How to choose good quality pantyhose?

According to an online newspaper from Kyrgyzstan, here are some tips on choosing good quality pantyhose.  I also had some input here from Shapings.com to make this more up to date with more focus on comfort as well.

– They smell nice.  Only large manufacturers use fragrance.

– They have a cotton gusset.  The cotton or silk gusset is added for hygienic reasons as well as comfort for the woman.  It also makes the fit a little bit better.

Flat seams (added by CJ from TightsFashion).  Also, flat seams are all done by hand and this keeps the seam from digging into the skin or showing under tight clothing, according to Shapings.com.

– Three or more sizes (added  by CJ from TightsFashion)

– Fully boarded hose is an extra step that steams the hose into a leg shape for a better contoured fit from toe to waist. (added by Shapings.com)

– Double covered lycra makes the hose fit much better, springs back to shape and wears longer. This is the top quality yarn available. A lycra fibre is wrapped by 2 nylon fibres before the hose is knitted.  (added by Shapings.com)

– Reciprocated heels add more area for the heel to sit into and makes for a better foot comfort and prevents runs as the hose is not as stretch in this area that most often causes runs as the yarn is stretched at it’s fullest. (added by Shapings.com)

– Sewn on waistband is the satin band that gets sewn on after the two legs are stitched together. Usually the waistband is sewn during the hose knitting process but with a sewn on band the legs are sewn together, the waist is measured and then a band is hand sewn into place making for a non-binding band that you don’t feel yet gives the hose it’s staying power during the day. You can find this in Fogal and Gerbe brands.  (added by Shapings.com)

– Tapered toes gives the shape of the toe pocket and allows the toes to be perfectly situated without those dreaded toe wings.  (added by Shapings.com)

Anything else that you can suggest from your experience?

how to choose high quality stockingsHow to choose good quality stay up stockings?

– Double layer of silicon lining

– Sizes!  No one size fits all.

– under construction!  But few points above apply such as toes and good yarn… anyone would like to write this section for me?


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