Tights called “Simple” – Waffle Cone Pattern by Fiore Hosiery

I tried these tights by Fiore called Simple, with quite a common criss cross pattern just like on a waffle cone. I love black, but I have way too much black, so I took a shade called Mocca. Do you like it? I think it looks good with other colours like burgundy flats.

This was a photo of me on my way to the gym. Yup, I wear normal clothes and change when I get there. You’ll rarely see me in sportswear on the street.

Simple pantyhose in brown by Fiore hosiery on my legs

I also found a photo online of another blogger wearing the same style, but in black. I’d be curious to hear, what shade would you go for? Black or brown?

model wearing fiore tights simple style

If you like these, I have them in the shop, but for now in black only – Simple by Fiore.

5 thoughts on “Tights called “Simple” – Waffle Cone Pattern by Fiore Hosiery

  1. Both are nice but I like the brown. It’s not as severe as the black. The brown goes nicely with your shoes. Nice summer look.

  2. … the leopard print purse sends your outfit over the top. It dangling against your cuffed jeans and tights is a totally classy and irresistibly attractive ensemble. Count me in!

  3. I like both colours. Wich one to choose depends on what other colours you wear. On the pictures of the other blogger she wears black skirt and black shoes. I believe that the mocca clolour would not fit her other clothes. You wear burgundy flats and that make the mocca cloloured tights a perfect combination.
    Could you mention the other bloggers website or just have a link to it, It is always nice to read what people write about different tights.

    • Hi Loretta, I thought that I was looking at that girl’s blog, but then when I clicked around I realized it’s a site called “LookBook” and they have pictures of many different bloggers. So I actually don’t even know who to give the credit to.

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