Wearing Helia 20 den tights by Fiore

June 25, 2016 under Fiore

Heila is one of the limited editions by Fiore, no longer produced. I like styles like that with a subtle pattern and a t-top. I wore these tights around the house and then headed for a walk outside, wearing a pair of flats and a jean skirt.

Just for the photos, I put a pair of orange heels to look more like the model on the package of the tights.

I personally think that this kind of pattern at the back would look best with some form of a gothic outfit. I’d totally wear that to a heavy metal concert. How would you wear something like that?

Helia tights by Fiore on my legs Helia tights by Fiore on my legs sheer to waist

HELIA 20 den sheer tights by fiore with a geometrical pattern at the back

Click on the picture to buy it!

Great sales on nearly SOLD OUT items!

June 24, 2016 under News

I just released some styles that I have very little left of, maybe 1 – 3 pairs. For example, there is only one pair of Ardea tights left in stock in Medium. Have a look at the sale items for more.

Ardea by Fiore tights on a blogger 3 - sale, clearance, discount hosiery Ardea by Fiore tights on a blogger 2 Ardea by Fiore tights on a blogger

Behind the Scenes – Shooting Fiore Summer Collection

June 24, 2016 under Fiore, Photoshoots

I saw these photos on Facebook from Fiore. They released some photos from the photoshoot for the product covers. I am always curious how it goes behind the scenes!

Fiore fashion models at a photoshoot 5

Fiore fashion models at a photoshoot 4

Fiore fashion models at a photoshoot - pantyhose girls

Fiore fashion models at a photoshoot 2

Lolita by Fiore – Pink Polka Dot Tights!

June 24, 2016 under Fiore

I love these grey Lolita tights with a pink band around the thighs. I wore it at some point to my dentist office and while nobody was looking took this shot of me waiting while wearing it. If you like it, it’s available at the shop section – Lolita tights.

Lolita by Fiore on my legs, polka dot pantyhose

Lolita by Fiore advertisement

Lolita by Fiore advertisement hot woman in tights

I bought shoes to match my pantyhose!

June 23, 2016 under Fiore

In this picture I am wearing Crush pantyhose by Fiore with a pair of new shoes I got from French Connection. I bought the shoes on an impulse really, but knowing the store’s good return policy I knew that I still have some time to make up my mind.

I asked my friends on Twitter and they all so far say to keep it! So I will. I think it looks beautiful with these tights.

crush pantyhose by fiore worn with blue shoes by french connection

Comparing Gatta brand to Fiore brand – Hosiery Review

June 17, 2016 under Gatta

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 1Both Gatta and Fiore brands are from Poland, with factories just a short train ride apart. They keep an eye on each other, copy each other, and so on, just like any good competitors. In general Gatta is more popular and has a wider selection. The price is quite similar.

Today I realized that I still had one of the long time ago limited editions from Gatta called Sherry Ann. It’s been a while since I wore Gatta hosiery since I wear so much of other brands.

It is a sheer 20 den style with pink flowers along the side of the leg. Some of you who followed this blog, you probably saw this style already. It is no longer available for sale simply because I don’t have anymore of it.

I also was trying on for photos some Fiore tights in 20 denier, same size and similar kind of pattern, to compare the fit and feel. Here I’ll just show Gatta tights since I already have so many photos of Fiore.

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 2Here are my comments so far:

Lycra content: Gatta has a little more lycra! I see that Fiore usually has 12% for such styles and Gatta has 14%. In my opinion higher lycra content results in a softer feel.

Elasticity: Gatta proved to be more elastic. I tried size Large for both pairs and Fiore evenly stretched along my legs right away, but Gatta seemed to have extra material left over that rolled up on my upper thigh, later smoothing out as I continued wearing it.

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 3 pattern close upToe reinforcement: Gatta has sheer toe, Fiore has invisibly reinforced toe. I rarely get runs, but I hear from other people that any kind of reinforcement helps with durability.

Cotton gusset: Gatta always, always, always has a gusset! Fiore will only up a gusset for sizes Medium and Large. Perhaps it’s not as crucial for fitting when it comes to a petite figure, but mainly it’s a money saver. But here is an important point, on tights checked for Gatta the gusset is synthetic and for Fiore it was made of cotton, thus being more hygienic. (This is not a rule though, both brands produce some with cotton gussets, and some styles with synthetic depending on the price.)

This is all for now. As you see, both have some advantages, disadvantage, and features that may be important for some people.

My fan has photos of me in his car!

June 8, 2016 under News

I am completely blown away! One of my fans told me that he got a new gadget in his car, a built in computer. I am his screen saver. As soon as I saw it, I asked him for permission to share it with the rest of you. It makes me feel so proud that my work from many years ago still inspires people.

dashboard computer pantyhose photo 3 dashboard computer pantyhose photo 2 dashboard computer pantyhose photo 1 dashboard computer

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I am back! Newsletter is coming out soon.

June 6, 2016 under News, Photoshoots, Travel

Hey, friends, I am back from my vacation! Do you want to hear how it went? Photos will be out in a newsletter soon. Please don’t miss it. It is coming out on June 18th, 2016 and this newsletter will have more photos than ever before, as well as two videos.

Dead Sea and pantyhose - I am posing in the water.

In this photo I am wearing a pair of ultra sheer pantyhose under my swimsuit.

I had a really good time on my trip and got to visit the Dead Sea again. It wasn’t my first time there, but it is the first time I got to do a photoshoot there wearing pantyhose. I even managed to get into the water and splash my legs.


What will I write about? Here are some teasers!

  • What brand of pantyhose was it? I wore a brand of pantyhose that I have never tried before for a very specific reason. I’ll explain exactly why.
  • What did it feel like to splash my legs in the Dead Sea? This is not your ordinary kind of water!
  • What was the purpose of my trip to Israel? I will give out some personal information about myself that I otherwise don’t share publicly.
  • … and besides that, lots of good photos of me and a couple of videos!

Please don’t miss it, as I say, this is coming out on June 18th, 2016. If you miss it and want it re-sent, I will ask for $2.



Off to Israel – Vacation Notice

May 17, 2016 under Travel

Dear friends, I am going to be on vacation in Israel for 2 weeks.

This means that all orders will shipped no earlier than June 4th.

Do you want to see more photos from my trip? I am going to send out a newsletter soon!

Below is a photo of me wearing skin tone tights with a slight dot pattern all over. I am noticing a completely different selection of hosiery on the market here, lots of brands I’ve never heard of like Cacharel for example.

pantyhose in israel

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Looking at my friend’s bookshelf

May 17, 2016 under Poetry

As you guys know, I spent a week in Vancouver.

Part of my stay was in my friend’s apartment, part in the hotel. It’s quite amazing what you can learn about your friends when you stay with them for a few days. I spotted a bunch of erotic art books (certainly I had a peak and every second picture has stockings in it), for example. Never knew she is into that!

Here are some quotes that revolve around stockings and feet that I found from that book that I thought to share with you. I wish I could share some pictures, but I must say some of them kind of shocked me by being so explicit for those times. Many of those artists actually remained anonymous.


“I couldn’t help it. I can resist everything except temptation.”

From Lady Windermere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900)


“… continual excitement of trousers and petticoats, the crisp sound of stockings caressed…”

From a poem, Lone Gentleman, by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda


“How beautiful are thy feet in sandals, O prince’s daughter!”

By King Solomon, Song of Songs

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