Wolford Boutique in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii - Ala Moana center, Wolford boutique store front As I was browsing some stores at the Ala Moana shopping centre in Honolulu, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Wolford.  Is this my imagination playing a trick on me?  I was in disbelief to find it in a place where I thought hosiery was least popular. 

Just a few minutes before my discovery I was at the Neiman Marcus department store asking for Wolford hosiery.  The staff were very nice, but there was barely any hosiery there and no Wolford.  Perhaps they didn’t know, but I really can’t say why they didn’t tell me that there is a Wolford boutique in the mall.

So I was really surprised to stumble upon this Wolford boutique as I already was lead to believe that I would not find anything of that sort in that city.  Turns out that it’s mostly tourists who shop there, especially the Japanese.  They even have special signs for them saying that Japanese cards like Union Pay are accepted.

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 2 hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 3

I walked in and was greeted in a friendly manner by Nancy.  She was very polite.  For a long time already I was hoping to find Aura 5 pantyhose to try, so I asked her and right away she knew what I was talking about and went to that drawer.  I had a look at the colours available and decided to go for the shade called “Honey” that was more like a light tan.

Nancy introduced me to the new accessory for this season – gloves.  Wolford apparently decided to introduce a collection of high quality gloves that I even got to try on.  I was surprised that they were completely seamless without any uncomfortable seams between the fingers.  That must have been one a real high end technology that made something like that!

gloves at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 1 gloves at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 2

It was a really pleasant experience.  For sure my visit to Wolford was one of my main highlights of the trip.  Those 5 den pantyhose will remind me of it as I wear it.

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 5

hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 1hosiery display at Wolford boutique in Honolulu Hawaii 4


9 thoughts on “Wolford Boutique in Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. “I was in disbelief to find it in a place where I thought hosiery was least popular.”

    I know what you mean. As a comparison, in 2004 I was visiting Reunion, a French overseas tiny island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. I bet the climate is about the same you enjoyed in Hawaii. To say the least, it’s not very “hosiery friendly” because of the high temperatures they have there on average. I visited the hosiery department of a supermarket: I found only one type of pantyhose there: DIM Run Resistant. No choice of size (size 3 only in an interval in theory ranging from 1 to 4). No choice of color either (black only). It was in June, but I believe the choice would not have been any better at another time of the year.

    I like Wolford. I even wore some. I kept the same pair of Wolford Neon for 6 years! However recently, they decided to raise their prices that were quite high already. A dozen years ago, their prices ranged from 25 to 30 euros. Now, it’s between 20 to 159 euros, the second highest price being 99 euros! And that’s only in Europe! In America, given the shipping cost, I believe it’s even higher! When you run a pair, I understand your despair! Their prices only put their ranges at the reach of the wealthiest consumers. Recently, it was said in the press here that a movie star (I don’t remember who) visited the shops of Champs-ElysГѓВ©es in Paris. Guess what she bought? Wolford, of course! Wolford made a 20% sale a month ago, but on a pair that costs 100 euros, with the 20% rebate, it’s still 80 euros!

    • I didn’t buy them. I just tried them on at the boutique. It’s their new addition for fall. Now Wolford has gloves. They were like $125 USD.

  2. Jessica, your visit to the Wolford boutique looks to have been worth visiting the mall. The choices of designs and styles looks vast, a must for your stunning legs to wear. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there with you or my bank account would be empty Mmmm. But well worth every penny to see you wearing them.

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