Hello, I am Jessica and this is my blog.  Fantasy Stockings is a blog in progress dedicated to the love of hosiery: pantyhose, stockings, and knee socks.

This is a revival site for feminine trends, hosiery in particular.  Other items that are also of interest are high heels, corsets, lace lingerie, feminine fancy hats, gloves, and other lady accessories.  My favourite jewellery is pearls.

I would be very interested if you have ideas for this blog or some interesting content to share with me that I can post here.

Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I am a pantyhose lover from Montreal. I found your blog by pure coincidence when I saw your nice videos on Youtube. I was very excited to discover a blog from a Canadian girl. The 80’s era miss me a lot, because it is so rare that we see women that wear pantyhose in Quebec. I really appreciate when you wear no panties under your pantyhose for pics or videos. There is no nudity but just subtle tease but it is even more exciting hummm. I will follow you every day from now on and if you ever come to Montreal, it would be great.

    Your Montreal fan #1,

  2. Hi Jessica
    I love your web site it has came a long way from when I 1st found it you are so pretty and sexy and i love that you have something for everyone that loves to wear pantyhose keep up the good work ((((((((((((((Jessica)))))))))))))

    • Thank you, I try to update it and add more features. It is a learning process. When I just started, I didn’t know anything about blogging.

    • I have 2 bodystockings now. One is by Fiore (black lace) and another one is by Leg Avenue (beige). The problem is that both are without the panty part, you know what I mean… so I don’t know how to model it in a tasteful way. It will be stupid to wear panty and bra under, but I don’t want to go nude either. So I need to get creative.

  3. Dear Sir /Madam

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    • Thank you, Ming,

      I appreciate the information. At the moment if I do go in the direction of sales, I’ll probably go with only European brands.

      However, I’ll leave this info here in case there are other people from the industry would like to collaborate with you.


  4. Hi Jessica.
    I love your blog and passion for hosiery. I won’t keep this long but I
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  5. What about men who wear stockings. I mean proper stockings worn with a suspender / garter belt. Tights / Pantyhose or even Mantyhose items are not always practical. For simple health reasons I wear a skirt and stockings, never tights.
    I am also tall, so need very long stockings, almost impossible to get.
    Transparenze Extra Tall and Levante Wool Blend Extra Tall are expensive but OK. I need a light compression grade but can I get them. I have even tried to import from a US supplier, but one parcel has got lost; they are kindly sending another but even thathas yet to arrive.
    Can anyone help? Try my e-mail @ PLEASE HELP.
    Long plain stockings, Black, Dark Brown, Beige, Nude, 15 to 100 Denier, light support preferred, ie with Lycra.

  6. Hi Jessica how are you I wanted to know where I could send you pantyhose so you could try them out and let me know if you like them could please e mail me there is something i want to ask you as well I look forward to hearing from you stay safe take care.


  7. I would like the promo code please. And the photo of you wearing the faux stockings “pantyhose” is the BOMB!! I assume its the FINN photo shoot??? You look so sexy!! Amazing!! Your boyfriend is the luckiest man on earth!!!

  8. Hello Jessica, I have to admit I have a HUGE pantyhose addiction! Unlike most women I have loved wearing pantyhose since I was a young girl! As lingerie progressed in style & comfort, so did the quality in hosiery!

    I LOVE wearing high quality hoseiry, and WOLFORD has some of the BEST! I am so addicted to the way their “TOTALLY SEAMLESS”—FATAL 15, FEEL! The silky nylon feels so good as it rubs against my clit! I find myself CONSTANTLY grinding my thighs together at work! I love these pantyhose & want the world to see how beautiful women can in totally shear nylon! IVA

  9. Hello Jessica,

    Happy Christmas and New Year in advance.

    KLdsocks Company(Quality Pass Macy Certification),if u interest it,i will share more.Thank you

    Best Regards,

  10. I stumbled onto your youtube channel by accident and you reminded me of a girl i used to know back in university days. You look and sound so much alike, it was like a feeling of deja vu. Brought me back about six year or so in time for a moment! Regardless, i wanted to write something positive because I think you are doing an awesome job with your site and your videos. They are quite elegant and entertaining at the same time. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

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