Modeling Lucine floral tights by Fiore

May 26, 2017 under Fiore

Here are my legs in Lucine tights by Fiore, 40 den. I love this bold flower pattern on the side, very feminine and elegant. These are sheer to waist with a t-top. Just like majority of all other European tights, they feel wonderful on the leg. Superb elasticity prevents it from sagging. These tights are currently on sale for $4.99, it was a limited edition and there are just a few pieces left.

Lucine tights by Fiore on my legs

Wearing Coria tights by Fiore

June 28, 2016 under Fiore

coria tights by fiore on my legs

Here is a photo of my legs in Coria tights by Fiore. These semi-opaque tights have a rose pattern down the leg, but it is quite narrow, and thus almost looks like a stripe from a far, making the leg look slimmer. I’d recommend something like this for people who want to visually elongate their legs.


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Coria tights by Fiore at the Calgary Taboo Show – Temporary Sale

November 25, 2015 under Fiore

This is my friend showing off her shapely legs in these 40 den semi-opaque Coria tights. I have some in stock and decided to put them on sale for $5.99 for this week only. This is a good beginner style for those who feel that they always rip sheer tights, but don’t want to wear opaques.

Buy it here.

legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary

My friend’s legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary.

Floral Print Tights – How to Wear

April 28, 2014 under News

Poema pantyhose by FioreWhen it comes to floral print, stylists don’t recommend to combine it with anything else that has print on it.

Another thing is that such print can make the leg appear fuller than what it is.

In this photo Julia is wearing Poema pantyhose in this photo. For skinny girls like her, it works fine.

Any suggestions from the audience? I’d love to hear.