60% Off Fun Colours and Stripes for Halloween

October 20, 2016 under Seasonal

Here is the most colourful pair of tights on the whole site – Keisha by Fiore. It comes in yellow, orange, and turquoise. Which shade would you wear?




Keisha by Fiore – Only $4.99 now!

A sad story behind a woman who doesn’t like pantyhose

October 16, 2016 under Weird

Today I was taking to my neighbour about pantyhose. She told me that she really doesn’t like it before, but she didn’t really explain, just said that it constricts her in the hips.

This time she actually opened up to me and told me that when she was a young girl, her step mother would punish her in a very bizarre way. She would make her wear dresses and pantyhose to school as a form of punishment.

Can you imagine, with such a negative association it is no wonder that this woman doesn’t want to dress up. She said that if her work would allow, she’d wear jeans every day.

I have a big box of seamless on the way!

September 28, 2016 under Brands

I am so excited, I just got an e-mail from Poland that they shipped me a whole box of Golden Lady, OMSA, and Gatta seamless tights. 20 kg of it. Of course, it won’t be here very soon, as I paid for economy transport, but you should see them in November I bet!

Currently I have just a little bit of Gatta seamless left and some more of OMSA Superlativa in 20 den and 40 den. Golden Lady seamless hosiery is going to a completely new addition to the store.

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Personality and Patterns

September 21, 2016 under News

I was reading a little bit of psychology articles on what your possessions say about you. Here are some fun stuff about patterns. Which one would you pick?

Tights with Bold Stripes

PROMISE_20 den_pattered_tights_Fiore Promise by Fiore tights

Big, bold stripes could mean you’re confident and not afraid of what people think. Could that be you?

Tights with Polka Dots

DOTTY 60 den tights with polka dots by Fiore with suspender strap pattern

Polka dots communicate your fun side. This is perfect to show off your playfulness!

Animal Print Tights

ANTERA 20 den belt stockings by Fiore with leopard print top

Animal prints say you’re creative. I wonder if the reverse of this works, if wearing animal print would actually spur your creativity. Do you want to find out?

Geometric Print Tights

MARGOT 20 den geometric print tights with turquoise pattern

Geometric prints usually mean you have a need for order and might be type A. I can probably relate to this personality type the most myself.

In general, I think that depending on your mood, any one of these styles could work, more or less. Every day has its new flavour and energy.

Do you like to experiment with different hosiery shades?

September 12, 2016 under Style

When I just started selling pantyhose at local women events, I had women come up to me and ask “What colours do you have?” while browsing. Surprisingly, I rarely sold shades other than black and natural. I always wondered, why ask if you would still choose black?

There was one lady who worked for the Board of Trade, she was East Indian, with a darker skin tone. This was the only person who wanted to have something darker, like Cappuccino and Taupe shade, to match her skin tone.

I have some styles in my shop that come in a variety of shades. Have a look if you’d like in case you are one of those who likes to explore different options. One of my favourite writers, Tim Ferris, said that he purposely stopped wearing black at some point and actually experienced some enjoyment as a result.



I am trying on different colour shoes in a store. Wearing Fortsisima by Gatta pantyhose in light grey shade.


If you are looking for some exotic shades like Cypria, Cappuccino, and so on, have a look at these tights. They have a very wide pallette of colours. XL is also available!

LILI 20 den fiore tightsLili by Fiore

SAVA 15 den

Sava by Fiore

Both of these cool styles are now 50% Off!

If you are looking for fashion colours like violet and orange, have a look at Paula 40 den tights and at Ester stay up stockings. I brought in a lot of shades!

Trying on Seamless Pantyhose from “No Brand” – Sample from a Factory

September 6, 2016 under Brands

I had a factory send me two pairs of seamless 40 den tights to try out and today I took some photos wearing one of them. I just tried it on, didn’t really wear it, since I have some plans on re-selling them to someone who doesn’t mind the fact that I modeled them prior.

I am not going to disclose the factory yet, but this is part of my plan to launch my own seamless tights sat some point. These specific samples turned out to be quite similar to Gatta’s Discrete 15 den tights, but thicker obviously.

There are no seamless in the panty portion and there is a ribbed texture in the middle that makes that area a little thicker. They fit like hipster tights and have a lightly reinforced toe.

Seamless pantyhose No Brand on me 3

Seamless pantyhose No Brand on me 2 (2)

Seamless pantyhose No Brand on me 1 (2)

Anyway, if someone wants these, tell me. I have 2 pairs on hand, one with a plain band as shown and one with a lace band. Leave a comment or contact me directly. I will disclose the source of these to whoever buys them.

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Unexpected Problem on eBay

September 6, 2016 under News

I am still shaken up and confused. Today I got an e-mail from eBay telling me that my selling has been restricted due to trade mark violation. I am so shocked, everything I sell is real and legally obtained. I hold 100% positive feedback.

fantasy stockings on ebay banner 100 positive feedback

I called them and provided a whole bunch of financial documents to prove that I do in fact get this product from a reputable source. Custom clearance, paypal records, invoices, you name it, I have it.

Turns out that what got their attention are words in the titles such as “mock” and “Imitation”. I explained to the woman on the phone that these words refer to the pattern, like let’s say “mock stocking tights” or “hold up imitation” design. It has nothing to do with the authenticity of the brand.

Both parties agreed that I did nothing wrong and that it is simply a misunderstanding. However, they told me that this is an educational experience for me and I am still punished for a week. I’m kind of struggling to wrap my mind around it, as less sales for me means less money in eBay’s pocket too.

I guess I am going to spend a week “educating myself” as eBay put it, without being able to list any new items until Sept 13th.

In case you want to see my eBay, here it is. You can still buy stuff, it’s just that I can’t list anything new for a week, that’s all. http://www.ebay.ca/usr/fantasystockings


Fiore Chantal Stockings with a Garter Belt

September 5, 2016 under Fiore

I went to a restaurant on top of the Calgary Tower with my cousin. She wore my Wolford stay up stockings and I wore Chantal by Fiore. Here are a few photos we managed to do when there were not too many people around.

Chantal stockings by Fiore

The food was good, so was the view. This photo is taken from the glass floor. The weather started to get colder and I realize this was one of my last few chances to wear a garter belt.

Visiting a spa in Banff and wearing pantyhose

August 22, 2016 under Travel

You probably already saw my posts on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who didn’t, here are some photos of me wearing seamless OMSA Superlativa 20 pantyhose in caramello shade at a spa in Banff, inside of the Banff Springs Fairmont hotel. It was wonderful!

superlativa 20 den seamless pantyhose on me at a spa 5

superlativa 20 den seamless pantyhose on me at a spa 4

superlativa 20 den seamless pantyhose on me at a spa 3

My cousin surprises me with some photos

August 21, 2016 under Fiore

One morning I woke up, but my teen cousin was still sleeping. I asked her to be up by 10 a.m. every morning, so I asked her why she didn’t wake up on time.

Turns out that she was fooling around at night with the camera, taking photos of her legs on the washroom floor. She wanted to surprise me!

Out of all the things she photographed that night, Vadima by Fiore were her favourite. She said that she wants to wear them in winter. Here are some photos of those.

Vadima by Fiore on the legs 1

If you like these, here they are in my shop – Vadima tights, 60 den, in ecri shade.