Prevent Runs

Only Helmut Newton can make runs look fashionable!

How to prevent those runs?  Nobody came up with  a 100% solution to this problem yet.

It seems that most people manage to damage the hose when they are putting it on.


HAND LOTION:   To avoid it, always put some lotion on your hands to prevent dry skin catching onto the fabric. Some people even wear gloves! I am very careful when I put on my hose and I have some pairs that were worn for at least 5 times – completely flawless!


WEAVE:  There are some pantyhose that resemble micro-fishnet rather then regular sheer fabric.  Try to look for those.  It’s harder to get a run in them.

RUN-RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY: There are also run-resistant pantyhose that are even resistant to nicks and tightening of the threads (horizontal line effect).  An example of such technology is Lycra Fusion.

PRICE: Yes, cheaper ones rip faster.  Wolford is expensive, but some people say they had their Wolford pantyhose for 10 years.


REINFORCED TOES AND HEELS:  If you are one of those people who has sharp toes or you just simply end up getting runs at the toe area, consider only buying pantyhose with reinforced toe.  It for sure will last longer.
Be gentle, it will save money at the end of the day and maybe a little bit of the planet, as pantyhose are not biodegradeable.

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