Wolford tights are back in stock!

wolford-neon-40-tightsI managed to get my hands on a few limited edition pairs. Several of them I am keeping for myself (how can I resist especially that “hunter” dark olive shade of Satin Touch 20) and several I am uploading here for sale.

I’ve been wearing Wolford for many years now and I can say that if it is 20 denier and above, it is worth the money when it comes to durability. Somehow with the ultra sheer ones my experience wasn’t as positive, they feel great, but they don’t last too long.

I got to introduce several of my female friends to Wolford and they really like it. Even my tomboy friend likes to wear them under her pants in winter and she likes the feeling. Keep an eye on my Twitter, I post lots of photos there.

Angel tights by Fiore

These are “Angel” tights by Fiore, available in white and black. I just re-loaded some stock here, have a look. You can buy this style here.

angel tights by Fiore

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. My main activity is on Twitter and there are a lot of posts there. I had hopes to expand the selection, but then COVID hit, and I am really unsure now whether I’d like to stock up on anything because fashion entrepreneurs are struggling.

If you scroll below, you’ll see photos from an art gallery. Well, very sad, but that place called Super Wonder Gallery closed down. I have so many good memories from there!

In terms of my own plans, I’m considering upgrading my education. Also, in my spare time I’ve been quite involved in the community here and I also did a lot of outreach work since August, helping the homeless. I learned so much.

Eveline by Fiore Toeless Summer Tights

DEveline by Fiore footless pantyhoseear friends, with the hot weather here, I know many of you prefer toeless styles to wear with open-toe shoes.

I had a pair before for myself in natural shade and I know of many people who ask for it because they find it more durable since their toenails don’t get in the way. My Asian neighbour once came over looking for the toeless knee highs, but I didn’t have her shade available.

There is a website even claiming that regular pantyhose restrict movement, but toeless give you more freedom. Yet some don’t like the look and go for completely footless or just regular.

I am offering you this same style for $9.99 now and please let me know if you need more, I may have more stock set aside. Buy it here – Eveline by Fiore.

Do you have any opinions on toeless? Have you ever tried it?


Layering fishnets over sheer black pantyhose by Conte

It is still pretty cold in Toronto, but stores already have swimwear greeting you as you walk in. I tried today to combine a little bit of spring-like hosiery into my outfit and put in a pair of fishnets over sheer pantyhose. Here is a photo of me trying on shoes at a local store while wearing that. You can spot the control top, somehow my shorts turned out to be not long enough to hide it. In case you are wondering, both styles are by Conte. I promised to review a few items by this brand from Belarus for their official distributor.

Fishnets over sheer pantyhose, tights, layering, hosiery, sandals

Please check these out these on eBay, they are running some specials on them.

Conte fishnet tights (seamless panty portion with a cotton gusset, no reinforcement on the toe)

Conte sheer Nuance 15 (reinforced toe and panty, no gusset, plus size available)



My client models Vanity stockings in Black

These photos were submitted by a happy nylon couple. This is Sophie, showing off her legs in Vanity stockings by Fiore in black shade, worn with a garter belt. She also has a pair in nude shade as you’ve seen in one of the previous posts. Her boyfriend is trying to do his best and focus on photography, but he can’t concentrate because she is just so good looking!

Vanity stockings by Fiore in black on a model 3

Vanity stockings by Fiore in black on a model 2

Vanity stockings by Fiore in black on a model 1