Celebrities in Mock Stocking Pantyhose

mock stockings pantyhose and celebrities

As the weather is getting colder, Vancouver is filled with Asian girls walking around in mock stocking pantyhose.  I even saw one in Costco the other day with runs in the sheer part all over that didn’t seem to bother her.  Today also spotted a few in transit.

I wrote more on the subject of mock stockings for the next issue of Finn Magazine (contact me for a promo code for that).  Even modeled in pantyhose like that for them, also wearing high heels and short dress, which made my legs look super sexy.  I must say though that Asian girls here only wear such style with flat shoes that are completely non-feminine and jean shorts, almost as an attempt to play down the sexiness of the design.

If I wear something like that, I want to look like a real sex bomb, so in my case flat shoes are out of question. My next “homework” for such designs is to experiment with different colours of mock stocking pantyhose to see which ones work best with my outfits.

Which one of these should I start with?


mock stocking pantyhose - suspender tights



microfiber tights - imitation of hold ups - mock suspender tights


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore


mock stocking tights, imitation, faux garter, 60 den




Fiore hosiery - mock stockings pantyhose - imitation of over the knee socks


mock stocking pantyhose - we ship to Canada and to United States


mock stocking pantyhose with imitation suspender lines


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore - imitation suspender tights


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore with micromesh


mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore



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10 thoughts on “Celebrities in Mock Stocking Pantyhose

  1. I liked Dulcinea.
    I like the look of pantyhoses and jeans shorts. In my eyes it is sexy. It is not classy as wearing a nice skirt.

  2. I love ’em all but my favorites are Murial, Tullia, and Dulcinea. Since I wear my pantyhose under slacks or jeans, these would be a waste on me (unless someone would give me a modeling assignment! 😉 I just bought a box of three pair, L’eggs Everyday Support, reinforced toe, at Kroger – $4.00 after a $1.79 store discount. I am trying to be more careful at putting them on and taking them off – I tend to rip them with my toes. 🙁

  3. http://youtu.be/97Pg7hUOnHM

    I like Dotty too – Polka Dots are fun… and this pantyhose creates a challenge to balance, “do I do all solid colors with the rest of the outfit because of the polka dots, or work in some patterns and prints… It takes some thought. Hey “sex bomb” fans – Jessica is truly gorgeous, but talented and creative too – I like how she always puts a “hook” in her videos – like in this one, not knowing which pair of shoes to step into at the end. I like the choice she made… how about you?

  4. I never quite understood why some women complain about the discomfort of wearing pantyhose, and then yet, you will see them wear these hose? If stockings are more comfortable, why not just wear the stockings instead of these mock hose? Maybe these are not the same women. These hose are a marketing gimmick that worked, I think.

    • Todd,

      Great point on that marketing!

      from what I know:

      Stockings with garter belt – perceived as most uncomfortable because of the hassle attaching and clips going lose
      Stay up stockings – more comfortable, but other problems come up (fall off, too tight, allergy to latex)
      Pantyhose – best option for comfort if the fit is right

      But some women who don’t know what they are doing and wear the wrong size will blame pantyhose for not being comfortable. Let’s agree, it’s not as comfy as yoga pants and will never be. They say – too tight, falls down, rolls off, cuts in, and so on. But that’s a sign of them wearing the wrong size and probably the cheapest kind they found.

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