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*I no longer run this section, but I still keep it around because a lot of people come for the photos. I moved to Calgary at the end of 2014.*


Oct 16 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lounging on the bed in Dita 60 den tights. They feel so thick and nice! Very comforting feeling. If you like it, buy it here – Dita.

Dita tights legs 2 reinforced toe Fiore Dita tights legs 1

Sept 12 2014 – Point Roberts, WA – yes, again, going there to ship orders for USA!

Wearing Lizbeth by Fiore pantyhose.

lizbeth pantyhose 20 den fiore on my legs lizbeth pantyhose 20 den fiore on my legs nylon clad

Sept 2 2014 – Point Roberts, WA

My legs in Wolford seamless! Fatal 15 in off white.

Wolford seamless fatal 15 tights

July in Vancouver

Dionisa 60 den 

Dionisa graphite tights 60 den


Wearing Bona pantyhose

Bona over knee imitation tights grey pantyhose 2 Fiore

Modeling in Kasima pantyhose

Kasima pantyhose with lurex by Fiore

Rena pantyhose

Rena pantyhose in gaphite


Modena sheer to waist pantyhose

Modena pantyhose on the legs sheer to waist

Modena pantyhose on my feet with bright red shoes

June in Vancouver

Ofelia pantyhose at home.


Modena pantyhose in the stairwell – having some fun!

modena pantyhose on my feet

May 21, 2014 – Anaheim, California

Enjoying Disneyland!

waiting for a Ride while wearing Angelina black sheer pantyhose

May 20, 2014 – Anaheim, California

My vacation to Disney Land was amazing! It was my first time. I saw a woman wearing these Micky Mouse leggings and asked her to take a photo.

Micky Mouse leggings at Disneyland

May 19, 2014 – Los Angeles, California

Modeling Wolford Stockings in the hotel after my visit to Wolford Boutique on Rodeo Drive.

wolford red stockings eyla 8 den bed

Earlier that day I was wearing Idalia pantyhose by Fiore. Here are some photos of me enjoying Hollywood.

wearing Idalia pantyhose in Hollywood Rodeo Drive

wearing Idalia pantyhose in Hollywood walk of fame

wearing Idalia pantyhose in Hollywood walk of fame star

wearing Idalia pantyhose in Hollywood - my legs posing

May 12, 2014 – my home… Vancity… where else? 

I love these orange heels. They look wonderful with these shiny Idalia pantyhose by Fiore. I showed up in this outfit to Italian Chamber of Commerce. Business suit and heels.

shiny idalia pantyhose and orange heels

May 10, 2014 – yes, still in Van… 

I tried on these white Cuban heel pantyhose by Pamela Mann. It was a present from a fan. They look so nice on my legs. I took these photos in my pool area.

white backseam cuban heel pantyhose feet reinforcement


May 9, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Celebrating Victory Day! Went to a restaurant with friends. I realize that not everybody celebrates and considers this day a celebration, but I can’t escape the fact that this is who I am and I wouldn’t exist if there would be no victory. This day matters a lot to me.

my legs on victory day in pantyhose with a friend

May 6, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am enjoying the good weather! I am wearing shiny Idalia pantyhose by Fiore.

shiny glossy pantyhose buy idalia by fiore tights 3

Regret in a sense to say that these special zebra print shoes got sold to a fan. However, I am happy to know that they’ll now be in the hands of a special person.

zebra print shoes


April 22-29, 2014 – Cuba! I am finally on vacation! 

My long awaited visit to Cuba didn’t go without pantyhose. I wore a new pair each day.

8 den doris pantyhose by fiore

buy sheer tights

cuban maid in cuba in pantyhose with flowers

havana tights by fiore in cuba 3 exotic

idalia shiny glossy pantyhose by fiore 2


April 11, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spring is here! I am so excited. Vancouver is beautiful. This photo is from Stanley Park.

inga pantyhose 2 fiore brand inga pantyhose by Fiore brand, posing in Vancouver

April 8, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

This is not me, I saw this girl at the shopping mall. Asians love pantyhose!

pantyhose with a comic duck character on it - Asian fashion tights

April 6, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wearing Inga tights by Fiore in brown. Love it! Also, by the way, got a new mattress and proudly posing on it!

inga by fiore tights in brown

March 16, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Some candid sightings at Vancouver Pacific Centre shopping mall. Asian girls!

candid pantyhose photo in vancouver backseam candid pantyhose photo in vancouver feet with cat candid pantyhose photo in vancouver pink kisses

February 17, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Onella pantyhose in Cappuccino colour. I love it!

onella by Fiore pantyhose buy in Canada

onella by Fiore pantyhose Canada

February 16, 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am relaxing on the bed in these stockings. Today I had a wonderful day!

Aristoc 10 Den Stay Up Stockings photo

Dec 31, 2013 – Victoria, BC, Canada

Spending a lovely time in a B&B in a bathtub!

bathtub wetlook lingerie photoshoot 1 bathtub wetlook lingerie photoshoot 2 bathtub wetlook lingerie photoshoot 3

Dec 10, 2013 – Bellingham, WA

Happy Holidays!  I went shopping to Bellingham and took these photos of my Aurelia pantyhose.

Aurelia 60 den ecri near tree

Aurelia 60 den ecri


Nov 1, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

This rain in Vancouver is getting to me, I’d love to leave to an exotic destination.  But at least for now I can enjoy my exotic pantyhose.  This style here is Rena by Fiore.

pantyhose, tights, 20 den, sheer, pattern


October 10, 2013 – Vancouver

October is here, the weather is getting colder.  40 den tights are in!  Below is an example of Almeria pantyhose by Fiore, available at the shop section.  I wore these with pride!  Don’t they resemble Fleur-de-Lis pattern?

almeria close up of design

Fleur-de-Lis Backseam Pattern Tights


September, 2013 – Toronto – Calgary – Edmonton, Canada

After my trip all over Canada, I feel that I barely have a chance to update my blog.

Fortuna pantyhose by Fiore flower pattern

Fortuna by Fiore – available at the shop.


August 9rd, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

I saw a woman in Wolford pantyhose!

patterned hosiery from Wolford

August 4th, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

Today I spent at least half a day at Vancouver’s Gay Pride Parade.

Vancouver pride 2013 leopard print pantyhose

This multi-colour leopard girl agreed to pose for a photo.

green fishnet pantyhose with stars

She gave me a hug!

pink lolita outfit

So cute!

fishnet pantyhose and knee socks

Pushing a stroller, this lady proves that moms have fun too.

pink opaque tights

Pink pantyhose at Pride despite the heat

sheer black hosiery

sheer black pantyhose with lace panties

walking with no shoes on

This lovely tranny probably got sore feet and kicked off her shoes.  Walking shoeless, in pantyhose.

vancouver pride 2013 black pantyhose

despite the heat… and obviously not for fashion

vancouver pride 2013 black pantyhose on two friends

Two friends came in black pantyhose. Snapped a photo of their legs.


August 3rd, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

Pride is Tomorrow!  I am so excited.

Davie street rainbow pavement for Vancouver Pride Week 2013

Davie street rainbow pavement for Vancouver Pride Week 2013


July 17, 2013 – HAWAII!

wetlook in Hawaii in capri pants 2 wetlook in Hawaii in capri pants

pantyhose and shorts on the beach

I am so excited, having an awesome time.  Turns out there is Wolford here!  Actually I was hoping that they would have it because Honolulu is known to have all high end stores like that, but I really doubted that there would be any hosiery in a hot place like that to begin with.

Full Article – Wolford Boutique in Honolulu

Wolford boutique in Honolulu


July 15, 2013 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hello, Honolulu.  As soon as I land, waiting for car rental in extreme heat, I see a Japanese girl wearing fun hosiery.  I went over to talk to her and she said that she got it at Harajuku.  At first I thought she has tattoos like that.

My pantyhose was already packed in my purse, I couldn’t stand the heat and took it off as soon as I got off the plane.  That seemed to be the hottest day ever on my vacation, but otherwise I managed to wear pantyhose on other days under shorts.

Hawaii is very influenced by Japanese tourism.  They even make announcements on the beach in both languages!

Japanese bat print pantyhose 2


July 15, 2013 – on the way to HAWAII!

I wore pantyhose on the airplane, but as soon as I got to Honolulu, I took it off because of the heat.  Let’s just say that it was a perfect accessory that allowed me to be comfortable in both climates.  I also wore a bamboo cotton hoodie by Public Myth yoga clothing.

pantyhose on the airplane

Somehow managed to sleep on the plane, even though that rarely works out for me.

shiny dress and 8 den pantyhose at a party

Shiny dress and 8 den pantyhose at a party prior to my departure to Hawaii. I haven’t slept that night! Just went from the party to grab the suitcases and off to the airport in a cab.


July 10, 2013Vancouver, Canada

Vintage!  I am so happy, I found a source of vintage pantyhose in Vancouver!  Actually I am tempted to buy all of that right now, believe it or not.  They had a full basket of stuff.

Full story here – Vintage Stockings and Pantyhose

vintage pantyhose


June 25, 2013 – at home … Vancouver, Canada

A fan sent me some Falke pantyhose and I am blown away by the quality.  This is probably as close to Wolford as one could get.  I am really enjoying the shine on them.  I would like to photograph it in Hawaii.


June 21, 2013 – near Victoria, Canada (on the island in Pacific ocean, as West as it gets!)

aristoc stockings on the bed and lingerie

In this photo I am taking a picture of my legs in stockings.  I spent a few days at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast on Vancouver Island and finally got to relax.  Of course, my suitcase was packed full of lingerie and hosiery for some extra fun.

Victoria is a city that is so British in many ways.  They still have a lot of places for traditional English tea.  Island people are also very nice and polite.

My stay was at a beautiful castle-like bed and breakfast called Prancing Horse.  If you ever choose to go to Vancouver island, I greatly recommend that luxury accommodation!

They have such great service to the point that they hand pick the flowers from the garden for your room and they cook home-grown eggs for breakfast that come from the chickens who have an good life in the barn nearby that belongs to the same owners. Jacuzzi, hot tub, wine and champagne every night, beautiful view with eagles soaring, and fresh ocean air – that should be the definition of relaxation.


June 1st, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

Lounging on the bed, celebrating summer!  These are Melita stockings by Fiore, available at the shop section by the way.  I love the design on the welt.

melita white stockings

May 22, 2013 – close to US border, Canada

My Damsel in Distress Moment:

I was at a formal event. My heel tangled up in the bow of the other shoe and ripped off the bow. Immediately a staff lady appeared right next to me and told m to give her my shoe so she can go check if there is a glue gun around.

I was walking around only in hose for a while without shoes. She brought the shoe back with a large clip on it to hold down the glue for 30 min. I again walked around without shoes.

So here I was, in hose and skirt, walking without shoes.  But I was so happy to finally meet a passionate staff person who went an extra mile for the client!  Seriously, shoe repair wasn’t in her job description, but making a client feel comfortable and welcome for sure was.


May 17, 2013 – Vancouver, Canada

I got a whole bunch of presents from a fan, including these pink fishnets.  I am wearing fishnets over 8 den sheer pantyhose.  Do you like it?  These fishnets are great, they are seamless on the top.

fishnets over sheer pantyhose layering hosiery idea

May 15, 2013 – World Wide Web

Online Hosiery Shop is Here!

For various reasons, this blog is taking a dual direction – blog & shop.

Here is a picture of Romina stay up stockings, now available at the shop. These sheer stockings have a nice gold finish on the welt.  Photography by me!

Romina stay up stockings displayed out of package

May 2, 2013: Helsinki, Finland – at the airport
pantyhose by Gracia Russian brand with reinforced toesI bought myself a pair of Russian brand 20 den pantyhose – Gracia and decided to try it out.  Here is a photo of me wearing it in the airport.  I wore them for 24 hrs if not more.  No runs or discomfort.

They hold up very well!  For the whole trip they didn’t sag or fall off.  To tell you the truth, I haven’t expected such quality from this brand.

Do you notice that reinforced toe with an extra thick band that marks its transition?  I have never seen such type of reinforced toe.

pantyhose by Gracia Russian brand with reinforced toes close up


April 30, 2013:  Tallinn, Estonia

Estonian Suva brand pantyhose with ethnic designs

Estonian Suva brand of cotton hosiery

Turns out that this small European country, Estonia, has some pantyhose brands!  One of them is Suva, a brand that makes cotton pantyhose with an ethnic print on them.

One of my friends has a pair of those and told me that it is very good.  I asked her to model it for me, but she said that she’d rather have me try it on.  However, I ran out of time.

and earlier that day … 

I was wearing mostly 40 den pantyhose by Gatta with a slightly compressible effect.  They lasted for a long time, I can’t complain, but eventually a small hole appeared on my toe without runs.  I pulled that section under my foot to hide it.  Later I’ll stitch it and it will look as good as new!

However, the biggest problem was that I was wearing high heels on cobble stone.  What a disaster!  They kept on getting stuck between the stones in the mud.  Still, I have that Estonian mud all over those heels.

pantyhose and heels on cobble stone

Heels on cobble stone – bad idea!


April 20, 2013: Moscow, Russia

Browsing an awesome selection of pantyhose!  It’s literally everywhere, even in the undergrounds crosswalks.

pantyhose selection in a supermarket

April 11, 2013: on the plane to Europe

I spotted a girl on the airplane and managed to take a photo discreetly.  She was wearing striped pantyhose, but one of the stripes seemed to deviate from the norm.  Is that a knitting defect?

pantyhose on the airplane


March 12, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

Yes, I’m a little sad.  It’s the end of my Fantasy Wetlook blog.  There was no more funding from advertisement networks, so I decided to close it down.

happy_womens_day_8_march greetings

Mar 8, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

Happy 8th of March!  International Women’s Day!

To make it special, we added a new page (look above!) on Femininity.  I hope you enjoy it.


Mar 1, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

Excited! I ordered a whole bunch of 8 den pantyhose, mostly by Polish brands.  I’d love to try them out.  Looks like I am developing an affinity for ultra-sheer hosiery.


Feb 14, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

This photo was taken at an event at Dolce Amore Lingerie.

taken at dolce amore lingerie


Feb 4 – Feb 10 – vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada!

My trip to Las Vegas, for the 2nd time, was great.  I finally had a chance to go see Zumanity, O, and Chriss Angel by Cirque du Soleil.

Some candid photos are below:


Anna O'Keefe legs with opaque pantyhose

Zumanity show: Anna O’Keefe legs with opaque pantyhose that are masking her dance leggings underneath. Zoom in to see the bump!





Vegas adidas limited edition poodle shoes and my legs in beige stockings

Trying on limited edition Adidas shoes! I pulled up my skirt and showed off my stockings. The boys who worked at the store didn’t seem to mind my little photo session and came around to look at the pictures.

Vegas novelty store with stockings legs

Entrance to a novelty store at the Flamingo hotel. This is probably the best hotel for young couples!


Vegas trashy looking woman in pantyhose with a run and booty shorts

Not me! I got this picture while shopping of a woman who actually had a man by her side, marching in tiny booty shorts, ripped up pantyhose, and her cellulite jiggling.

Vegas_legs at the foodcourt

My guy caught a picture of my legs with 2 Asian girls in the background who were fooling around with their shoes. I thought that some of my foot fans may like it!

Vegas stockings and car

M&M store in Las Vegas, posing with a car! I pulled up my skirt while nobody was around.

lurex pantyhose feet

Jan 29, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

I love wearing pantyhose with Lurex, they are a big compliment magnet!  These ones are by Fiore, in burgundy colour.


Jan 26, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

I went to a Persian party and all the women, except for the wait staff, were dressed in dresses and pantyhose.  They all looked really nice.  But they were all a little stuck up, so I didn’t bother asking them to take a photo with me.


Jan 19, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

These are 6 den pantyhose.  The most sheer that I have ever tried!

panoramic view of my pantyhose and feather boa - 6 den, Gatta, ultra sheer in tan shade


Jan 15, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

I went for a stroll in our local tourist area and met a nice young woman dressed in maroon pantyhose and a dress.  She told me that it’s been 3 years already that she doesn’t wear pants and she loves hosiery.  It makes her feel feminine!  I asked her if I could take a picture for my blog and she agreed.  She seemed to be maximum 25 years old or so.

Jan 11, 2013: Vancouver, Canada

These angora socks come in very handy in this cold weather!  I am wearing them over black sheer pantyhose with my new happy shirt.

angora socks and black 15 den pantyhose worn with a happy shirt

Dec 31, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Happy New Year!

This photo not me, in case you are wondering, but my relative who came for a visit and agreed to do some pantyhose photos for me while wearing my patterned 40 den hosiery.  You can see more photos of me and her posing together HERE.

hosiery, sparkly, diamond, look, fiore

Dec 21, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Interesting trend around Vancouver to wear boots that don’t fit in the calf…  I have that problem too, my legs are thin and most boots don’t fit.  But I either wear that kind of shoe with pants or I get it taken in so it fits the leg snugly.


Dec 16, 2012: Vancouver, Canada
Today I was trying on different pantyhose.  My favourite for the day are sheer to waist 20 den pantyhose by Fiore.  They are also run-resistant and very soft to touch.

Dec 12, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Today I saw a beautiful blond lady in Vancouver wearing very nice sheer pantyhose with vertical stripe.  She looked so beautiful that I couldn’t help it but to walk up to her and ask her if I could take her photo.

She didn’t mind and I think that she even took it as a compliment.  It’s rare to see a woman dressed like that on the streets of Vancouver.

Later on the same day I saw a young woman walking around in yoga pants and cowboy boots.  Oh, no!  That’s why Vancouver is actually one of the world’s worst dressed places – a recent survey ranked it that way because of people’s love for yoga pants.

Nov 29, 2012: Vancouver, Canada
I’ve been wearing these colourful pantyhose for the whole week!  It’s a wild colour, so I wear mostly everything black and matching turquoise earrings or scarf to compliment the outfit.

These turquoise pantyhose are 80 den with reinforced toes, cotton gusset, and a control top.

Nov 28, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I met a flight attendant who told me that she needs to buy some pantyhose for work.  I asked her what airline she works for and I told her that she should be entitled to get free compression hosiery under her medical plan (I know another lady who works for Air Canada).  Turns out, she doesn’t like compression because she is claustrophobic.  How is this possible for a flight attendant to be claustrophobic?  What a riddle.

Nov 23, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I am falling in love with beige backseam!  I was wearing it for a while and now I got myself another pair to continue with this fashion statement.

In this photo I am actually wearing a bodysuit that I bought after I did my interview with Amber!  You can read the whole bodysuit obsession story HERE.


Nov 19, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I was wearing nude colour pantyhose today under my skirt and boots. Actually, for several days already.  I wonder if I am being out of season with the colour.  Don’t people wear mostly dark hosiery in fall and winter?


Nov 12, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Today I did several photoshoots in fancy pantyhose, mostly intended for Finn Magazine.  It was pretty intense since I do not have many options to film anymore, so I have to schedule everything very tightly.  I took photos of some back seam, imitation of stockings, and foot massaging pantyhose.

Now I am going to do some blogging for them and I am very excited!  Finn stands for Feet In Nylon – exactly my interest.  They have a publication coming out twice a year.

Visit their site if you’d like more info –

October 31, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Happy Halloween!  Today I saw a girl in tall white knee socks giving out candy in a Snow White outfit.  She was one of the staff at a local restaurant that participated in giving out candy to dressed up kids during specific trick-or-treating hours.  I couldn’t resist but ask her for a photo!


October 30, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Friends, is anyone using a Tablet or a Smart Phone?  How does this site show up?  Is it messed up or does it load properly?  I really appreciate your feedback.


October 29, 2012: Seattle region, USA

I wore sheer black pantyhose and I was freezing after the sunset.  That’s it, time for proper winter hosiery!  Maybe I’ll pull out my 500 denier fleece lined tights…

October 18, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

OK, I am totally off schedule, but I just got around to getting this image uploaded and re-sized.  I wore these 40 den pantyhose with a brown pattern by Fiore to a piano performance followed by a jazz band performance.  Oh, how is it that I end up at such events?  Somehow though I enjoyed it.

I even spotted some ladies in pantyhose of all age-groups and even spoke to a young woman a little bit about the kind that she was wearing.  It had a very nice shine too it and I assumed it was expensive, but in fact it turned out that she got it at a pharmacy.


October 17, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Today I decided to take a picture wearing my mohair sweater, sent to me by my fan David from USA, red garter belt, and stockings.  I think it came out quite nice.  Blue and red look so pretty together!


October 16, 2012: Whistler (British Columbia), Canada

Many of you know that the main source of income from this blog are Google ads.  I just saw in Huffington post newspaper that Google revealed 20% profit drop in their third quarter of this year.  It is shocking to many.  It says “the amount of money the internet giant receives from adverts has significantly lowered.”

I would like to say that it’s probably time for Google to become a little bit more open-minded.  You see, even blogs like mine are at constant risk to be considered as “adult”.  Google takes off the advertisement from any content that is even simply sexy, not adult.  I always wondered about it, they screen everything as if their censorship department has been outsourced to Saudi Arabia.  I hope they smarten up soon.


October 9, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I miss summer!  This photo that I am showing here is from this summer when I was waiting for my flight to Toronto at the airport.

Today I wasn’t far behind, I wore tan pantyhose and high heel boots and even got a few compliments.

But I just don’t want to think about what it’s going to be in a couple of months – too cold for sheer pantyhose!  Even though it rarely falls here below zero, but that damp type of cold in this maritime climate makes one very uncomfortable.

Sept 29, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I was wearing my new leggings, shiny polyester.  It’s the first time that I try something like that.  Let’s just say that pantyhose is more comfortable because it stretches more.  I rarely talk about leggings here, but that’s because I rarely wear them.


Sept 27, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I decided to join Pinterest.  My username is FantasyStockings.  Well, I think once I start using it I’ll be able to say whether I like it or not.  There is a lot of beautiful hosiery photos there.


Fendi wrap heels shoesSept 25, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I am sad that summer is over.  Soon sheer pantyhose will be too thin to wear.  Today was somewhat nice, so I even wore nude fishnet stay up stockings.  But now towards the evening I am going to wear pantyhose because it’s way too cold otherwise.

Today I wrote a post on my other blog, Fantasy Heels, about Fendi shoes that look like they have pantyhose wrapped around them.  Maybe you’ll enjoy the picture.


Sept 19, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I was wearing tan pantyhose that either my mom or my neighbour gave me before.  One strange thing about it is that it has an oval cotton gusset.  I am used to seeing rhombus shaped gussets, and rarely these days they are cotton.


Sept 16, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Today I had a little bit of a challenge.  I wanted to wear stay up stockings, but I was going outside to play with my friend’s puppy.  So, what should I do?  I wore stay ups under jeans for the first time, I’d say.  It wasn’t comfortable in the welt region at all, maybe because my jeans were tight.  So I’d say that if I ever decide to wear hosiery under jeans, it would be either knee highs or pantyhose.

This particular pair is by Fiore, it’s a Polish brand and I see it here in stores from time to time.  On my trip to Eastern Europe I stocked up on Polish hosiery.


Sept 11, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I was looking at a fashion magazine and they have a lot of hosiery, but none of it seems to be sheer.  To me it looks like for women there are now 2 options – “it’s too cold, I need thick hosiery” and “it’s not cold, I’ll just go with bare legs”.  Does anyone else feel this way?


Sept 8, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Let’s just say, today I sat down at the computer and figured out how to create a mailing list.  I’d like to create a newsletter soon, so I needed the add the option to my site to have people enter their e-mail address.  So friends, if you’d like this newsletter to happen, please sign up!

In terms of my outfit, today I wore nude sheer pantyhose, so close to my own skin tone that it was nearly impossible to notice from a distance.


Sept 6, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

Miserable me.  I am such a stereotypical woman when it comes to driving!  I went to an event and on my way back I got lost.  My high heel shoes were not easy to drive in, so I kicked them off.  So as a result I returned home with my pantyhose ripped on my foot from the pedals.  Well, at least I wore my cheap pantyhose by Gatta and not anything expensive or of sentimental value.


Sept 4, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

My day started off with something really nice.  I retrieved a package from the post office from my fan James from England full of vintage stockings and pantyhose!  I can’t wait to try it.  Perhaps some time today I’ll photograph the packaging to show you what kind of presents I got.  Thank you, James!


Sept 2, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

I am finally home!


Sept 1, 2012: San Francisco, California, USA

I got to spend half a day in San Francisco before going to the airport.  My main thing to see – Wolford boutique.  Let’s just say, they weren’t as enthusiastic about me as I was about them.  I’ll write a post on my visit at some point later.


Las Vegas Pictures


This girl was posing for photos, but her outfit seemed somewhat messy. Her garter belt was unclipped and her panties were not matched to the rest of the outfit. In this case I’d suggest to wear pantyhose under stockings and panties because let’s just say her skin wasn’t the best on the buttocks.

These show girls on the street were wearing fine fishnets in skin tone colour. This seems to be the case with most show girls and dancers in Vegas who perform in public. There were some go-go dancers in casinos also wearing nude fishnets. Sorry, you can’t see much here, I’ll upload a better picture of fishnets later.


Exotic dancer outside the club is greeting visitors in fishnet stockings.

I went to Hooters for dinner and the girls were singing “Happy Birthday” to a customer. Waitresses wear orange shorts, but hostesses seem to wear whatever they want, like the gothic girl in the picture in shiny tights. I was also surprised that one of the waitresses was pregnant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Hooters girl pregnant.


Aug 31, 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wow!  This  was my first time in Vegas.  I don’t gamble, so I wasn’t into casinos.  However, I went to see a beautiful Cirque du Soleil show called Ka – the only show with a story line and martial arts.  I was amazing.  Expensive, but well worth it.

I also got to do something naughty.  Under my conservative skirt and blouse I wore my corset with garter belt straps and stockings.  At some point I decided to do a little dare and my guy filmed me in Vegas on the side of the road take off the clothes and expose my beautiful  lingerie.  Nothing is too crazy for Vegas!

For dinner I went to the Hooters hotel.  Their waitresses wear pantyhose as part of their uniform.  Also, in the Hooters casino area they had a Limbo game and the girls from Hooters were playing too.  I was on high heels, so I didn’t participate, but I took some photos.


Aug 29, 2012: passing through the state of Utah, USA 

Utah is so different from the rest of the US!  I love the desert looking landscape with red sand. It is also very hot.

I couldn’t help it but film my Wolford Satin Touch 20 in nature when nobody was around.  The sun was very bright and my pantyhose looked really shiny.

My peak experience was at the city of Moab – they have a whole valley of red rock and arches formed from erosion.


Aug 28, 2012: around Denver, Colorado, USA

It was extremely hot today in Denver, way too hot for pantyhose.  I went to check out a park called “Garden of the Gods” with tall red stone mountains at Colorado Springs.  It’s hard to describe my amazement. I believe that every single person should see the mountains at least once in their life to experience their majesty.


Aug 27, 2012: Denver, Colorado, USA

Well, I just got here, but I’ve seen an amazing valley of wind mills on the way here in Kansas.  Tomorrow I’ll get to see the mountains.


Aug 26, 2012: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I’ve been to this city once when I was 18, but it felt great to return and see the Arch monument again.  My main highlight of this visit was a chance to finally meet in person a retired professor who helped me with academics before over the phone.  It was very kind of him to help me a few years back, so the least I could do is to go see him and thank him in person for it.


Aug 25, 2012: Columbus, Ohio, USA

I got to briefly pass through Columbus and to meet one of my fans and pantyhose friends – David from United States.  I sent an e-mail to David from Washington DC, giving him less than 24 hour notice.  I think that he was really surprised that I showed up in his city because he wasn’t expecting it at all.  We went to a nice coffee shop and had a pleasant discussion on various topics, including pantyhose of course.  I really hope to see him again!  In case you are wondering, I was wearing sheer black pantyhose with high heels, knee length skirt, and a fancy blouse.


Aug 23, 2012: Washington DC, USA

I love this city!  I waited 13 years to finally return to a city that I fell in love with when I went there as a teenager with my class.  My first and most important destination was the space museum.  I got to see 2 more museums and now it’s time for me to move on.  Next stop is Columbus, Ohio.

In case you are wondering, it was really hot, so I wore stay up fishnet stockings under a knee high skirt.  Otherwise, I haven’t seen any women in pantyhose at all, except for a gothic girl on the street.


Aug 22, 2012: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Wow, I love this city!  I went for a beautiful swim in the ocean.  It feels good to swim in warm water on the opposite coast from where I live.  However, I almost saw nobody in pantyhose!  My first pantyhose sighting was at a casino – a waitress was wearing it and she told me it was a job requirement.  Then I saw a beautiful tranny waitress outside of another casino wearing a short skirt with stay up backseam stockings and a garter belt!  So here we go, unless it’s a job requirement, they don’t wear it.

Aug 19, 2012: New Jersey, USA

OK, just arrived to see the family.  I wore pearl jewellery, high heels, black sheer pantyhose, knee high textured skirt, and a black top.  At the airport I was also walking around with a wide black hat.  I think I was like modern version of Coco Chanel.

For sure, I was looking quite classy.  But my wild side got out when no one was looking!  I was on the shuttle train that runs at JFK and there were no other people in the car.  Well, I grabbed on to the pole and did a nice pole dance move, spinning around it.

As my relatives saw me, they told me to go change!  OK, I put on a bright top, jeans, and flip flops – isn’t that a typical outfit for a casual American woman?


Aug 13 – 18, 2012: Toronto, Canada

My stay in Toronto was very intense and it was way too brief for me to do all that I wanted to do. The main highlights of my trip were going to the Fogal boutique with my friend David and also visiting the Wolford boutique in Yorkdale later on.  In between I’ve been wearing either sheer black pantyhose or fishnet stay ups, depending on how how the weather was.

As I was checking my parents’ closet, I found my pantyhose treasure from so many years back!  Half of it somehow was navy blue.  Also, there was a patterned pair that I loved so much that I kept on repairing it over and over because I just couldn’t say good bye.


Aug 13, 2012: in the air!  flying from Vancouver to Toronto

I was wearing high heels and stay up stockings, I’ll put up a picture later when I can figure out how to upload it.  However, here is the interesting part.  Turns out one of the passengers was an ex-flight attendant.  She walked to the back and started talking to the staff.  I could hear them talking about pantyhose!  At least I didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but the former flight attendant was telling the other one some funny story about putting on pantyhose.


Aug 8, 2012: Bellingham, Washington State (USA)

I went for my monthly shopping trip to United States.  I wore a leopard print dress and nude coloured pantyhose so my hosiery doesn’t clash with my outfit.  To my surprise I saw 2 other women at the Bellingham mall in pantyhose, but that’s it – only 2.


Aug 7, 2012: Vancouver, Canada

OK, first of all, I can’t make up my mind what I want to do with this diary.  So I guess the best thing is to have recent entries here and the rest of the entries on a different page so I don’t end up with a huge page that is impossible to load.

It was really hot today, so I actually wore fishnet stay up stockings rather than pantyhose.  To me some kind of hosiery is better than nothing at all.  I also really like the way fishnet stockings look with open toe sandals.

fishnet stockingsNot sure why, maybe I am inspired by one of the videos from Mylene farmer – a French singer.  She’s hot and she always wears very sexy stuff.  Every time I wear sandals with fishnets, I think of her song “Appelle mon numéro”.  Maybe some day I’ll do a post on her, she’s wild!






The rest of my diary (quite a huge chunk of text and photos) has moved to a page of its own!



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17 thoughts on “My Diary

  1. Jessica, thank you so much for the addition of your diary. I really enjoy reading every word, and also the photographs. It makes me happy to be able to read your thoughts on a daily basis – it’s almost like getting an email from you! Thank you again. Your fan from the United States, David

  2. Hi Jessica
    I agree with David. The diary is a stimulating new addition to your already interesting web site. It’s fun to read and causes me to smile while I learn about the every day trials and tribulations concerning your wearing of hosiery and talking to others about their wearing of the same.


  3. WOW!! You have some very sexy feet and legs!! It’s awesome to see and read about a young woman who loves looking good.

  4. I like your diary. One question I have is do you decide what pantyhose or stockings you will wear the night before or are you impulsive with your hosiery and choose by how you feel on the day? It is nice to read of your sightings of other women in pantyhose too.

    • James, that’s a good question. Actually, nobody ever asked me this about clothing!

      I plan ahead if it is a special occasion. Let’s say, if I am going to a special event and I need to get up at 6:30 a.m., I usually pull out my clothes in advance and put it beside the bed so I can get dressed fast. If I am sleepy, I may not make the best fashion decision.

      Otherwise, I don’t plan. I may check the weather and make my decision based on that – Vancouver’s climate has very dramatic changes, so it’s hard to predict sometimes.

  5. Jessica – enjoy the mountain air – you’ve got some
    major deserts ahead! I almost would have crossed them at night,
    to be more cool, but I was alone on the motorcycle and somehow felt more
    secure in sunlight. You are getting a major taste of the continent.
    Be safe !!! David

  6. Re: October 30, 2012: Vancouver, Canada
    Tried the site from both an iPhone and an Android and they appear to look and function just fine as normal.

  7. I enjoy reading your posts and all of those pretty pictures of you! You have such a nice legs and feet! keep posting for us who love pantyhose and legs!;)

  8. Sorry for the clumsy English, I only study it. It is like your diary. I read it in full and expect to continue. Now you have a fan from the Ukraine (the central Europe).

    • Hello, Serhiy! Pleasure to meet you. Actually, I have a few girls from Ukraine who help me with some articles. They always have such wonderful stories to share!

  9. Exquisite brunettes like you are the reason why certain Women should be genetically and culturally re-classified as ‘Womyn’ and worshipped as clearly superior versions of Homo Sapien.
    Oh well , I guess pure love makes me say strange things!!!!
    Have a sweet Summer, I will send requests if you ever have time!!!

  10. Hi!

    Lovely work here!!! Bravo! 🙂

    I’m looking for some stockings (and stay ups) with a vintage feel. I saw your post from the June 21, 2013 – near Victoria, Canada. Where can I find those? Do you have them available from your store? I’d gladly buy them!!!

    Thank you! 🙂

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