Cat Print Tights, Calgary Taboo Show

November 26, 2015 under Weird

I saw this girl at the Taboo Show and she even agreed to pose for me a little. She was one of the workers there, greeting the public. Cat tights always make me smile!

pantyhose with pattern

funny pantyhose

funny pantyhose

Coria tights by Fiore at the Calgary Taboo Show – Temporary Sale

November 25, 2015 under Fiore

This is my friend showing off her shapely legs in these 40 den semi-opaque Coria tights. I have some in stock and decided to put them on sale for $5.99 for this week only. This is a good beginner style for those who feel that they always rip sheer tights, but don’t want to wear opaques.

Buy it here.

legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary

My friend’s legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary.

My legs in Beverly tights by Fiore

November 12, 2015 under Photoshoots

beverly tights by Fiore with high heels

I took this photo on my own, just set up a camera on a timer and posed on the bed in a black bra, tights, and heels. I used to have this style for sale in my shop, but I doubt I have any left now in stock.

You may be surprised, now I keep certain shoes for photos and I don’t wear them outside. The pair you see here is one of them. Somehow I feel that they are just too good to be worn around Calgary. These leather soles are flawless and I don’t want to destroy them.

Used Pantyhose to Protect Young Trees from Mice

November 10, 2015 under News

I saw an article that within former USSR there is an old method to protect the bark of young (baby) trees from mice. People wouldn’t throw out old pantyhose and would keep them them on the balcony until they find an application.

It was a sure method, Soviet mice didn’t dare to sink their teeth into nylon. But lately gardeners complain that this method no longer works. They say on their forums: – “Either it’s the mice that mutated, or these pantyhose are no longer the same!”


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How many garter straps can you spot?

November 9, 2015 under Photoshoots

iryna in stockings legs garter straps iryna in stockings

This is my friend, Iryna. She is a model from Vancouver. I got these photos from one of her photoshoots that she did. As you see, there are a lot of garter straps on her stockings. Actually, these are stay ups with the sock part sort of hanging from the welt, but she attached a garter belt on top of it to make it look even more sophisticated. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

Wearing Abby tights in Chocolate

November 7, 2015 under News

Abby was a limited edition style by Fiore, 60 den, with a side ripple pattern and reinforced toe.

So you probably seen this post before when I was running a sale on Abby tights, but I figured that you’ll still enjoy to look at the photos even after the sale is over!

abby tights on my legs in chocolateABBY 60 den microfiber tights Fiore hosiery sale

abby tights on my legs in chocolate waistline close up


Wearing Keisha Orange Tights

October 23, 2015 under News

Today I got to visit Prince Edward Island! I stopped to buy myself a pair of new shoes and I also wore my orange striped pantyhose called Keisha since Halloween is almost here.

Keisha orange tights

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My legs in Ardea pantyhose by Fiore

October 10, 2015 under Brands

I went out to a burger joint in my neighborhood and wore these polka dot Ardea pantyhose. I think this is the first time I wear polka dot pattern like this. This style was produced by Fiore for a while, but it was limited edition and I have none left in stock anymore.

ardea tights on my legs

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Wearing Ravenna textured tights by Fiore

October 7, 2015 under News

checkered pantyhose, 40 denI took this selfie photo still in spring, but didn’t get to upload it anywhere up to now. The weather got cold again here, so I am back to wearing 40 den.

A good friend of mine bought these tights from me for some other girl and she ended up getting the size wrong. That girl ended up being very skinny, but extremely tall, so medium didn’t fit.

As soon as I heard of it, I gave them a full refund and took these pantyhose for myself. Now I get to enjoy these textured tights in my own pantyhose drawer.

In case you like it, I’ve got some new pairs in stock in black and in mocca. It’s actually on sale now since this was a limited edition a few years back.

Link – Ravenna tights by Fiore, $6.99 sale

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Stockings and garter belt before the cold begins – Vintage Aristoc

September 21, 2015 under Vintage

Yesterday I saw some red leaves on my neighbour’s tree and realized that for the whole summer I only wore pantyhose and no stockings. So I decided not to wait and make this day special. For no specific reason, I felt that it’s time to open that pair that I carried on so many trips in my suitcase and never managed somehow to find the right evening to actually put on.

I put on a new garter belt, some D&G perfume, and opened a pair that I had already intended to try for a few years – vintage Aristoc stockings sent to me by a fan. The shade was Brandy Snap. Just reading the name of the shade made me feel as if I was part of the Hemingway’s novel.

For my whole night out, these stockings were extremely durable and still look flawless. They have no seam on the leg, but there is a seam running from toe to ankle. However, they are not at all stretchy since they are made of 100% nylon and it was a little tricky for me in the restaurant to sit down and get up without worrying that my garter belt may go undone. Luckily for me, this garter belt turned out to be actually good quality and held on strong for the whole evening.

vintage English hosiery

vintage English hosiery

Aristoc vintage sheer stockings with Shareen micromesh seamfree

Aristoc vintage sheer stockings with reinforced heel and toe

I would like to thank a gentleman named James for sending me this pair of stockings as a gift. He is probably completely not expecting me to blog about it since it’s been a while, but he’s welcome to contact me for more photos.

In case you are wondering, Aristoc is a well-established brand from England and these stockings are made in England. They are advertised as sheer, stretchy, seamfree, and made of micromesh. They also had an insert in the package with washing instructions saying the following: “Remove rings and wash stockings by hand, squeezing gently in warm ┬álather, then rinse thoroughly. Dry by hanging from toes, avoiding all artificial heat. Stockings should be washed by themselves, and when wet must not be in contact with other garments as cross-staining may result.”