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Pantyhose Humour



anti-cellulite pantyhose cartoon



When bored at home, put pantyhose over your head and hang the feet over the strings for laundry drying.  Now you are a trolley bus!

game - trolleybus - pantyhose on your head


Or how about this for a truth or dare game?

ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки ГђВЅГђ° ГђВіГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВѕГђВІГђµ, игра троÐ»Р“С’»Р“С’µР“ђВ№Гђ±Р“‘ƒÑ

And this is why women need fishnet stockings:

why women need fishnet pantyhose humour

reason – tic tac toe



peaches cat and pantyhose humour - she forgot to shave her legs


ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки с ГђВєГђВѕГ‘Л†ГђВєГђ°Р“ђВјГђВё, киса, когти, юмор, смÐµР“‘ˆÐ½Ñ‹Ðµ коты

funny pantyhose with cats


Pantyhose Jokes

Three married women went together to a party and on their way home got caught in a heavy rain.  The only shortcut was through a cemetery.  They ran fast, catching their clothes and pantyhose on bushes and branches.

Their husbands were also friends and they met up the next day.

One says:  “I think my wife is cheating on me.  She came home yesterday with her pantyhose all ripped up.”

The second one says:  “I think mine is cheating too because her pantyhose were all torn last night.”

The third one says:  “For sure my wife is cheating on me.  She came home yesterday with her pantyhose torn and a ribbon around her neck saying  WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOU, BOYS OF WISCONSIN.”



After a turbulent intercourse:

Guy: – “If you’d tell me that you are a virgin, I wouldn’t rush so much.”

Girl: – “If you wouldn’t rush so much, I’d have a chance to take off my pantyhose. ”


Any other jokes?  If you know of any other jokes about hosiery, please share them with me!  I’ll put it up on the blog.  I would love to expand the entertainment section here for all the hosiery fans.

Pantyhose at the Bank

From stupid labels on pantyhose: Not to be used in the commission of a felony.

 bank robbery

Pictures below are from a comical video where the bank robber comes in wearing a bra on his head.  People start laughing.

He tells them that there was no pantyhose in the store!  So he is wearing a bra instead.


OK, same situation.  The comic below with robbers wearing fishnet stockings on their heads says “Sorry, there was no other available”.

чуÐ»Р“ђВєГђВё ГђВІ сÐµР“‘‚ку юмор шутка прикол ГђВєГђ°Р“‘€Ð¸ÐºÐ°Р“‘‚ура ГђВєГђВѕГђВјГђВёГђВє ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки ГђВЅГђ° ГђВіГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВѕГђВІГђµ Гђ±Р“С’°Р“ђВЅГђВє грÐ°Р“С’±Р“ђВёГ‘‚ÐµР“С’»Р“‘Е’

 Hand-Painted Pantyhose Commercial – So Cute!

This picture was sent to me by one of my fans.  Yes, it’s a real pantyhose commercial for a Croatian manufacturer!  I love animals, so I thought it was adorable.

The company no longer seems to be in business though, but there is a story about it online.

I would say personally that I like this idea of using pets to advertise hosiery.  It’s a different concept and most women just can’t resist but smile when they see a cute feline like here.  Isn’t marketing all about creating positive impressions?

But in reality pets and pantyhose don’t mix.  Claws!  My relatives have a poodle dog that jumps on whoever walks in, so everytime I need to make sure that someone holds him back to prevent the claws from greeting my pantyhose.



 Mickey Mouse Disney Character Pantyhose

I saw these funny pantyhose with Disney characters, Daisy and Minnie Mouse, on a Polish blog where they said that it was available online at some Polish store.  I checked it out, but couldn’t find the brand name.

funny Daisy duck pantyhose funny Minnie Mouse pantyhose





LETTER TO A FRIEND:  Today I got a package with pantyhose from Europe and our Canada Customs people declared it as “vehicle parts”

ANSWER: Well, your legs are a sort of a vehicle too!


Sex Pet Peeves

In Russian: “if a man doesn’t want to take off his socks during sex, don’t take off your pantyhose during sex”

if a man doesn't take off his socks don't take off your pantyhose


A shirt that looks like a jacket and stockings.  Optical Illusion.



funny, humour

How naughty are you?

sexy levels



I'm a queen of pantyhose


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