Femme Fatale Party and Contest

For my boyfriend’s birthday I decided to do something unique and surprise him with a Femme Fatale squad when he came home, following a fun contest – cracking sunflower seeds. You see, he is a big fan of eating seeds and I always told him that one day I’ll get him to compete against some real Europeans to see how his skills compare to theirs. It is a cultural thing in Europe, one of the favourite ways to pass time or to engage in something during a casual conversation – they crack sunflower seeds seeds or pumpkin seeds, or even pistachios.

It wasn’t easy to find contestants. Some are too afraid of COVID and wouldn’t join, some are not afraid at all and didn’t bother getting vaccinated and thus not eligible to receive an invitation for something at our house, and most frequently people already had their own plans with family and so on. However, the ones who did come were thrilled – they finally get to dress up in their cool black dresses, wear red nail polish, and have a night out.

We set out trays with flags of the countries where every contestant was from and counted out 45 seeds per person. Whoever would finish first, would get first place, and consequently others would get the remaining two prized positions. My boyfriend won the contest! Two Siberian girls came close, 2nd and 3rd, and went home happy with big gift baskets full of various nuts, seeds, and dates, and candy, with a proud stuffed squirrel presiding on top of the mountain.

They know me pretty well and of course they put an effort to dress up in fancy tights and spent some time talking about what they chose to wear. People enjoy having a theme,  let me tell you! For a woman it is upsetting to walk in all fashionable and find others in jeans and sweaters, looking at her and wondering what the big deal is. But yes, it is a big deal, it is my boyfriend’s birthday and I want it to be celebrated in the coolest way possible!


sunflower seed eating contest prize - nuts and toy squirrel

fancy pantyhose legs, Femme Fatale dress code

Trays for sunflower seed eating contest with international flags

Women in fancy pantyhose at the Femme Fatale party

In case you are wondering what they are wearing, even though it is hard to see, on the photo above let’s start from the left:

  • Gatta pantyhose, black, with a side pattern
  • Fogal pantyhose, nude, with a black backseam and Cuban heel (me!)
  • Fancy fishnets, unknown brand from Russia
  • Fiore pantyhose, black, with a bird print pattern
  • Fishnets, black, fine small mesh, unknown brand

In case you are wondering about my boyfriend, he changed into his “competition outfit” and wore sportswear with leggings and shorts. It didn’t match my intended James Bond theme, but he felt like this clothing made him feel the most confident for competing. Indeed, he was right, he won! The evening finished with a nice dinner, something that I’ve spent that whole day preparing (typical European!), and some grilled BBQ veal chops.

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