Wearing Spot tights by Fiore in nude shade

June 7, 2018 under News

Spot tights by Fiore on my feet, pantyhose, sheer

Spot tights by Fiore on me, pantyhose legs

SPOT 20 den 2 polka dot tights

I tried these nice micromesh tights today, Spot by Fiore. They seem to be pretty durable because of the weave. I only brought these in nude shade because it looks so much more summery than black.

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Ukrainian Tights – a Gift from Julia

April 28, 2017 under Brands

seamed hosiery

A few years back my friend Julia sent me a package from Ukraine. It contained many cool souvenirs and of course, knowing how much I’m into it, she sent 2 pairs of tights. 

In my opinion, both styles are quite rare. I’ve seen beige back seam tights before with a black seam and with a beige seam, but never a darker shade like this, especially with a reinforced toe. 

grey polka dot pantyhose from Ukraine on my legs - Ukrainian brand hosiery

Polka dots are common, but to find them in grey is not. To my surprise both styles turned out to be quite durable. 

If you are wondering when these photos were taken, I will surprise you – just about 2 days ago! Yes, Calgary still has snow falling from time to time. It is almost March and I still didn’t pack away my winter jackets. 

Here are photos of the packages. Giulia brand and Duve brand.

Duve, Giulia hosiery brands ukrainian pantyhose brands covers 1 Duve Giulia

Personality and Patterns

September 21, 2016 under Style, Weird

I was reading a little bit of psychology articles on what your possessions say about you. Here are some fun stuff about patterns. Which one would you pick?

Tights with Bold Stripes

PROMISE_20 den_pattered_tights_Fiore Promise by Fiore tights

Big, bold stripes could mean you’re confident and not afraid of what people think. Could that be you?

Tights with Polka Dots

DOTTY 60 den tights with polka dots by Fiore with suspender strap pattern

Polka dots communicate your fun side. This is perfect to show off your playfulness!

Animal Print Tights

ANTERA 20 den belt stockings by Fiore with leopard print top

Animal prints say you’re creative. I wonder if the reverse of this works, if wearing animal print would actually spur your creativity. Do you want to find out?

Geometric Print Tights

MARGOT 20 den geometric print tights with turquoise pattern

Geometric prints usually mean you have a need for order and might be type A. I can probably relate to this personality type the most myself.

In general, I think that depending on your mood, any one of these styles could work, more or less. Every day has its new flavour and energy.

My cousin in Vaila tights by Fiore – some more photos

August 14, 2016 under Fiore

Here are some more photos of my teen cousin wearing Vaila tights, 20 den, by Fiore. She is visiting me for the summer and I am trying my best to entertain her. Of course, she got her hands on my make up, clothes, and shoes.

Tights look so good on her legs! She kept on asking me for some polka dot tights and right away she grabbed these when she saw the picture. We were taking these photos in front of our neighbour’s garage. A few of my other neighbours got to see the photoshoot and even gave some suggestions.

Vaila tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling

Vaila tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling 2

Lolita by Fiore – Pink Polka Dot Tights!

June 24, 2016 under Fiore

I love these grey Lolita tights with a pink band around the thighs. I wore it at some point to my dentist office and while nobody was looking took this shot of me waiting while wearing it. If you like it, it’s available at the shop section – Lolita tights.

Lolita by Fiore on my legs, polka dot pantyhose

Lolita by Fiore advertisement

Lolita by Fiore advertisement hot woman in tights

Blogger wearing Dezire tights by Fiore

May 15, 2014 under Fiore

blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 1 blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 2 blogger dezire tights by Fiore with polka dots 3

This blogger is looking quite trendy. She is wearing Dezire tights by Fiore – a lovely polka dot style! Somehow this style never seems to go out of fashion. 

If you like it, Dezire is available for sale in the shop section of this blog.

Polka Dot Pantyhose – Odd or Not?

April 25, 2014 under Photoshoots

I saw another blog featuring this outfit and I really liked the pantyhose.  No matter how bad the photos are, pantyhose always catches my eye.

I would like to open a discussion to whether even the cutest pattern can really be a fashion crime. In my opinion this is one of those cases.

polka dot pantyhose 1 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing polka dot pantyhose 2 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing

Maybe she is just starting to model, but I’d seriously think about the theme of the shoot. This girl was competing with other models for some giveaway, but she didn’t win.  Could it be for the lack of styling?

polka dot pantyhose 3 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing polka dot pantyhose 4 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing

However, I’ll tell you the truth, I was confused about the rest! Summer sandals combined with a sweater? Matrix-style stern sun glasses and vixen leather totally clashes with the innocent playful polka dot, and that garbage bin in the background ruins the composition.

polka dot pantyhose 5 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing polka dot pantyhose 6 - fashion faux pas, fashion crime, poor styling, bad matching of clothing

I applaud her for trying though and for wearing pantyhose, even with those summer shoes that I think would look much better with tan 8 den rather than black and patterned hosiery.

What kind of hosiery would you choose for this outfit in order to make it a winner?

Julia shows off Janessa Pantyhose by Fiore

December 1, 2013 under News

Julia tried on Janessa pantyhose and took some photos of what it looked like.  She helps out a lot with this blog and naturally, like any Eastern European woman, she likes nice clothing and tights.

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore on legs

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore in black on a model

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