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We’ve been around for 7 years!


Fantasy Stockings is a registered sole proprietorship since the summer of 2010, currently located in Calgary, Canada.  It is set up for activities like blogging, video and photo productions, and online sales.  It started out as a hosiery blog in 2010 in a somewhat accidental manner.

A quick survey of my followers revealed that people prefer to see a blog with a shop section, rather than a shop with blog. Hence this is why this site doesn’t look like your typical online store.

So far there has never been a single unhappy incident (except for an online stalker at some point) and I work very hard to keep it this way. Enjoy the selection of hosiery, articles, and other fun things on this blog.

Currently there is one primary person running this site – me. I also have a few girls from Ukraine who may do photo shoots or blog posts and there is a tech support person overseas as well. I try to offer some part-time hours to a teenager, my friend’s daughter, to come and count my inventory.

Contact for Customer Service:



twitter: @fantasystocking

I also send out my phone number to clients once they place an order. I am working on getting a toll free phone number just for this site.


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