I would like to use this page to thank some of my friends who help me with promotion, content, inspiration, and their emotional support.  Thank you!




Finn Magazine


Canadian-Made Yoga Clothing


Mantyhose Blog – wonderful resource for men who like tights!


Hosiery Advocate – Hosiery Blog


Hosiery for Men – Blog


 Legwear Fashion for Men – Blog


Men’s Legwear Fashion Blog


Penelope’s Pantyhose


mock suspender tights

Ceramic Tiles Wholesale in Russia


A mix of just about anything related to business / motivation




Are you also a blogger?

I am open to do the following with other fellow bloggers:

– link exchange (but only for non-adult stuff)

– Alexa reviews

– interviews and other types of cross-promotion

Dear friends, it is the shop section that makes this blog possible!  Please have a look at what’s available.
fiore hosiery products

11 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I think we should all say thank you to Jessica for this site and blog. A great place for pantyhose people to share the love of hosiery.

  2. It is nice to think nylons can or are a unisex item. As for me I have been wearing nylons since I was about 12 and ever since. I now prefer thigh high stockings or regular nylons held up by a garter belt.

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