Our first item from Trasparenze – Seamless Claudia tights!

smooth waistband on Trasparenze Claudia tightssheer toe on Trasparenze Claudia tights

This style is on sale for $18. Reduced from $25. There are only 3 pairs left in nude shade. Sizes M and L.

There are some new arrivals in my store! I am glad to announce that I purchased some Trasparenze Claudia Seamless Tights for resale on my site. This brand has a very good reputation, but somehow in Canada it is hard to get.

Thanks to two of my contacts who helped me out to get my hands on this stuff, now there is a new option here for you to enjoy besides what was previously uploaded from OMSA and Gatta. You can add that neat style to your wardrobe for ultra light or sleek dresses to avoid panty lines.

In case you want to know some features, here they are:

  • Completely seamless panty area
  • Sheer to waist
  • Smooth waistline with seamless finish on the top
  • Matte look, velvety to touch
  • Sheer toe
  • Composition: 73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane
  • Made in Italy

People generally say that the quality is good and the fit is comfortable. Also, it is a good value for the money when compared to more expensive seamless brands. Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

Trasparenze-Claudia-Seamless-Tights 15 den pantyhose


Seamless pantyhose – Wolford

Seams have always left their imprints on me after wearing my pantyhose and I never even wondered if it can be any different.  However, I keep on hearing about SEAMLESS pantyhose.  What does it mean?

I was talking to another person today about seamless pantyhose and it looks like there are several brands out there with such styles.  I was wondering if anybody here would know which brands currently have this model.  Please let me know, I’d like to try them some day!

I’d assume that one of the benefits would be that there will be no marks from the seams left on my skin after wearing them.  Such marks take up to 40 minutes to fade.  For this reason models are required to come to photoshoots in loose clothing without any underwear to avoid marks.


OK, adding some information at a later date, 3 months after.  I tried seamless pantyhose that a friend gave me to try – excellent feeling, very nice idea.  Too bad that they all tend to be so expensive!

Wolford seamless pantyhose in white shade

Wolford Fatal 15 in White


Update, 8 months later – my fan David from Canada sent me some seamless Wolford!  That was amazing.  Wow, thanks! Now I have it in different colours.


Update… a a few years later.  David from Canada got me Fogal.  Seamless Fogal pantyhose called Una is very nice.  Low rise.  Beautiful!  It was even featured in my newsletter.

Una low rise seamless tights, Fogal

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Fogal una seamless pantyhose in black