Julia models Asita pantyhose

April 21, 2014 under Photoshoots

Asita pantyhose by Fiore 2 - blue shoes, mini skirt, patterned tights fashion style Asita pantyhose by Fiore 3 - blue shoes, mini skirt, patterned tights fashion style Asita pantyhose by Fiore - blue shoes, mini skirt, patterned tights fashion style

Julia sent these photos to show off how she wears Asita pantyhose by Fiore with a mini dress and sexy shoes. She makes such a good pantyhose model! I am so curious to see what kind of other photos she will do.

Edmonton is a much sexier place now thanks to her!

Julia models Hanna pantyhose by Fiore

April 15, 2014 under Fiore

Finally it’s spring and women can start wearing sheer pantyhose and shorter dresses. Julia sent these photos of her wearing Hanna pantyhose.

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 1 small

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 2 small Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 3 small

This design looks amazing on her slim legs. I am sure as she was walking in that dress, men were secretly turning around for a second look.

Let us know what you think and let’s encourage her to do more fun photos like this. In case you like the pantyhose, you can buy it here – Hanna by Fiore.

Happy 8th of March! Faustina Pantyhose

March 8, 2014 under Fiore

Julia did a wonderful photoshoot of Faustina pantyhose by Fiore for 8th of March – International Women’s Day!

This style will be available here – Faustina. Buy it to support this blog.

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 4 bicolour

Faustina pantyhose Fiore 1 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 2 bicolour Faustina pantyhose Fiore 3 bicolour

Do you like this style? Buy it here.

Valentine’s Day Cake and Fancy Tights from Julia

February 14, 2014 under News

Valentine's Cake I Love You home madeJulia, a Ukrainian lady who helps out with this blog, is getting ready for her Valentine’s Day way in advance.

She sent us a photo of the cake she made to surprise her husband. Can you imagine, this is a home made cake and it looks better than what can find in stores? I am sure that both of them will have a delicious time on Valentine’s.

Even though I am still waiting back from her to tell me what she s planning to wear on Valentine’s, I bet you that her outfit will include either some fancy tights or stockings.

She recently sent me a picture of her legs in the snow wearing Rosalia tights by Fiore and tall sexy boots.  Despite the harsh weather she just can’t stop wearing fashionable outfits.

Rosalia tights Julia legsOn behalf of this blog and its readers, I would like to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to Julia and her sweetheart. If you would like to congratulate her personally, you can follow her on Twitter – @LingerieSpirit . She has an interest in fashion lingerie and posts photos of fashion models daily.

Tights with Paint Splatters

September 27, 2013 under News

These are designer tights that I saw in Edmonton in a local store.  I actually saw that concept before from Gatta.  Turns out this is a local designer who does this.

Would you wear something like that?

designer tights with paint spatters packaging

designer tights with paint spatters

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