Wearing Caladia tights by Fiore

April 5, 2016 under News
Caladia tights by Fiore

Caladia tights by Fiore

A few days ago I decided to dress up a little, even though I am staying at home and doing mostly house chores. I put on a pair of shorts and a pair of Caladia tights in black. Simple, comfortable, and that lurex shine adds some glamour to my look.

It’s hard to tell sometimes what these tights would be like without trying them. I say that not because the description is not accurate, but because we all may feel different about how something looks on us rather than on a picture. I think that the beauty of geometric pattern rather than floral is that it is much easier to dress down or dress up.

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No More North American Hosiery Association

March 18, 2016 under News

This association has been around for over 100 years, but recently it fell apart as there were not enough members, bad economy, and changes in the hosiery industry. Pretty much it sounds like there are not too many hosiery-specific businesses out there.

This was quite a surprise for me. At some point I actually wanted to join this organization, but their membership was $1000 or so. I even considered to partner up with someone to split the cost.

To replace this association there is now the Legwear Committee at the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA). They have a technology center that looks into industry claims like moisture management, flammability, and medical claims on circulation.

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A gift for International Women’s Day

March 12, 2016 under News

Just recently there was a big holiday for me – 8th of March. You probably don’t even know what it is, so I’ll tell you, it’s the International Women’s Day. Some countries celebrate, some don’t. But I celebrate it to the fullest, embracing equality and femininity. This year I got a few presents even, from my parents, grandfather, my guy (yes, those roses are still looking awesome), and even one of my fans.

Isn’t it lovely to get a box full of presents from a fan, someone you only know through the love of pantyhose? So I opened this box of surprises on 8th of March and took a few pictures of me even modeling several items. Naturally, there a huge stash of pantyhose for me to try on, not to mention lots of jewellery and two dresses.

surprise box pantyhose 3red dress and pantyhose photo 1 VS pantyhose 2 surprise box pantyhose 1

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Burberry tights on the runway – sloppy styling or crooked on purpose?

February 28, 2016 under News

Burberry’s creative director, Christopher Bailey, thinks that plain pantyhose are boring and bare legs in winter – just stupid. In this fashion show his models wear rhombus (or snake) print tights.

But is this on purpose that patterns are all crooked? Or, even better, one leg crooked and one leg straight? At first I thought he was trying to go for the candy cane effect, but I now think that someone was just simply in a big rush getting dressed. I’d love to hear your opinions.

burberry tights mess up print alignment fashion show 2 burberry tights mess up print alignment fashion show 3 burberry tights mess up print alignment fashion show

Pantyhose on a Runway

February 27, 2016 under Runway
Giamba on the runway in fishnet tights

Style by Giamba

These are some hot designers from this winter. They found a way to add more charm to their outfits with proper hosiery. Agree?

sheer black pantyhose on the podium, fashion show

Style by Rodarte

thom browne pantyhose on runway

Style by Thom Browne

polka dot sheer tights on the catwalk

Style by Diane von Furstenberg

Scratch and snag test on pantyhose

February 27, 2016 under Brands

I was reading an article about several brands of thick pantyhose going through the scratch test. Yes, there was a cat scratching on top of the woman. Here’s an example of a cat on top of Wolford tights, 70 den. All candidates were opaque styles, suitable for winter.

scratch test, snag test, thick opaque tights 70 den WolfordOMSA and Falke, both from totally different price categories, suffered the same. Runs and lots of fur stuck to them.

Uniqlo, Calzedonia, and Wolford did better. But still there were some snags, even though no holes. Cat hair clung just as well as on the previous ones.

The best sample from this run turned out to be from surprisingly a Chinese-made brand, JNBY. There were no holes and no snags, and minimum cat hair.

Pantyhose and a Surprise Manifestation

February 17, 2016 under News, Weird

A few days ago I went to a book store with my grandfather to browse. I had a few minutes, so I grabbed the first book I saw from the business section and I stopped at one of the random pages that I was looking over. To my surprise, they had a story there about pantyhose! What are the chances of this?

The story was about the founder of Walmart (Mr. Walton) going to Alabama to check out their competition. He went with another person. While the other guy felt that one of the competitor stores was a complete disaster, Walton was full of excitement. He spotted a pantyhose rack and looked at the back of it to find the contact info for the manufacturer.

The moral of the story was that where one sees nothing, other people see lots of opportunities.

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Pantyhose saves me from a wardrobe malfunction

February 11, 2016 under What to Avoid

gabriella bella backseam cuban heelI wanted to share a story about how wearing pantyhose under pants actually saved me from an uncomfortable situation.

Last week I went to a spa in Banff, a city in the Rocky Mountains. I wore a pair of my beige backseam pantyhose underneath for warmth. At some point I was even wondering if I should or not, but I did it anyway and put a pair of thick warm socks over it.

When I got to the spa, I realized that my zipper got jammed and I had a few men and women take turns trying to open it without success. At that point when I managed to pull out my foot, I could only put it back inside without a sock.

If I wouldn’t have pantyhose underneath, I’d have to go home with bare feet in these boots and the thought of that makes me cringe. Wearing pantyhose that day saved me from having to run out without a sock in winter.

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Svetlana Volnova, Ukrainian fashion star, falls victim to a scam

January 17, 2016 under Famous, What to Avoid

Svetlana Volnova in black pantyhose geting out of a carDespite her bimbo looks, Svetlana Volnova actually has a programming degree. Somehow this didn’t help her to exercise some logic when she fell victim to a scammer while she was herself trying to avoid paying customs fees for importing her car.

She bought a car in United States to save some money. But when she brought it to Ukraine, turned out that the duties on that car were as much as what she paid for it.

The car was 30,000 USD when she bought it US and the same car would cost 84,000 USD.

So to avoid those customs fees, she got someone who promised her to arrange so she won’t pay. Of course, that was a scammer who simply just took her money – $9,000 USD.

Customs followed up by taking away her car and presenting her with a fine of $8,000. Eventually she managed to get it all settled, but it was a lesson for her.

Svetlana Volnova in stockings


Trying on OMSA SuperLativa 40 den Tights

January 17, 2016 under Photoshoots

This is a pair of OMSA 40 den tights. I am selling a few of these on eBay and bidding got quite fierce. I suggest to keep an eye on my eBay channel:


omsa superlativa 40 den seamless tights on my legs - black seam free hosiery

omsa superlativa 40 den seamless tights on my legs - black seam free hosiery with high heels

I would also like to thank Marty for buying me this dress. It is really cool for photoshoots! What a wonderful gift.