Leohex Hosiery

This is a photo from 2020 Fashion Week in New York and even though I don’t know what brand of tights these are, they resemble Leohex. I tried them and they look amazing, but they are really hard to get in to and take a lot of patience to put on. Have you tried? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Below you’ll see my personal experiment with fishnets over Leohex. The texture is amazing, very stimulating contrast! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know exactly who’s modeling with me together.

Toronto Public Transit

My life has changed quite a bit and I must say that I am not still completely back to normal since COVID-19 lockdowns because many of my places where I would go for socializing closed down. Now I have a new job and I spend a lot of time on the train, noticing other people on public transit.

My style matches, I am honestly not into the modern mix up of sports pants with stilettos or nightgowns over t-shirts. Here’s an example of a lady I saw in very feminine printed pantyhose and beat up sneakers. If it fashion driven? Comfort driven? I am not sure. If it wouldn’t be for the pattern, I probably wouldn’t even think about it since shorts, sneakers & hose has become a common look.

Stockings & Glam Event in Toronto

On May 29th I’ll be attending the Stockings & Glam event at the Oasis Aqua Lounge to mingle with all the stockings enthusiasts. Would you like to come and meet me in person? I haven’t been there for a long time because of COVID and I miss their open-minded community.

New brands from Europe

If you have a look at the pantyhose and stockings section, I managed to get a few styles from Philippe Matignon and Cecilia de Rafael. It is something that I bought as a big lot from a private seller, but I think in the future I am going to order them in bulk from the factory. My goal for this site is to start offering a lot of shiny styles.

Femme Fatale Party and Contest

For my boyfriend’s birthday I decided to do something unique and surprise him with a Femme Fatale squad when he came home, following a fun contest – cracking sunflower seeds. You see, he is a big fan of eating seeds and I always told him that one day I’ll get him to compete against some real Europeans to see how his skills compare to theirs. It is a cultural thing in Europe, one of the favourite ways to pass time or to engage in something during a casual conversation – they crack sunflower seeds seeds or pumpkin seeds, or even pistachios.

It wasn’t easy to find contestants. Some are too afraid of COVID and wouldn’t join, some are not afraid at all and didn’t bother getting vaccinated and thus not eligible to receive an invitation for something at our house, and most frequently people already had their own plans with family and so on. However, the ones who did come were thrilled – they finally get to dress up in their cool black dresses, wear red nail polish, and have a night out.

We set out trays with flags of the countries where every contestant was from and counted out 45 seeds per person. Whoever would finish first, would get first place, and consequently others would get the remaining two prized positions. My boyfriend won the contest! Two Siberian girls came close, 2nd and 3rd, and went home happy with big gift baskets full of various nuts, seeds, and dates, and candy, with a proud stuffed squirrel presiding on top of the mountain.

They know me pretty well and of course they put an effort to dress up in fancy tights and spent some time talking about what they chose to wear. People enjoy having a theme,  let me tell you! For a woman it is upsetting to walk in all fashionable and find others in jeans and sweaters, looking at her and wondering what the big deal is. But yes, it is a big deal, it is my boyfriend’s birthday and I want it to be celebrated in the coolest way possible!


sunflower seed eating contest prize - nuts and toy squirrel

fancy pantyhose legs, Femme Fatale dress code

Trays for sunflower seed eating contest with international flags

Women in fancy pantyhose at the Femme Fatale party

In case you are wondering what they are wearing, even though it is hard to see, on the photo above let’s start from the left:

  • Gatta pantyhose, black, with a side pattern
  • Fogal pantyhose, nude, with a black backseam and Cuban heel (me!)
  • Fancy fishnets, unknown brand from Russia
  • Fiore pantyhose, black, with a bird print pattern
  • Fishnets, black, fine small mesh, unknown brand

In case you are wondering about my boyfriend, he changed into his “competition outfit” and wore sportswear with leggings and shorts. It didn’t match my intended James Bond theme, but he felt like this clothing made him feel the most confident for competing. Indeed, he was right, he won! The evening finished with a nice dinner, something that I’ve spent that whole day preparing (typical European!), and some grilled BBQ veal chops.

Wolford tights are back in stock!

wolford-neon-40-tightsI managed to get my hands on a few limited edition pairs. Several of them I am keeping for myself (how can I resist especially that “hunter” dark olive shade of Satin Touch 20) and several I am uploading here for sale.

I’ve been wearing Wolford for many years now and I can say that if it is 20 denier and above, it is worth the money when it comes to durability. Somehow with the ultra sheer ones my experience wasn’t as positive, they feel great, but they don’t last too long.

I got to introduce several of my female friends to Wolford and they really like it. Even my tomboy friend likes to wear them under her pants in winter and she likes the feeling. Keep an eye on my Twitter, I post lots of photos there.

Eurovision 2021 and Shiny Pantyhose

Yesterday the world got the final results for 2021 Eurovision contest, something very popular in Europe and parts of the Middle East. I follow this every year with great interest and this year I am a bit surprised with the outcome. Italy is the winner, they were represented by a rock band with some gender-bender outfits, men with long hair wearing high heels… entertaining, but I can’t really say the music was that great. France got the second place and their their performer, Barbara Pravi, was wearing a corset designed by Dior. It was indeed very sensual and the music itself was quite nice, so I’d gladly choose her over a typical rock band. Germany got the criticism I’ve never heard of before – “too optimistic”.

Eurovision is always full of cool outfits and here is a sparkly outfit worn by an Albanian performer. Her legs look so nice in those shiny pantyhose! She didn’t win, but sure made an impression. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it too and her music was complemented on being a blend of Eastern traditional and modern pop.

eurovision albania

Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri performs her entry ‘Karma’, Eurovision 2021

Angel tights by Fiore

These are “Angel” tights by Fiore, available in white and black. I just re-loaded some stock here, have a look. You can buy this style here.

angel tights by Fiore

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. My main activity is on Twitter and there are a lot of posts there. I had hopes to expand the selection, but then COVID hit, and I am really unsure now whether I’d like to stock up on anything because fashion entrepreneurs are struggling.

If you scroll below, you’ll see photos from an art gallery. Well, very sad, but that place called Super Wonder Gallery closed down. I have so many good memories from there!

In terms of my own plans, I’m considering upgrading my education. Also, in my spare time I’ve been quite involved in the community here and I also did a lot of outreach work since August, helping the homeless. I learned so much.

Eveline by Fiore Toeless Summer Tights

DEveline by Fiore footless pantyhoseear friends, with the hot weather here, I know many of you prefer toeless styles to wear with open-toe shoes.

I had a pair before for myself in natural shade and I know of many people who ask for it because they find it more durable since their toenails don’t get in the way. My Asian neighbour once came over looking for the toeless knee highs, but I didn’t have her shade available.

There is a website even claiming that regular pantyhose restrict movement, but toeless give you more freedom. Yet some don’t like the look and go for completely footless or just regular.

I am offering you this same style for $9.99 now and please let me know if you need more, I may have more stock set aside. Buy it here – Eveline by Fiore.

Do you have any opinions on toeless? Have you ever tried it?


Corona Virus, This Site, and Me

Staying home because of the corona virus has given me plenty of time to think about what I want to do and how I still want to be part of this community and I still want to find ways to interact with you. There are not much sales unfortunately, they are down like never before and I think that any other retailer is in the same situation, of course unless they are selling masks and gloves and food.

So far what’s been really active is my Twitter, just because it has the audience of grown ups who make a conscious choice of what they are subscribing to and there is no censorship like on other social media platforms. Check it out, @FantasyStocking on Twitter, I already have 25,000 subscribers!

There are a lot of FAQs. Many people turn to me with their relationship questions about not being understood by their partner when it comes to their hosiery fetish and I’ve been thinking to actually start offering skype coaching for every individual case. I think this is going to be of some real use to certain couples because there is little information out there and a lot of ignorance.

Whatever time I have that is free I try to use in an efficient way. Lately we’ve been inviting other women over for parties and enjoying wearing pantyhose together with them and my boyfriend. Such event takes a lot of preparation because we also want to have lots of good quality food for the guests. You’ll see updates like that on social media as well and I am glad to connect with you and share how I do it so you can host a party of your own too if you wish.


gallery photo pantyhose

A photo from an art gallery, before the pandemic started – oh, I miss those outings!