Pantyhose saves me from a wardrobe malfunction

February 11, 2016 under What to Avoid

gabriella bella backseam cuban heelI wanted to share a story about how wearing pantyhose under pants actually saved me from an uncomfortable situation.

Last week I went to a spa in Banff, a city in the Rocky Mountains. I wore a pair of my beige backseam pantyhose underneath for warmth. At some point I was even wondering if I should or not, but I did it anyway and put a pair of thick warm socks over it.

When I got to the spa, I realized that my zipper got jammed and I had a few men and women take turns trying to open it without success. At that point when I managed to pull out my foot, I could only put it back inside without a sock.

If I wouldn’t have pantyhose underneath, I’d have to go home with bare feet in these boots and the thought of that makes me cringe. Wearing pantyhose that day saved me from having to run out without a sock in winter.

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Svetlana Volnova, Ukrainian fashion star, falls victim to a scam

January 17, 2016 under Famous, What to Avoid

Svetlana Volnova in black pantyhose geting out of a carDespite her bimbo looks, Svetlana Volnova actually has a programming degree. Somehow this didn’t help her to exercise some logic when she fell victim to a scammer while she was herself trying to avoid paying customs fees for importing her car.

She bought a car in United States to save some money. But when she brought it to Ukraine, turned out that the duties on that car were as much as what she paid for it.

The car was 30,000 USD when she bought it US and the same car would cost 84,000 USD.

So to avoid those customs fees, she got someone who promised her to arrange so she won’t pay. Of course, that was a scammer who simply just took her money – $9,000 USD.

Customs followed up by taking away her car and presenting her with a fine of $8,000. Eventually she managed to get it all settled, but it was a lesson for her.

Svetlana Volnova in stockings


Trying on OMSA SuperLativa 40 den Tights

January 17, 2016 under Photoshoots

This is a pair of OMSA 40 den tights. I am selling a few of these on eBay and bidding got quite fierce. I suggest to keep an eye on my eBay channel:

omsa superlativa 40 den seamless tights on my legs - black seam free hosiery

omsa superlativa 40 den seamless tights on my legs - black seam free hosiery with high heels

I would also like to thank Marty for buying me this dress. It is really cool for photoshoots! What a wonderful gift.

Vintage Wonderbra Off White Tights

January 17, 2016 under Vintage

hosieryI found that sometimes second hand stores will have a few vintage hosiery items here and there. Every time I am in the area, I check to see if I can come across anything interesting. I assume that probably some older ladies kept these, but then had some massive clean out or a big move and ended up donating their tights to a charity second hand shop like Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Here’s an example of what I found – Wonderbra off white tights. It makes me nostalgic to look at these packages, kind of reminds me of my childhood when my mom was just teaching me how to wear pantyhose with skirts.

Also, kind of shocking, but these were made in Canada. Now hardly anything is worth manufacturing here.

It is hard to tell how old exactly this item is, but I think probably around 30 years because it is 100% nylon.

I listed it on eBay – vintage Wonderbra tights. Some people like to wear all nylon hosiery, and some buy it for their collection of vintage clothing / packaging.

Miley Cyrus models OMSA / Golden Lady pantyhose

December 12, 2015 under Brands

This happens to be the seamless model SuperLativa by OMSA that Miley is wearing! Finally this girl is doing something classy. I guess I shall mention here that OMSA and Golden Lady are the same brand.

Miley Cyrus for Golden Lady seamless pantyhose

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Cat Print Tights, Calgary Taboo Show

November 26, 2015 under Weird

I saw this girl at the Taboo Show and she even agreed to pose for me a little. She was one of the workers there, greeting the public. Cat tights always make me smile!

pantyhose with pattern

funny pantyhose

funny pantyhose

Coria tights by Fiore at the Calgary Taboo Show – Temporary Sale

November 25, 2015 under Fiore

This is my friend showing off her shapely legs in these 40 den semi-opaque Coria tights. I have some in stock and decided to put them on sale for $5.99 for this week only. This is a good beginner style for those who feel that they always rip sheer tights, but don’t want to wear opaques.

Buy it here.

legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary

My friend’s legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary.

My legs in Beverly tights by Fiore

November 12, 2015 under Photoshoots

beverly tights by Fiore with high heels

I took this photo on my own, just set up a camera on a timer and posed on the bed in a black bra, tights, and heels. I used to have this style for sale in my shop, but I doubt I have any left now in stock.

You may be surprised, now I keep certain shoes for photos and I don’t wear them outside. The pair you see here is one of them. Somehow I feel that they are just too good to be worn around Calgary. These leather soles are flawless and I don’t want to destroy them.

Used Pantyhose to Protect Young Trees from Mice

November 10, 2015 under News

I saw an article that within former USSR there is an old method to protect the bark of young (baby) trees from mice. People wouldn’t throw out old pantyhose and would keep them them on the balcony until they find an application.

It was a sure method, Soviet mice didn’t dare to sink their teeth into nylon. But lately gardeners complain that this method no longer works. They say on their forums: – “Either it’s the mice that mutated, or these pantyhose are no longer the same!”


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How many garter straps can you spot?

November 9, 2015 under Photoshoots

iryna in stockings legs garter straps iryna in stockings

This is my friend, Iryna. She is a model from Vancouver. I got these photos from one of her photoshoots that she did. As you see, there are a lot of garter straps on her stockings. Actually, these are stay ups with the sock part sort of hanging from the welt, but she attached a garter belt on top of it to make it look even more sophisticated. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!