My Challenges with Nutrition

July 28, 2015 under What to Avoid

How many of you actually wonder if your diet is balanced? Recently I was surprised to find out that Health Canada covers consultations with nutritionists. I got a phone call from a nice lady who answered my questions and sent me some information in the mail.

So I tracked my intake for a few days and to my surprise I realized that I am eating enough of everything, except for grains. I only manage to eat about half the grain products (bread, rice, etc.) of what I actually require.

This makes me wonder why this is important. I used to think that eating less bread was a good thing, but now I am not so sure. If anybody can explain to me why we need grain products to begin with, I’d be happy to know.

A glimpse of white sheer pantyhose at Calgary Stampede

July 15, 2015 under News
white pantyhose at the stampede

Yes, it’s blurry, sorry about that!

Finally, July is here and I got to experience the best thing in Calgary – the Stampede! I finally felt like this city has a spirit when I saw so many people in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I have a pair of boots like that myself, but I’d never think to wear them in July because of the heat.

No pantyhose there though. None at all. However, I managed to see one beautiful girl at the indoor exhibit dressed in a nice outfit and off white pantyhose. She allowed me to take a photo. Sadly, the photo came out blurry, so that’s why I shrunk it so much.

I had a really good time there. The most exciting part was the agriculture pavilion. I got to see a lot of purebred horses and some different breeds of cattle.

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My Facebook got shut down again

July 7, 2015 under News

Hi Friends, I thought to update you, again I am having issues with Facebook.

At some point it asked me to confirm who I am at least 5 consecutive times on the same day. Then they sent me a security code to enter, but my cell changed since I moved, and thus I can’t retrieve that text message.

Looks like I may have to start all over again with Facebook.

New Update: I just tried to log in and it says that my account is deleted. So sad, I have to start again!

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Massage with Pantyhose On

June 16, 2015 under News

Do you really need to take off your pantyhose when getting a full body massage?

feet in beverly pantyhoseI booked a massage session and I somehow thought it was just for the back, but it turned out to be a full body massage session.

I asked if I can keep my pantyhose on (didn’t have a way to guarantee that I’ll put that backseam straight again when I get dressed to go out) and my masseuse said “yes”.

Turned out, she massaged my legs too through pantyhose! I wonder if this would be harder on her behalf, but it felt really nice for me. I had a very relaxing experience.

In case you are wondering, these pantyhose were Beverly by Fiore, faux stockings imitation.

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OMSA makes seamless pantyhose!

April 23, 2015 under Brands

omsa 20 den seamless superlativa pantyhoseI ordered just a few pairs of OMSA SuperLativa 20 and I only now realized that in fact these are seamless!

I opened a package and gasped with excitement when I saw that there is no seam on the stomach and on the bum.

Now I am hoping to get my hands on more, because the only ones I had I uploaded to eBay and they sold immediately. Now I am checking my supplier and they are out of this style.


Review of Victoria Secret Pantyhose with Pearls and Rhinestone Backseam

March 31, 2015 under Brands

Victoria secret rhinestone and pearl pantyhoseThese were sent to me by a fan from Vancouver Island. I never tried Victoria Secret pantyhose before that! This specific style I wore a couple of times already and they are quite durable.

Here’s a photo taken at the airport. I wore these on my flight from Las Vegas. Let’s just say I looked glamorous, but after sitting for a long time on these pearls, I felt that they were cutting into my skin. So these are better to wear when not much sitting is involved.

These are not too sheer, they feel more like 30 den. There is a cotton gusset, shadow toe, and they are sheer to waist. The fit is good and there is no sagging or falling. There are rhinestones and pearls arranged in the shape of a backseam.

Now Calgary is getting a little warmer, so I can actually wear styles like this outside with nice heels.

One of my Youtube channels, FantasyStockings2, got deleted

March 29, 2015 under News

Many of you know of me through Youtube and it would be sad news for you to learn that my biggest channel, FantasyStockings2, was terminated by Youtube today.

I really don’t know why, they didn’t give much explanation, but I did have people flagging the most basic and innocent videos. One of such videos that got flagged was a me (fully clothed in a dress) opening a box with presents.

I am trying to appeal the decision. If anybody is skilled with this, please let me know. I appreciate any help. I am not fresh on the number of subscribers, but I remember at least 16,000 people were subscribed to that channel.

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Ankle socks – nerdy or trendy?

March 27, 2015 under What to Avoid

short socks and heels, nylonOn my trip to Las Vegas I decided one day to wear cropped pants and matching nylon socks. In general, short socks like that seemed to be popular at least a year ago, especially among Asians. I also saw TopShop mannequins dressed like that, showing off their nylon socks.

However, I’ve seen also people on Facebook look down at women who wear their pants above the socks and let the sock show like this. I assume that traditionally to see the top of the sock would only be appropriate for children.

So let’s say that these socks served their purpose and saved my feet from blisters, but do you think they looked good? I would be curious to hear your opinion.

In case you are wondering about the brand, these were by Fiore from a few years back and they are no longer produced.

Vacation Notice – Going to Vegas!

March 22, 2015 under News

My dear friends, I am going to be away until Friday in Las Vegas. I just love going there to see all different shows. My city is still very cold, so I am looking forward to summer weather in the middle of the desert. If everything goes as planned, I’ll go to Mead Lake to swim.

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The sad side of pet stores

March 18, 2015 under What to Avoid

I understand that this is not a stockings topic, but I really felt that I need to share my recent experience with you. I love animals and from time to time I go to a pet store just to look and admire them.

Yesterday I went to Pet Smart and stopped by the guinea pig cage to watch how they play. Right away I noticed that one of them had some kind of crusty build up around the eyes and as I continued watching, the animal even took a few wipes at its nose with the paw just like we do when we have a cold.

I walked up to the staff and told them that there is a sick guinea pig in the cage. They even sent a person in charge of the guinea pigs to me to hear my concern. She said that the animals all came in together in one batch (hence this is why to my big surprise they haven’t separated them from the sick one) and there is a veterinarian coming tomorrow.

But as we continued talking, I realized that she is pointing at a different guinea pig. The one that she was saying is sick had some redness around the eye. She totally missed the other animal that had crusty eyes and a runny nose.

These guinea pigs were still for sale and mixed in with healthy looking others. They told me that they will treat them only if they show symptoms. Thus, think about it, you can buy a good looking animal that already was exposed to an infection and only discover this a few days later. Once you take it home, I doubt you’ll be able to prove much.

Please take this into consideration when getting a pet. I only saw this kind of stuff on television and now after I’ve been faced with it first hand, I feel very upset.

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