Origin of name

How did I come up with the name Fantasy Stockings?

Somehow when I tell someone about this, they give me a little bit of a strange look because “Fantasy” associates with something sexual.  Let me explain the true origin here.

I’d like to say that in this context the word “Fantasy” is equivalent to “Imagination”.  In Europe they may refer to extra-ordinary artistic designs on pantyhose as “fantasy-like” designs.

It didn’t cross my mind at the time that there may be a stereotypical way of looking at the word “Fantasy” out there.  I gave this name to one of my friends who is quite a proper gentleman.  He sent me a polite e-mail hinting that I should do a search on Google first to see what these words produce.  Well, yeah, it was XXX.  I felt quite embarrassed.

But I liked the name, so I proceeded.  Now, if you search for Fantasy Stockings – you find me!

You can read on the page “why blog” about how I started with this in the first place.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t meant to be just a blog.  It just happened accidentally.

However, I tried to run this for already almost 3 years as a non-commercial venture with only funding from advertisement and occasional donations.  That came to an end – Google changed its mind about the ads.

So as a result, for the 4th year this went back to the original idea – a store. However, I’d like to still keep an active blog section.


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