I keep my hosiery in original packaging.

Hosiery is expensive, so let us make this garment last.


Hand washing it of course is recommended, but I due to my time shortage, I usually just zip it up in a washing bag and just put it in the washing machine on cold wash.   No dryer!  I just hang mine to dry.  Some say that there is special hosiery soap, but I never used it myself.

Washing mesh bag for hosiery and lingerie



Not everybody has patience to wear gloves when putting on pantyhose, so I at least recommend to put lotion on your hands first to eliminate any dry skin.  Don’t rush, take your time.


I prefer to keep my hosiery in original packaging.  It makes it easy to find a specific style and it keeps from looking like a mess.  For me personally it means that I’ll wear it more often if it is stored in an organized manner.  It also means that I will remember which ones were the best ones and I’ll be able to get more of that kind in the future.


I prefer to stitch runs in my pantyhose.

Some people put nail polish on the runs.  I do that too, but I still prefer to stitch the run.  In my opinion it looks neater this way.  Usually I sit down some time on the weekend and stitch several pairs at once.

I love hosiery and I try to do what I can to prolong its life.  You will find more care tips in the “practical” section of this blog.  Please don’t forget that this blog only exists because of your contributions.



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2 thoughts on “Care

  1. Hello Jessica
    I just wanted to say that you are the only person that I have ever run into that talks about stitching runs in hosiery.

    I am a 62 year old guy that just in the last few years got into wearing PH. (heard a piece on the Today Show one morning and then tried one of my wife’s discarded pairs)

    I never have been one to wear shorts or anything other than pants and the repairs when feasible have no effect on the useability of the product.

    I keep several size old bottles (short round washed out bottles with lids) around to stretch the part that needs repair over and then usually make two passes over the damaged area, one in each direction. Most of the time this holds up quite well.

    I hope I didn’t gross you out being a guy and all but I’ve never found any male oriented under garments that keep everything so well in place and comfortable. Besides I’ve really grown to like the feel of moderate support hose on my past their prime legs.
    Thank you for your time.


    • Hi, George, thanks for sharing. Don’t worry, I get lots of visitors here who are male and who wear hosiery for a variety of reasons. As you can see from my “bio” section, I have no problem with that.

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