Wearing Delmina Tights

December 11, 2014 under Fiore, Seasonal

pantyhose pantyhose with bows and backseam in brown

As I am adjusting to my life in Calgary (yes, it’s very tough for me), I decided to participate in a social event and go to decorate the Christmas tree in the lobby with other tenants from my building. I thought that these Delmina tights by Fiore would look best! These bows at the back make my legs look like one big present.

Fogal Hosiery Boutique in Toronto is Closing Down

December 11, 2014 under Fogal

fogal boutique in toronto is closing down out of business

Sad news! I just got an e-mail from Fogal in Toronto saying that they are closing down and having a great sale. Vancouver boutique already closed in the summer, and now Toronto location follows.

When Vancouver boutique closed down, I remembered bad service experience and the fact that Wolford is around the corner, and thought that it’s no wonder. But Toronto boutique actually had really good customer service!

One last boutique left in North American is in New York City. I have no news yet if it’s shutting down or not, maybe some New Yorker can tell me.

Someone told me that this is their strategy now to close down the retail stores and start to sell Fogal brand in other big upscale department stores. Fogal’s stay in Canada was quite brief (2012-2014), perhaps other legwear brands presented a lot of competition since not many people know even what Fogal is.

My Facebook profile is getting shut down

November 30, 2014 under News

I just received a bunch of messages like “are you mad at me?” and “did you block me?”. No, I don’t block anybody unless it really gets bad and usually people know what’s coming.

Facebook decided that my profile account is actually a business, so they are asking me to convert it to a fan page. I haven’t done it yet, I am not sure if there is a way to get out of it, but doesn’t look like it.

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eBay Clearance on Rare Brands

November 18, 2014 under News

Go to http://www.ebay.ca/usr/fantasystockings to see all styles!

Brands: EGEO, Gatta, Mona, Sesto Senso, some Fiore

egeo breeze pantyhose

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Mean criticism or blunt truth?

November 17, 2014 under News

“So they ask me why I treat Victoria like this. But how else can I treat her? She doesn’t wear pantyhose, doesn’t put on nail polish, doesn’t wear lipstick. She only puts on some powder in the morning and goes straight to work.”

appearance, women, lookThis is a translated fragment from a Russian talk show doing a brand comparison on pantyhose. The host of the show, Sergei Stillavin, seemed to be joking around and criticized another member, Victoria, for not being like the rest of the women.

I haven’t uploaded this part of the show yet, only managed to get part 1 up on the blog. This show chooses a product or service to review and compare, anything from renovation materials to candy brands.

Maybe because the host was so blunt while on air this show no longer exists as there were some complaints. Maybe it’s because there are already many resources online that people prefer to read instead of listening to radio shows, like Groupon, Trip Advisor, Deals4Home.co.uk, and lots of themed forums.

After I read it, I thought it was a mean thing to say out loud, but right away thought that I am not too far away from how he describes Victoria. Yes, I was wearing pantyhose, but I had no nail polish and no lipstick. Only some powder, just like her.

I got a sense of discomfort deep inside, I don’t even know why. So after I took a nice bubble bath I put on some pink nail polish on my toes. Am I now closer to being like the rest of the women according to Sergei’s comment?

For past few weeks I’ve been quite stressed out. I jump out of bed and think of all the work I need to do. Sometimes I forget about nail polish. Sometimes I even forget that I have nails to begin with. It never gets to a point that I’ll show up in jeans and runners somewhere in the city, but for styling like hair and make up I may not have any time. While reading  Sergei’s comments I got a bit of wake up call.

In a strange way I agree that small touches like polished shoes, neat hair, make up, and properly sized and pressed clothing can make a big difference.  I can totally see some feminists say that it doesn’t count, but we do get judged and therefore treated based on our appearance.

Moving to a Colder Climate

November 12, 2014 under News
Nessa pantyhose

A rare glimpse of snow in Vancouver from last year.

Many of you know that I am currently in Vancouver, Canada – a city practically without winter. But at the end of this month I`ll be relocating to Calgary. This is a cold city not too far from the Rocky Mountains.

I don`t even have winter clothes! When I moved out of Toronto, I thought I was done with snow forever. But life has its surprises and here I am, going to a city known for its low temperatures in winter.

On my trip there when I went to scout the location I was wearing fleece lined leggings one day and warm wool pantyhose (actually it was a present from a nice fan named Marty) the other day. With some tall boots it was alright and I didn`t feel cold.

Looks like I`ll get to wear my pantyhose under pants for half the year. No more sheer pretty ones in winter as it seems. In Vancouver the weather is quite mind, so maybe only 2 months of the year I actually pull out my thicker 60 den and 40 den tights.

Being always an apartment dweller and now actually considering to move into a house, I begin to wonder what additional problems such harsh climate will bring. Shall I change the roof more often? Is it more likely to develop cracks in the walls? I think I am looking at a lot of new expenses. I`d like to find some local sites similar to Deals4Homes in UK that offer discount pricing for home owners.

A friend of mine lives in Edmonton, about 3 hours away from Calgary. Once I came to visit her when it was cold and I was surprised that people actually have a plug running from their car to the garage so that their battery doesn`t freeze. I never saw anything of this sort before.

On a brighter note, people are much friendlier in Calgary and there is lots of sun. I`ll most likely enjoy it after all.

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New Mantyhose Blog and an Avid Male Wearer

November 7, 2014 under Boys

Hello, Mantyhose fans! I wanted for a long time already to introduce this special mantyhose person to you. He lives in USA and takes pride in wearing fun hosiery with shorts. Most mantyhose wearers keep it basic, but this man loves to show it off.

His blog – http://thehosieryspot.blogspot.ca/

I especially enjoyed to read his section about favourite brands, as he explains why he likes them.

man wearing fancy pantyhose

Bright Tights for Plus Size – Fashion Statement?

October 12, 2014 under Seasonal

plus size lady in orange pantyhose 2 plus size lady in orange pantyhose

I saw these photos on a fashion blog that suggested this look for plus size fall fashion. Any thoughts? I don’t know if I like the outfit as much as I actually like the model. She looks so confident and happy!

Ivan Dorn wearing Mantyhose and Shorts on X-Factor Ukraine

October 11, 2014 under Boys

Ivan Dorn x-factor ukraine in shorts and mantyhose pantyhose tights

My friend, Julia, passed this on. She was watching Ukrainian X-factor show and spotted that one of the judges, a singer Ivan Dorn, came out in shorts and tights. What a fashion statement!

Important message from Outlaw

October 5, 2014 under News

Dear readers, so many of you still follow the topic of the legacy that Sweet n Pantyhose left behind. She died of cancer over two years ago – full story here. Her husband, Outlaw, just recently left this comment on that post to update all her fans. I figured to share it with all of you since you may no longer refer to that older post.


“Hello everyone,

Update since my soul mate has passed, this is her hubby, Outlaw! All five of our children are doing great and beginning their path through life. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since her passing to the other side. 24 hours before she passed we witnessed her chatting with Jesus and looking up into heaven…her pain left and the beauty in her face shined, she had us all laughing. We each had a chance to pray with her, her a personal message from her to each of us and tell her how much we loved her, then she drifted off until passing 24 hours later.
She had contacted so many through the spirit, I could share stories all day. I have started dating, but my heart literally hurts 24 hours a day. She is always touching my heart, I am always missing her, but one day I will get my opportunity to pass from this life to be with her for eternity. She has shared two places in heaven that she loves visiting, cannot wait until I get to once explore again with her!!!!
I have started a new company on makeup and beauty, will be launching it soon. That way I can leave something for the children and give to the woman’s abuse shelter!
Looking at hosting a pantyhose party for couples in Vegas 2015, hopefully I will have a regular date by then, lol.
Sweet Dreams,

Outlaw “


Important highlights in general:

Outlaw’s new make up brushes company – http://www.boutiquaire.com/ 

Las Vegas pantyhose party for couples happening again in 2015

There is a book out on Sweet n Pantyhose – Sharri by Rhonda Evans on Blurb.com