Model in Mandisa Pantyhose by Fiore

May 19, 2014 under Fiore

I love how this model put together her outfit – hot shoes, not overly provocative pantyhose, and a bright pink jacket. She is wearing Mandisa style by Fiore, sheer to waist with hearts at the bottom of the leg.

model in mandisa by Fiore heart tights 1 model in mandisa by Fiore heart tights 2 boots

Mandisa tights on a blogger – wow!

April 14, 2014 under Photoshoots

mandisa fiore on a blogger - pantyhose

I saw this photo online and wanted to share it with you. What a sharp outfit! The model’s legs are so slim and long.

I don’t know whether she’s going to work (perhaps only if she’s in the fashion industry), to a restaurant, or even to a birthday party – she looks great in this classy outfit.

Mandisa tights, are limited edition from Fiore brand.