Happy summer shade – turquoise pantyhose!

Here are some photos you probably already managed to catch on my social media channels. I took these wearing XXL pair of turquoise Paula tights by Fiore to demonstrate how stretchy it is. They come in many fun colours.

There are a lot of customers lately looking for plus sizes. Paula is a 40 den microfiber style that comes in XL and XXL. So far it is the best seller on this site. It is literally the #1 item that I have so far sold most of.

Paula 40 den by Fiore laguna shade XXL plus size stretchy waistband hosiery

Paula XXL plus size queen size stretchy pantyhose tights on me in turquoise 3

Paula XXL plus size queen size stretchy pantyhose tights on me in turquoise 6 feet

Modeling Lucine floral tights by Fiore

Here are my legs in Lucine tights by Fiore, 40 den. I love this bold flower pattern on the side, very feminine and elegant. These are sheer to waist with a t-top. Just like majority of all other European tights, they feel wonderful on the leg. Superb elasticity prevents it from sagging. These tights are currently on sale for $4.99, it was a limited edition and there are just a few pieces left.

Lucine tights by Fiore on my legs

Wearing Mirona tights by Fiore

Here are some more photos of me from the day when I took some photos outside with my cousin. I am wearing Mirona by Fiore, 40 den tights.

They have a sheer band on the thigh. I didn’t actually expect that, on the cover photo it looks like the sock part is thicker and the top part is sheer, but in reality it turned out to be only a sheer band. I think it looks kind of cool, like a peek-a-boo effect.

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 2

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 3

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 4

Mirona tights on me glossy Fiore 5

If you like it, have a look here – Mirona by Fiore. This blog is supported by the shop section.

Coria tights by Fiore at the Calgary Taboo Show – Temporary Sale

This is my friend showing off her shapely legs in these 40 den semi-opaque Coria tights. I have some in stock and decided to put them on sale for $5.99 for this week only. This is a good beginner style for those who feel that they always rip sheer tights, but don’t want to wear opaques.

Buy it here.

legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary

My friend’s legs in pantyhose with floral print in Calgary.

Wearing Ravenna textured tights by Fiore

checkered pantyhose, 40 denI took this selfie photo still in spring, but didn’t get to upload it anywhere up to now. The weather got cold again here, so I am back to wearing 40 den.

A good friend of mine bought these tights from me for some other girl and she ended up getting the size wrong. That girl ended up being very skinny, but extremely tall, so medium didn’t fit.

As soon as I heard of it, I gave them a full refund and took these pantyhose for myself. Now I get to enjoy these textured tights in my own pantyhose drawer.

In case you like it, I’ve got some new pairs in stock in black and in mocca. It’s actually on sale now since this was a limited edition a few years back.

Link – Ravenna tights by Fiore, $6.99 sale

Natasha visits Skagit Tulip Festival

tulip festival natalia in cecilia de rafael pantyhoseI gave Natasha a pair of 40 den Cecilia de Rafael tights in mustard colour and asked her if she can match it to some of her clothing.

Natasha sent in these photos to show how she wore it to the tulip festival near Seattle.

Mustard is a very hard colour to work with, but Natasha has a certain skill in combining colours.


tulip festival natalia in cecilia de rafael pantyhose 2


Snow in Vancouver and Nessa Pantyhose

It is so rare to have snow here!

We had some a few days ago and I decided to take some photos posing in it before it melts. I almost lost a shoe in the process.

Nessa pantyhose Fiore brand Nessa pantyhose polar bears

In case you are wondering, I am wearing Nessa pantyhose by Fiore. They have some of white undertone to them to create the pattern, hence the top is not pitch black but more charcoal.

LuvFemToes and Fiore Fabiana Tights

I’ve been chatting with LuvFemToes on twitter – they are a unique sites for people who like feet and post high quality studio photographs.  Here are some photos that they did of Fabiana style by Fiore.

I have some of those in the shop section, but I never actually wore this style myself.  This makes me want to try it out!  I love that ivy pattern on the side.  These are 40 den, microfiber.

luvfemtoes Fabiana style


luvfemtoes Fabiana style close up

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Sparkly Pantyhose for New Year’s Eve

Enjoy!  This is me and my relative posing in sparkly pantyhose for the holiday season.  She came over for a visit a few months ago and I asked her to take some photos with me with the upcoming holidays in mind.

Happy New Year!

legs, models, photoshoot, heels, black, 40 den, hosiery, tights legs, models, photoshoot, heels, black, 40 den, hosiery, tights legs, models, photoshoot, heels, black, 40 den, hosiery, tights

My pantyhose has metallic fibre pattern on it and her pantyhose has diamond look crystals attached to it.  Both are 40 den, seasonal collection by Fiore.  To make us matching, we both wore black suede shoes.  Felt good to celebrate in Lurex!

I just can’t do it on New Year’s without a beautiful pair of pantyhose.

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