Happy 8th of March! Faustina Pantyhose

Julia did a wonderful photoshoot of Faustina pantyhose by Fiore for 8th of March – International Women’s Day!

This style will be available here – Faustina. Buy it to support this blog.

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 4 bicolour

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 1 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 2 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 3 bicolour

Do you like this style? Buy it here.

5 thoughts on “Happy 8th of March! Faustina Pantyhose

  1. I still wear The Bay’s house brand pantyhose (though I think they are phasing it out, just like the pantyhose section in their stores). I see that they have kept the same shade, Misty Black (which is the same as other brands Nightshade or Hint O’Black shade) over the years.

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