size hip, would also wear large.

XL is only available in some basic styles that are plain without design.  It’s best to go for microfiber hosiery when dealing with larger sizes because they are so stretchy.  But there is no fashion patterned hosiery in size XL from the brands that we work with.




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