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Hello, I am Jessica and this is my blog.  Fantasy Stockings is a blog in progress dedicated to the love of hosiery: pantyhose, stockings, and knee socks.

This is a revival site for feminine trends, hosiery in particular.  Other items that are also of interest are high heels, corsets, lace lingerie, feminine fancy hats, gloves, and other lady accessories.  My favourite jewellery is pearls.

I would be very interested if you have ideas for this blog or some interesting content to share with me that I can post here.

Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like.

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View from my window – cargo ships at the bay. Vancouver, BC.


Postcard from a fan – a keepsake!

From time to time I make friends here and one of them actually even sent me a card recently!  I keep it beside my bed with my teddy bear and candles.

As some of you may know about me, I also prefer to send cards to friends because it has a sentimental meaning and it is remembered much better than e-mails.

At some point I hope to get a P.O. Box in United States, so if it happens, I’ll post the address here.  Most of my readers are from there.


*Friends, keep in mind that it’s your purchases at the shop section that keep this blog running.  Please have a look at our hosiery selection in our online shop section.*

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