Fun Pattern on Stripe Hype Stockings by Fiore

April 20, 2018 under News

One of these was recently sold and I wanted to check out the pattern closer. What a cool style for spring, that yellow and black band really brings out joy, reminding me of sunflowers and bumble bees. As many of you already know, I moved to Toronto, but the weather here is still unusually cold, making me wish for those summer days when I can indulge in sheer hosiery. You can view this striped style here.

Pattern on Stripe Hype stockings by Fiore

Stripe Hype by Fiore, basic stockings, to be worn with a garter belt


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Fishnet tights & socks are in fashion for Spring 2017

April 1, 2017 under Runway

Lately I had many inquiries about fishnet socks, especially short ankle ones. There seems to be a trend on the runway to wear anything fishnet, like tops and tights.

fishnet tights and socks are in fashion for spring 2017 collage

fishnet tights and socks are in fashion for spring 2017

Here is one of my photos from Instagram, taken recently, of my legs in fancy fishnet tights. It’s not a new pair, but all the sudden I feel more fashionable about wearing it.

Fiore Vera pantyhose

Julia models Hanna pantyhose by Fiore

April 15, 2014 under Fiore

Finally it’s spring and women can start wearing sheer pantyhose and shorter dresses. Julia sent these photos of her wearing Hanna pantyhose.

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 1 small

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 2 small Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 3 small

This design looks amazing on her slim legs. I am sure as she was walking in that dress, men were secretly turning around for a second look.

Let us know what you think and let’s encourage her to do more fun photos like this. In case you like the pantyhose, you can buy it here – Hanna by Fiore.

Happy Spring! Do you like these boots?

March 20, 2014 under News

These Red Boots are on sale on eBay.

Gladis pantyhose by Fiore with mock stocking imitation and lace panty top - French Cut

Do you like the pantyhose above? These are Gladis by Fiore. If you want to see more photos from these series, please click the link to check it out – Gladis by Fiore.

Gladis pantyhose by Fiore with mock stocking imitation and lace panty top - French Cut

red boots and Fiore pantyhose

In case you are wondering about the hosiery in the photo above, it’s Havana tights by Fiore. I love those mock stockings tights!

Happy 8th of March! Faustina Pantyhose

March 8, 2014 under Fiore

Julia did a wonderful photoshoot of Faustina pantyhose by Fiore for 8th of March – International Women’s Day!

This style will be available here – Faustina. Buy it to support this blog.

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 4 bicolour

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 1 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 2 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 3 bicolour

Do you like this style? Buy it here.

Spring styles by Fiore are here!

March 2, 2014 under Fiore

LALIMA 20 den MILIANA 20 den JOSEFA 20 den EULALIA 40 den ETEL 40 den GLADIS 40 den MALAGA 40 den MELILLA 40 den ORENSE 20 den LAVIS 20 den HAVANA 20 den ESPERANZA 20 den OLBIA 20 den PARISIA 20 den GALIS 20 den HELIA 20 den

Please visit

These items are on the way here! Buy it now.

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