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wolford red stockings eyla 8 den bed play 3I think it would be fair to introduce myself to you and explain how I begun to wear hosiery and why I decided to start a blog on it.   Let’s start from the very beginning.

My Ancestors and Hosiery

For those who brought me into this world, hosiery was just as common as socks for both genders.  My grandfather recalls attaching stockings to garter belt straps when he was a young boy.

When my mom was still a school girl, my grandfather returned from his trip to Halifax with an expensive gift for her – a pair of white nylon pantyhose. That was a very hard to get item at the time and she still remembers it.

Some school girls in my mom’s class from richer families would show up to school in nylon pantyhose and got so much attention that teachers had no choice but to ban them from wearing sheer hosiery and opt for more common knitted woolen ones instead.

My father has a photo of himself as a child wearing cotton pantyhose and shorts over it – very common outfit for kids those days.  I also recently learned that my dad would take my mom’s ripped pantyhose to work, burn it, and use the molten nylon as glue.  He says that it’s very strong!

Besides taking her old pantyhose, he didn’t forget to supply her with new ones and brought lots from his trips abroad. One time, however, he decided to surprise her with purchasing a bra and that didn’t work so well since he just grabbed one at random and it ended up being of a comically giant size.

My mother, still to this very day, has pantyhose all over her closet and beyond – there is always too much of it and almost never under control.

Looking back at my roots, I can see why I am the way I am.

Early Childhood and Hosiery

It all started with cotton pantyhose for me as soon as I was born.  Of course, it wasn’t really up to me what I was wearing at that age, but let me tell you, I didn’t like it all that much.  Cotton would sag and cringe at the feet.  But that wasn’t optional – my whole kindergarten class wore such cotton pantyhose, including boys!

I must say that I started wearing sheer synthetic pantyhose since a very young age, probably 9 or so.  Even in the summer, my mom would tell me to wear pantyhose with a skirt.  I am not sure why, I never asked her.  For me it was simply a basic item like any other underwear.

However, I must admit that being a curious little girl, I snatched something from my parents’ bookshelf.  I remember reading there “…if you are trying to be attractive and you open the door wearing black pantyhose when your husband returns from work…“.  Even though I don’t even remember the context, but this stayed with me forever.

Black Pantyhose = Sexy.

Adolescence and Hosiery

I went through a lot of nylons as a young girl!   Even though I wasn’t clumsy, I managed to rip my pantyhose in some way or another in school.  In a way I’m glad that I went through all those pairs and learned how to wear them properly.   It’s better to make all those pantyhose mistakes when in school rather then as a grown up woman.  I remember having a lot of black and beige, but I also remember having some navy blue pantyhose, maybe 20 den or so.

Teenage Years and Hosiery

One hot summer when I was 14 or 15, I went to a wedding, wearing black shoes, black full length dress, but no hosiery.  A woman noticed it and told me that it is completely unacceptable to wear an evening dress without any stockings.  She explained to me that this was part of good manners and etiquette.  I am glad that I learned this sooner than later.

When I was 18, I had a real obsession with knee high or full length skirts.  I was wearing pantyhose to school mostly every single day.  My classmates, both male and female, would tell me that they really like how classy I look all the time.   Then I’d suggest to those young women in school  to also try wearing skirts, but they sometimes would tell me that they absolutely dislike wearing such stuff.  Again, it was surprising for me because I’d get so bored wearing only pants.  Pantyhose opened the option to me to wear skirts even in colder weather, therefore adding variety to my look regardless of season.  It was more about skirts for me rather then about the pantyhose.

University and Almost No Hosiery

University changed things a lot.  I successfully passed every course, even though my program is considered one of the toughest out there in North America.  I was young at the time and naive.   Even though I’ve been warned that such degrees come at a price – they remove all of one’s originality, but as you see I didn’t listen.

With that “floor life”, as they call it, when students sit on the floor in the hallway while waiting for lectures, I begun wearing mostly pants.  Jeans, actually.  No running shoes… at least my shoes were always feminine, but hosiery was the first one to slip.   I was upset that my heels would get damaged from road construction or salt in winter, but I still would insist on wearing proper women’s shoes.

Luckily I got my degree and my originality came back to me eventually too.  So did the hosiery!

Hosiery Comeback

At some point I discovered patterned pantyhose!  Plain black dress with fancy pantyhose would catch a lot of attention.  Since then, every time I’d go to a department store, I’d check out the hosiery section looking for something stylish.  It was hard to find, however.

I found that I’d stock up on my trips to Europe and wear those pantyhose for the whole year in Canada.  Now I see more and more stylish pantyhose on the market.  I think that this is the only way to convince modern women to start wearing it again.  If they get compliments on their nylons, they’ll feel like it’s worth wearing to get the attention.

I must admit, I don’t always wear patterned pantyhose.  If there is even a slightest pattern in my clothing, I’ll go with plain pantyhose  in order not to create a mismatch.  Perhaps I am old fashioned.

My friends got used to the idea that pantyhose is a regular part of my wardrobe, so now they seem to have special standards for me.  For sure they’ll make a comment if they see me without pantyhose in the summer.  Some women even look at my pantyhose before they notice anything else that I am wearing.  Men too, sometimes.

My Blog and Hopes of Hosiery Revival

Just like dentistry 20 years ago was different, so was pantyhose.  Products evolve.   I would like to present pantyhose to modern women in a different light.  Progressive manufacturers produce very comfortable products that no longer sag, fall off the hips, and bunch up at the ankle.

I would like to bring femininity back to modern women.  It will never go out of style for a woman to be feminine and men will respect her for that.  My goal with this blog is to inspire women to behave and dress beautifully.

Besides My Blog…

My life is not all about pantyhose as it may seem.  I just don’t like to deviate too much off topic, so hence you may get this impression from my blog that pantyhose is my only interest.

As always and I hope forever, I am hard to describe.  I have a lot of interests, some in topics that may completely not be found interesting by majority.  I have my own sense of humour that sometimes people relate to and sometimes they don’t, but I guess that’s just part of my originality that survived my formal education.

In terms of work, I am self-employed and I hope to continue being for the rest of my life.  One important thing that I came to realize is that one’s freedom is more important than money, status, or anything else of that sort.


Shop Section

With time I realized that people keep on asking where to get certain hosiery styles.  Perhaps it was the only logical move here to add a store section with imported European brands that I myself wear on regular basis so you can enjoy them too.


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