by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy talks about the Keys to Success


This is Karina from WamInStyle. She always makes sure she looks her best before she leaves home.

“This is really important. You should look good on the outside. It’s not a complicated thing, but human beings are extremely visual, and many people are hired for a job or they get the sale,or they get the opportunity just ’cause they look good. Just ’cause they’ve taken the time to turn themselves out well.


Now in the last few years, there has been a slide toward dressing like a bum, looking like a bum. Looking unkempt, looking like you fell off a watermelon truck and got run over by a car.


And so people think it’s cool, it’s cool to look crummy. No, it’s cool to look crummy, as long as you have no hopes for the future. Because, because people who are successful, look successful.


I’ve spoken to from half a million to five million people now in every audience worldwide. When people come up and talk to me, I know who’s successful. I say, “I bet you’re doing really well.”

He said, “Yeah, how do you know?”

“You look like it.”

Successful people look like it. They look like they’re doing well, because they’ve taken the time. Women are much better at this than men. Men have this idea that it’s okay to dress like a bum, and nobody will mind. Well, no, it’s not. Because here’s why.


The way we dress is the way of telling people who we are. This is who I am, this is the package, okay? The package. So if you dress like a bum, what you’re saying is “This is who I am. I’m a bum. If you wanted to entrust me with your money, then you deserve everything that you’re gonna get and it’s not gonna be much.”


So therefore, because you are in complete control of your dressing and grooming, how you dress and groom is a statement to the world about the person you are inside. And there’s a rule the says that if it doesn’t help, it hurts. Everything counts.


So just the matter of look at the most successful people in your business or industry and look at how they turn themselves out. And then just do the same thing. Pattern yourself after the most successful people. Especially if you’re talking to clients and customers. Really important.


By the way, interesting thing, let’s just say you’re working on the Internet and you’re doing all your business on the Internet and you say, “Well, nobody can see me.”


Okay. Did you know that if you get up in the morning and you dress properly, I’m not saying that you wear a tuxedo, or a formal dress, but you get up in the morning and you groom and you dress properly exactly as if you are going to an important business appointment. People can hear it in your voice when you talk to them on the phone. It actually comes through in your communication.


Because there is something, sort of, electrical about the fact that you look good.


BBC is very famous about its BBC broadcasters. They speak perfectly correct high level English. BBC broadcasters are required to dress in evening tuxedos, in order to read the mail, read the news, on the radio. And yes, they’ve done this for decades and people listening to BBC, one of the most respected news broadcasting organization, can feel that the person reading the news on the radio, is dressed well.”


By Brian Tracy: (from a Youtube talk)




3 thoughts on “by Brian Tracy

  1. I love Brian Tracy….have seen him talk live a few times….love his common sense approach to his topics….i credit him for helping me become a successful salesman 🙂 Thanks for sharing this article.

    • wow, lucky lucky guy!
      I wish I could see Brian Tracy in person.

      Did you know that he is from Vancouver? That’s where I live now!
      I find him inspirational, down to earth, and he has a pleasant personality.

      There are too many speakers out there with that “look at how cool I am” approach and that turns me off right away. Brian doesn’t do that, he is not full of himself if you know what I mean.

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