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My Pantyhose Problems

pantyhose on the airplane

A defect in stripes – uneven knitting?

Pantyhose is knitted by special machines, but of course every machine has its bad days.  I suppose that sometimes

I get those “lucky” pairs too that have some loops are off in the weave like what’s shown in the images featured here.  Also, sometimes I am lucky to see these defects in hosiery worn on other people, like on the image to the left.

I would like some day to come up with a defect catalog for what can go wrong during manufacturing.  This is what I know so far already:


 My List of Manufacturing Defects


Skipped Row

1) Inconsistent spacing in knitting, thus looking like vertical lines on hosiery

2) Partially skipped horizontal rows with threads appearing

3) Weak spots in the yarn that cause immediate runs, without even a snag present

inconsistent weave, rows of loops that look like verical lines

inconsistent weave, rows of loops that look like verical lines

4) Different leg length such as one sewn as Medium and another one as Large (never encountered, only heard of it)

5) Legs and feet are sideways

6) Cuts, runs, wholes that occur during manufacturing

7) Poorly joined seams resulting in holes along the seams, ex. from the gusset

8) Pattern printed on the wrong spot (only heard of it)

cheap pantyhose low quality dyes

Discoloration – uneven dyeing.

9) Wrong size labeling, for example a Medium pair gets accidentally packaged into a box for size Large

10) Inconsistent colouration of the fabric with visible lines or patches

11) Stitching mistakes, like fabric from the leg is tangled up in the seam of the control top




defect in semi-boarded pantyhose – seam is not aligned at the tip of the toe, but rather over or under the toe

Also, are some colours more durable than others?  Someone told me that black yarn is the least durable.  It could be because of the chemical dyes that are used to give it that colour.

The owner of Nika factory in Ukraine said that when he was just starting with this sensitive process, whatever small mistakes in the production factors would result in loads of discarded pantyhose.

I also notice form the factory videos that the seamstresses don’t wear any gloves.  They handle the product with bare hands.  So could that result in snags before the item even gets to you?

Anything else?  Please let me know!

May you have a defect-free pantyhose day!


These 8 den pantyhose ripped as I was putting them on in multiple places without me even touching those spots. As you see, it’s due to some weak spots in the yarn that snapped immediately, causing runs.

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