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Closed toe shoes for business women are to be worn with pantyhose or stockings. This is microscopic, but symbolic, distance between bare skin and shoes.
Alena Gil, etiquette expert

Until late 1990s hosiery was not negotiable for professional attire.  But sadly, even though it wasn’t so long ago, some already forgot those good manners.

Today I saw a young female lawyer with bare legs.  Can you imagine a male lawyer coming to court without socks?  It looks just as trashy as a woman without hosiery.

In fact, I’ve read in etiquette books that for professional meetings hosiery should be opaque, black or charcoal in winter and tan or beige in the summer.  If you are interested in the book, it’s called “Don’t Take the Last Donut”.

I understand that even such etiquette may be challenged by some, like by Michelle Obama, who goes bare-legged and claims that pantyhose cause her pain.  But hey, why take chances with your own career and professional image?

Earlier I had a post here about the bare-legged lawyer I saw recently and Brian’s response helped to shine some light on how bad it really looks.  I really liked what he had to say, so I didn’t want to leave it out as I am re-formatting this blog.

“Totally hideous, trashy, and unprofessional on the part of that female lawyer going bare legged especially in a professional setting such as a law firm or courtroom. If it was a business casual workplace, hose may not be required. However, if it is a formal or professional setting, then wearing hose is a must just like guys wearing ties or as you say socks with their shoes.”


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