Wearing 60 den tights by Gabriella

Gabriella 60 den microfibra black tights on my legs plus size

Here is a shot of me wearing 60 den microfiber tights by Gabriella. These are actually plus size! Currently they are on sale, 50% off. There are a few shades to pick from – chocolate, cappuccino, graphite, and black.

A fan ordered them and allowed me to model them to assess how stretchy they are. The waistline is quite stretchy. I managed to pull it up to my neck. Here is a video below of me showing them off and playing with the waist band.


Ukrainian Tights – a Gift from Julia

seamed hosiery

A few years back my friend Julia sent me a package from Ukraine. It contained many cool souvenirs and of course, knowing how much I’m into it, she sent 2 pairs of tights. 

In my opinion, both styles are quite rare. I’ve seen beige back seam tights before with a black seam and with a beige seam, but never a darker shade like this, especially with a reinforced toe. 

grey polka dot pantyhose from Ukraine on my legs - Ukrainian brand hosiery

Polka dots are common, but to find them in grey is not. To my surprise both styles turned out to be quite durable. 

If you are wondering when these photos were taken, I will surprise you – just about 2 days ago! Yes, Calgary still has snow falling from time to time. It is almost March and I still didn’t pack away my winter jackets. 

Here are photos of the packages. Giulia brand and Duve brand.

Duve, Giulia hosiery brands ukrainian pantyhose brands covers 1 Duve Giulia

My cousin wears Maloria by Fiore tights

This is one of those moments when you don’t recognize what’s on the legs because it looks so different on the package. When my cousin put it on, I wondered where she got it from because it looked like nothing that I remembered giving her.

Don’t you think it looks quite different from the photo on the cover?

These are Maloria 40 den by Fiore. You can find them in the shop section.

MALORIA 40 den tights by Fiore with mock stocking imitation

Maloria tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling 2

Maloria tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling 1

Maloria tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling 3

Maloria tights by Fiore on cousin's legs modeling 4

Wearing Mirona tights by Fiore

Here are some more photos of me from the day when I took some photos outside with my cousin. I am wearing Mirona by Fiore, 40 den tights.

They have a sheer band on the thigh. I didn’t actually expect that, on the cover photo it looks like the sock part is thicker and the top part is sheer, but in reality it turned out to be only a sheer band. I think it looks kind of cool, like a peek-a-boo effect.

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 2

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 3

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 4

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 5

If you like it, have a look here – Mirona by Fiore. This blog is supported by the shop section.

The most photogenic pair of pantyhose!

Do you agree? These pantyhose photograph so well. I think they look much better on the legs than they look on the package cover. These are Altea by Fiore.

altea tights on my legs 2

I put it on, started to play in front of the camera, and didn’t want to stop. Sexy and flirty, this print looks so cool! I just loved it. It is sheer to waist with a t-top, cotton gusset, and invisibly reinforced toe.

Wearing Helia 20 den tights by Fiore

Heila is one of the limited editions by Fiore, no longer produced. I like styles like that with a subtle pattern and a t-top. I wore these tights around the house and then headed for a walk outside, wearing a pair of flats and a jean skirt.

Just for the photos, I put a pair of orange heels to look more like the model on the package of the tights.

I personally think that this kind of pattern at the back would look best with some form of a gothic outfit. I’d totally wear that to a heavy metal concert. How would you wear something like that?

Helia tights by Fiore on my legs Helia tights by Fiore on my legs sheer to waist

HELIA 20 den sheer tights by fiore with a geometrical pattern at the back

Click on the picture to buy it!

Wearing Idalia pantyhose in Black

black idalia pantyhose on the grass

black idalia pantyhose on the grass 2

Yesterday I took advantage of the warm weather and wore these shiny black pantyhose outdoors! These are Idalia by Fiore. They seem to go with just about any outfit.

hosiery with a glossy effect, shiny tightsEven though they are 20 den, I’d say that they feel a little thicker, as if they were 30 den or so. In a way it works to my advantage because I am not as afraid to wear it at home, since very sheer yarn may get damaged easily. As you see from a photo below, I wear it with a house robe (my favourite silky one) over it.

Do you like black shiny pantyhose? According to a woman who works for a hosiery manufacturer, shiny pantyhose were once very much in fashion, but no longer. I had a fashion blogger friend too who would ask only for matte and couldn’t state even a slightest hint of shine. Perhaps it could be that it’s not the best thing for fuller legs.

However, I’d say that I get the most comments when I actually do wear a shiny style rather than matte. I think that the shinier it is, the better!


Trying on Wolford 8 den Eyla stockings

I am wearing Wolford stockings – Eyla 8 den. These are these ones that I got on my trip to Los Angeles. I went to Wolford on Rodeo drive and it was a really nice experience. I’ll write a proper review later here for you.

wolford red stockings eyla 8 den bedwolford red stockings eyla 8 den bed play 3

I am wearing a Marylin Monroe shirt that I got that day, red swimsuit bikini, and zebra print shoes. I wish I’d have another model to have a pillow fight with.

wolford red stockings eyla 8 den bed play 2wolford red stockings eyla 8 den bed play

And later secretly posing in the hallway of the hotel, late at night, so no one saw me. That was  quite a thrill.

wolford red stockings eyla 8 den hallway