My teen cousin poses with me in tights!

August 13, 2016 under Fiore

My cousin came for a visit and started to play dress up with my shoes and pantyhose. She’ll be taking a bunch of hose home with her. In these photos I am wearing orange shoes and she is wearing beige shoes.

These pantyhose styles are Vaila tights (20 den) and Mirona tights (40 den).

me and cousin in mirona and vaila tights from fiore 1

me and cousin in mirona and vaila tights from fiore 2

Tights called “Simple” – Waffle Cone Pattern by Fiore Hosiery

July 8, 2016 under Fiore

I tried these tights by Fiore called Simple, with quite a common criss cross pattern just like on a waffle cone. I love black, but I have way too much black, so I took a shade called Mocca. Do you like it? I think it looks good with other colours like burgundy flats.

This was a photo of me on my way to the gym. Yup, I wear normal clothes and change when I get there. You’ll rarely see me in sportswear on the street.

Simple pantyhose in brown by Fiore hosiery on my legs

I also found a photo online of another blogger wearing the same style, but in black. I’d be curious to hear, what shade would you go for? Black or brown?

model wearing fiore tights simple style

If you like these, I have them in the shop, but for now in black only – Simple by Fiore.

Wearing Ravenna textured tights by Fiore

October 7, 2015 under News

checkered pantyhose, 40 denI took this selfie photo still in spring, but didn’t get to upload it anywhere up to now. The weather got cold again here, so I am back to wearing 40 den.

A good friend of mine bought these tights from me for some other girl and she ended up getting the size wrong. That girl ended up being very skinny, but extremely tall, so medium didn’t fit.

As soon as I heard of it, I gave them a full refund and took these pantyhose for myself. Now I get to enjoy these textured tights in my own pantyhose drawer.

In case you like it, I’ve got some new pairs in stock in black and in mocca. It’s actually on sale now since this was a limited edition a few years back.

Link – Ravenna tights by Fiore, $6.99 sale

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Wearing Lizbeth by Fiore pantyhose

September 13, 2014 under News

Fall is here and now more and more women begin to wear closed toe shoes with pantyhose. I am enjoying the opportunity to change my summer 8 den for more standard 20 den.

lizbeth pantyhose 20 den fiore on my legs nylon clad lizbeth pantyhose 20 den fiore on my legs

If you wear Medium, you may want to check out the sale on Lizbeth pantyhose. Pretty much now it’s only Medium and Small left in stock.

Click to Buy Lizbeth by Fiore – $3.99 Now!

Modeling Iris Tights by Fiore, 60 Den

July 15, 2014 under Fiore

Irish by Fiore tights

I absolutely love these! Reinforced toe and gentle pattern. I love that comfortable feel of microfiber around my legs and hips.

Iris tights by Fiore are now on sale.

Model in Mandisa Pantyhose by Fiore

May 19, 2014 under Fiore

I love how this model put together her outfit – hot shoes, not overly provocative pantyhose, and a bright pink jacket. She is wearing Mandisa style by Fiore, sheer to waist with hearts at the bottom of the leg.

model in mandisa by Fiore heart tights 1 model in mandisa by Fiore heart tights 2 boots

Blogger wearing Dezire tights by Fiore

May 15, 2014 under Fiore

blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 1 blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 2 blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 3

This blogger is looking quite trendy. She is wearing Dezire tights by Fiore – a lovely polka dot style! Somehow this style never seems to go out of fashion. 

If you like it, Dezire is available for sale in the shop section of this blog.

Blogger in Apriel tights by Fiore

May 12, 2014 under Fiore

This blogger is showing off her amazing heels paired with Apriel tights by Fiore brand.

blogger apriel mock stocking tights by Fiore hosiery 4 blogger apriel mock stocking tights by Fiore hosiery 3 blogger apriel mock stocking tights by Fiore hosiery 2 blogger apriel mock stocking tights by Fiore hosiery 1

I have a pair of these Apriel tights too, but somehow on my legs it doesn’t look as sheer as on her legs. I wonder if I am wearing a size that is too big.

Such mock stockings tights are very popular in my city (Vancouver) and perhaps all over the world after a few celebrities wore it on stage and started a trend.

Sexy Angelina Tights by Fiore

May 3, 2014 under News

Today I am wearing these Angelina sheer tights. I wanted to wear them in Cuba, but ran out of days since I brought way too many styles to fit into 1 week.

Angelina sheer pantyhose by Fiore t-top

These are 20 den sheer to waist with a t-top and a cotton gusset. I especially love that flower-like design that looks more like a partial backseam.

Angelina sheer pantyhose by Fiore

These are currently on sale! Get it here – Angelina style. These zebra shoes actually just got uploaded on eBay – bid on it here.

Floral Print Tights – How to Wear

April 28, 2014 under News

Poema pantyhose by FioreWhen it comes to floral print, stylists don’t recommend to combine it with anything else that has print on it.

Another thing is that such print can make the leg appear fuller than what it is.

In this photo Julia is wearing Poema pantyhose in this photo. For skinny girls like her, it works fine.

Any suggestions from the audience? I’d love to hear.