Ukrainian Tights – a Gift from Julia

April 28, 2017 under Brands

seamed hosiery

A few years back my friend Julia sent me a package from Ukraine. It contained many cool souvenirs and of course, knowing how much I’m into it, she sent 2 pairs of tights. 

In my opinion, both styles are quite rare. I’ve seen beige back seam tights before with a black seam and with a beige seam, but never a darker shade like this, especially with a reinforced toe. 

grey polka dot pantyhose from Ukraine on my legs - Ukrainian brand hosiery

Polka dots are common, but to find them in grey is not. To my surprise both styles turned out to be quite durable. 

If you are wondering when these photos were taken, I will surprise you – just about 2 days ago! Yes, Calgary still has snow falling from time to time. It is almost March and I still didn’t pack away my winter jackets. 

Here are photos of the packages. Giulia brand and Duve brand.

Duve, Giulia hosiery brands ukrainian pantyhose brands covers 1 Duve Giulia

Fashion model in Fiore tights

May 17, 2014 under Fiore

This model is wearing Dezire by Fiore pantyhose with a tiny polka dot pattern all over. In my opinion she looks amazing, but I’d lose that silly hat though. My favourite part of her outfit beside the tights are her super sexy tall boots.

tall boots and dezire pantyhose by fiore hosiery on a model 1 tall boots and dezire pantyhose by fiore hosiery on a model 2 tall boots and dezire pantyhose by fiore hosiery on a model 3 tall boots and dezire pantyhose by fiore hosiery on a model 4


Is white pantyhose still trendy?

April 14, 2014 under Photoshoots

You’ll probably agree with me, but white is the toughest colour to see on people in terms of hosiery. It’s so rare! It could be a fun colour for the summer though if worn properly.

I saw this photoshoot from another blogger and thought to share it with you. She looks so pretty and somehow managed to make her whole outfit work out perfectly.

fun white pantyhose 1

fun white pantyhose 2 fun white pantyhose 3

fun white pantyhose 4

She is Russian and I think she lives around there. But in my city (Vancouver, BC) for example such outfit could perhaps only be seen on Asian girls.

Germany Next Top Hosiery Model Competition

January 22, 2013 under Runway
Germany Next Top Model Challenge

Germany Next Top Model Challenge

I found this fun segment on Youtube.  It looks like these models had a pantyhose fashion assignment!  Which one of them will be the alpha hosiery model?  Which one has the best imagination and legs to go with it?

Are these random shots of models who happen to wear pantyhose or is this really a fashion challenge?  I am trying to find the full version of this video, so if anyone can help to locate this divine hosiery model material, I’ll be so grateful.  There are some references online to this saying that Heidi Klum was one of the judges.

A native German speaker translated for me the two sentences that we hear the models say: “You may get used to these clothes…” and “I was glad that the body covered my butt cheeks”.  He is pretty sure that it was an assignment to present pantyhose.  Seriously, they have bikini contests, why not have hosiery contests?



Perhaps modeling pantyhose is a challenging assignment just because it is not a common garment to be shown off like that.  Garter belts and stockings are so common that you can see them on any poster, but pantyhose, especially without a skirt, is a different topic because it is not as abundantly displayed. The job of a hosiery model is not easy since she needs to present a garment in an attractive way without looking vulgar or too suggestive.


Victoria Bonya Pulls it Off Smoothly, or Not?

December 27, 2012 under Famous

By Inna, our Ukrainian Connection

There is a whole lot of ways to draw public attention to your irresistible self, but the next case can simply render you speechlessly perplexed, especially if you at least a bit care for your appearance, particularly, the look of your legs.

It was one of those entertainment TV shows, Shopaholics, aired on Russian MTV channel, with very simple set of rules. Several contestants are given 5000 RUB each (approximate equivalent for 160 USD) and a restricted span of time (an hour, seemingly) to stir up their creative inner-stylist while rushing around the designated mall and hunting up the garments. Afterwords, finds are put on, exhibited in front of jury’s panel, judged and mocked on by the respective board and the decision upon winner is brought out.

tights, hosiery, fashion, stylistShort clip of the Shopaholics, that we offer for your amusement alongside this post, shows popular Russian TV/radio host and fashion model Victoria Bonya, as she is impertinently getting rid of pantyhose right away on the faux catwalk stage. The broadcast is in Russian, so let’s highlight vital points in conversation.

When the clip commences, Victoria is praised on her choice of dress and hair-do by the first stylist and suddenly he came to halt with flattering to make a remark about her tights. To put it the way he said it might have sounded like ‘they knocked me out’.

While the main stylist, Vitaliy Kozak, haven’t even taken his opportunity to end the phrase, the resourceful participant of Shopaholics interrupted him, expeditiously catching at the chance to remedy the situation, ‘I can take them off! Would you like?..’ Then two of judging stylists seemed to goad her in a jest to doing thus, but Bonya pulled up the hem of her dress and started to wriggle out of reportedly misused pantyhose.

Виктория Боня снимÐ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚киThe jury was stunned, but our bold competitor effortlessly and shamelessly proceeded, ‘Look, I’m a fashion model, and as you know they, models, are used to putting things on and undressing straight away at the show. It’s not that complicated… You know why (I opted to wearing tights under the dress)?.. Because of the shoes! Don’t know why, those spangles led me astray!’

Pantyhose were thrown away, new Victoria’s look sans tights was approved without exception. Moreover, male stylist dilated on the subject of pantyhose having suggested to wear them only in the winter and strictly under the trousers (everyone is entitled to their opinion, so we will skip this statement without response).

In her behind-the-scene commentaries, the girl also elaborates on her prompt decision, ‘I realized if I would not have taken the tights, that would be my blunder. So I eagerly doffed them without any concern of cameras and the like. I terribly apologise if somebody was embarrassed by this move, but I didn’t take off the underwear, it was just tights!’

Виктория Боня, КорнÐµР“С’»Р“ђВёГ‘ВЏ ГђЕ“Гђ°Р“ђВЅГђВіГђВѕ, ГђЕЎГђ°Р“‘€Ð¸Ð½Ð° Кокс ГђВё Гђ®Р“С’»Р“ђВёГ‘ВЏ ГђЕёГђ°Р“‘€ÑˆÑƒÑ‚а

As the bottom line, it’s obvious, that daring blonde appeared much better looking after having replaced matte pantyhose with her tanned bare skin. However, the question yet abides: what were you thinking of meanwhile picking up all that attire, given that you were surely aware the duds should come in line with each other. Maybe, to strut all your stuff at once?

Black dress with a gaudy pompous frills athwart, perked up with nude sparkly pumps, and finally diluted by lustreless, apparently thickish for the-purpose-in-hand legwear. Why don’t simply position one thing into focus and gather the rest pieces in accordance to the staple garment? In the end, you don’t ascribe your faulty look to shoes or hosiery or whatever, if it was you who chose them!


Original In Russian: 


ГђВЈГђ¶ ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С” снимÐµР“ђВј, то снимÐµР“ђВј с ГђВїГђВѕГђВјГђВїГђВѕГђВ№

ГђВќГђµР“ђВёГ‘Ñ‡Ð¸ÑÐ»Р“ђВёГђВјГђВѕ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВёГ‘‡ÐµР“‘Ñ‚во спосоÐ±Р“ђВѕГђВІ привÐ»Р“С’µР“‘‡ÑŒ ГђВІГђВЅГђВёГђВјГђ°Р“ђВЅГђВёГђµ ГђВє сÐµР“С’±Р“С’µ ГђВЅГђµР“ђВѕГ‘‚Ñ€Ð°Р“С’·Р“ђВёГђВјГђВѕГђВјГ‘Ж’, ГђВЅГђВѕ Р“‘ВЃГђ»Р“С’µР“ђВґГ‘ƒÑŽÑ‰Ð¸Ð¹ сÐ»Р“‘ƒÑ‡Ð°Р“С’Р’в„– ГђВґГђµР“ђВ№Г‘Ñ‚витÐµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ ГђВјГђВѕГђ¶Р“С’µР“‘‚ порÐ°Р“С’·Р“ђВёГ‘‚ÑŒ, осоÐ±Р“С’µР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕ ГђµР“‘ВЃГђ»Р“С’Р’С‘ вы хоть ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С”-то Р“ђВїГђµР“‘€ÐµР“С’¶Р“ђВёГђВІГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚е Гђ·Р“С’° свой ГђВІГђВёГђВґ, ГђВІ чÐ°Р“‘Ñ‚ности Гђ·Р“С’° то, ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С” выгÐ»Р“‘Ð´ÑÑ‚ ГђВІГђ°Р“‘Л†ГђВё ГђВЅГђВѕГђ¶Р“ђВєГђВё.

СрÐµР“ђВґГђВё других Ñ€Ð°Р“С’·Р“ђВІГђ»Р“С’µР“ђВєГђ°Р“‘‚ÐµР“С’»Р“‘ŒÐ½Ñ‹Ñ… Г‘Л†ГђВѕГ‘Ж’ ГђВЅГђ° ГђВєГђ°Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“С’»Р“С’µ MTV, ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С”-то прошÐ»Р“С’° ГђВґГђ°Р“ђВЅГђВЅГђ°Р“‘ВЏ Р“ђВїГђµР“‘€ÐµР“ђВґГђ°Р“‘‡Ð° со ГђВІГђВїГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВЅГђµ простым ГђВЅГђ°Р“С’±Р“ђВѕГ‘€Ð¾Ð¼ прÐ°Р“ђВІГђВёГђ» – «Р“ђВЁГђВѕГђВїГђВѕГђВіГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВёГђВєГђВё». ГђВќГђµР“‘ВЃГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“‘Е’ГђВєГђВёГђВј Р“‘ВЃГђВѕГђВїГђµР“‘€Ð½Ð¸ÐºÐ°Р“ђВј вручÐ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ся ГђВїГђВѕ 5000 руб, ГђВґГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ся огрÐ°Р“ђВЅГђВёГ‘‡ÐµР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђµ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВёГ‘‡ÐµР“‘Ñ‚во врÐµР“ђВјГђµР“ђВЅГђВё (чÐ°Р“‘ВЃ, Р“ђВєГђ°Р“С’¶Р“С’µР“‘‚ся), чтоÐ±Р“‘‹ подхÐ»Р“С’µР“‘Ñ‚нуть сидящÐµР“ђВіГђВѕ ГђВІ них «Р“‘ВЃГђ°Р“ђВј-сÐµР“С’±Р“С’µ-стиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚а» ГђВІ ГђВїГђВѕГђ±Р“С’µР“ђВіГђ°Р“‘… Р“ђВїГђВѕ ГђВѕГђ±Р“ђВѕГђ·Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“‘‡ÐµР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђВјГ‘Ж’ Ñ€Ð°Р“ђВЅГђµР“С’µ супÐµР“‘€Ð¼Ð°Р“‘€ÐºÐµР“‘‚у ГђВІ поискÐ°Р“‘… ГђВѕГђВґГђµР“С’¶Р“ђВґГ‘‹. ПосÐ»Р“С’µ этого, ГђВЅГђ°Р“‘…одки Р“ђВѕГђВґГђµР“ђВІГђ°Р“‘ŽÑ‚ся, ГђВґГђµР“ђВјГђВѕГђВЅГ‘Ñ‚рируются ГђВїГђµР“‘€ÐµР“С’Р’Т‘ ГђВїГђ°Р“ђВЅГђµР“С’»Р“‘Е’Г‘ЕЅ Гђ¶Р“‘ŽÑ€Ð¸, судятся ГђВё ГђВѕГђ±Р“‘ˆÑƒÑ‡Ð¸Ð²Ð°Р“‘ŽÑ‚ся Р“‘ВЃГђВѕГђ±Р“‘€Ð°Р“ђВЅГђВёГђµР“ђВј, ГђВё выносится Ñ€ÐµР“‘Л†ГђµР“ђВЅГђВёГђµ ГђВїГђВѕ ГђВїГђВѕГђ±Р“С’µР“ђВґГђВёГ‘‚ÐµР“С’»Р“‘ЕЅ.

Короткий отрÐµР“С’·Р“ђВѕГђВє «Р“ђВЁГђВѕГђВїГђВѕГђВіГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВёГђВєГђВѕГђВІ», прÐµР“ђВґГђ»Р“ђВѕГђ¶Р“С’µР“ђВЅГђВЅГ‘‹Ð¹ Ð’Ð°Р“‘Л†ГђµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’ ГђВІГђВЅГђВёГђВјГђ°Р“ђВЅГђВёГ‘ЕЅ ГђВїГђ°Р“‘€Ð°Р“С’»Р“С’»Р“С’µР“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ Р“‘ВЃ ГђВґГђ°Р“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђВ№ Ñ‚ÐµР“ђВјГђВѕГђВ№, ГђВїГђВѕГђВєГђ°Р“С’·Р“‘‹Ð²Ð°Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВїГђВѕГђВїГ‘Ж’Гђ»Р“‘Ñ€Ð½ÑƒÑŽ Ñ€Ð°Р“ђВґГђВёГђВѕ- ГђВё Ñ‚ÐµР“С’»Р“С’µР“ђВІГђµР“ђВґГ‘ƒÑ‰ÑƒÑŽ, ГђВјГђВѕГђВґГђµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ Викторию Р“ђвЂ˜ГђВѕГђВЅГ‘ВЏ, ГђВІ ГђВјГђВѕГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘‚ ГђВєГђВѕГђВіГђВґГђ° ГђВѕГђВЅГђ° Гђ±Р“С’µР“‘Ñ†ÐµР“‘€ÐµР“ђВјГђВѕГђВЅГђВЅГђВѕ снимÐ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки прямо ГђВЅГђ° сцÐµР“ђВЅГђµ псÐµР“ђВІГђВґГђВѕ-ГђВїГђВѕГђВґГђВёГ‘Ж’ГђВјГђ°. ВидÐµР“С’Р’С• говорит сÐ°Р“ђВјГђВѕ Гђ·Р“С’° сÐµР“С’±Р“‘ВЏ!

ГђВќГђµ Гђ±Р“‘Ж’ГђВґГђµР“ђВј спÐµР“‘†Ð¸Ð°Р“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ остÐ°Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“ђВІГђ»Р“ђВёГђВІГђ°Р“‘‚ься ГђВЅГђ° ГђВєГђВѕГђВјГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘‚Ð°Р“‘€Ð¸Ð¸ ГђВІГђµР“ђВґГ‘ƒÑ‰ÐµР“ђВіГђВѕ-стиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚а ГђВѕ Р“ђВјГђµР“‘Ñ‚е ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ок ГђВІ мире соврÐµР“ђВјГђµР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђВ№ Гђ¶Р“С’µР“ђВЅГ‘‰Ð¸Ð½Ñ‹ — ГђВєГђ°Р“С’¶Р“ђВґГ‘‹Ð¹ сÐ°Р“ђВј хоÐ·Р“‘ВЏГђВёГђВЅ своÐµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’ Р“ђВјГђВЅГђµР“ђВЅГђВёГ‘ЕЅ, ГђВЅГђВѕ что ГђВґГђµР“ђВ№Г‘Ñ‚витÐµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ ГђВѕГђ±Р“С’µР“‘ÐºÑƒÑ€Ð°Р“С’¶Р“ђВёГђВІГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ (ГђВїГђВѕГђВјГђВёГђВјГђВѕ Гђ»Р“ђВёГ‘†ÐµР“С’·Р“‘€ÐµР“ђВЅГђВёГ‘ВЏ ГђВЅГђВёГђ¶Р“ђВЅГђµР“С’Р’в„– Р“‘‡Ð°Р“‘Ñ‚и конкурсÐ°Р“ђВЅГ‘‚ки с подтянутой ГђВІГђВІГђµР“‘€Ñ… Г‘ЕЅГђ±Р“ђВєГђВѕГђВ№), Ñ‚Ð°Р“С’Р’С” это мотив ГђµР“С’µ ГђВїГђµР“‘€Ð²Ð¾Ð½Ð°Р“‘‡Ð°Р“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕГђВіГђВѕ Р“‘€ÐµР“‘Л†ГђµР“ђВЅГђВёГ‘ВЏ.

Да, очÐµР“ђВІГђВёГђВґГђВЅГђВѕ, что смÐµР“С’»Р“С’°Р“‘ВЏ Гђ±Р“С’»Р“ђВѕГђВЅГђВґГђВёГђВЅГђВєГђ° стÐ°Р“С’»Р“С’° выгÐ»Р“‘ВЏГђВґГђµР“‘‚ÑŒ Гђ·Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“‘‡Ð¸Ñ‚ÐµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ Гђ»Р“‘ƒÑ‡ÑˆÐµ посÐ»Р“С’µ Р“‘‚ого ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С” ГђВјГђ°Р“‘‚овые ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки смÐµР“ђВЅГђВёГђ»Р“ђВёГ‘ВЃГ‘Е’ ГђВЅГђ° ГђВѕГђ±Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“С’¶Р“С’µР“ђВЅГђВЅГ‘Ж’Г‘ЕЅ ГђВєГђВѕГђ¶Р“‘Ж’ Гђ·Р“С’°Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘€ÐµР“С’»Р“‘‹Ñ… ГђВЅГђВѕГђВі. Р“ђЕѕГђВґГђВЅГђ°Р“ђВєГђВѕ, вопрос Ñ‚Ð°Р“С’Р’С” ГђВё остÐ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ся: ГђВѕ чÐµР“ђВј Ñ‚Ñ‹ ГђВґГ‘Ж’ГђВјГђ°Р“С’»Р“С’° ГђВІ то врÐµР“ђВјГ‘ВЏ, ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С” соÐ±Р“ђВёГ‘€Ð°Р“С’»Р“С’° ГђВІГђµР“‘ВЃГ‘Е’ Р“‘Ñ‚от ГђВЅГђ°Р“‘€ÑÐ´, учитывÐ°Р“‘ВЏ, что Ñ‚Ñ‹, ГђµР“‘Ñ‚ÐµР“‘Ñ‚вÐµР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕ, Гђ·Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“С’»Р“С’° ГђВѕ том, что шмотки ГђВґГђВѕГђ»Р“С’¶Р“ђВЅГ‘‹ Р“‘Ð¾Ñ‡ÐµР“‘‚Ð°Р“‘‚ься друг с другом? ВоÐ·Р“ђВјГђВѕГђ¶Р“ђВЅГђВѕ, «Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“ђВґГђµР“ђВЅГ‘Ж’ все Гђ»Р“‘ƒÑ‡ÑˆÐµР“С’µ срÐ°Р“С’·Р“‘Ж’»?

Гђ§Р“С’µР“‘€Ð½Ð¾Ðµ ГђВїГђ»Р“С’°Р“‘‚ье с Р“ђВІГ‘‹Ñ€Ð°Р“С’·Р“ђВёГ‘‚ÐµР“С’»Р“‘ŒÐ½Ñ‹Ð¼ ГђВїГђВѕГђВјГђВїГђµР“С’·Р“ђВЅГ‘‹Ð¼ рюшÐµР“ђВј ГђВЅГђ°Р“ђВёГ‘ÐºÐ¾ÑÑŒ, ГђВѕГђ¶Р“ђВёГђВІГђ»Р“С’µР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђµ Гђ±Р“С’µР“С’¶Р“С’µР“ђВІГ‘‹Ð¼Ð¸, усыпÐ°Р“ђВЅГђВЅГ‘‹Ð¼Ð¸ Р“С’±Р“С’»Р“С’µР“‘Ñ‚кÐ°Р“ђВјГђВё туфÐ»Р“‘ВЏГђВјГђВё, ГђВё ГђВЅГђ°Р“ђВєГђВѕГђВЅГђµР“Ԡ, Ñ€Ð°Р“С’·Р“С’±Р“С’°Р“ђВІГђ»Р“С’µР“ђВЅГђВЅГђВѕГђµ ГђВјГђ°Р“‘‚овыми, явно тоÐ»Р“‘Ñ‚овÐ°Р“‘‚ыми ГђВґГђ»Р“‘ВЏ Р“‘€Ð°Р“‘ÑÐ¼Ð°Р“‘‚ривÐ°Р“С’µР“ђВјГђВѕГђВіГђВѕ сÐ»Р“‘ƒÑ‡Ð°Р“‘ВЏ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚кÐ°Р“ђВјГђВё. ПочÐµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’ просто ГђВЅГђµ сфокусировÐ°Р“‘‚ься ГђВЅГђ° ГђВѕГђВґГђВЅГђВѕГђВ№ Р“ђВІГђµР“‘‰Ð¸ ГђВё ГђВїГђВѕГђВґГђВѕГђ±Р“‘€Ð°Р“‘‚ÑŒ остÐ°Р“С’»Р“‘ŒÐ½Ñ‹Ðµ ГђВІ соотвÐµР“‘‚ствии с ГђВіГђ»Р“С’°Р“ђВІГђВЅГђВѕГђВ№ чÐ°Р“‘Ñ‚ью Гђ°Р“ђВЅГ‘ВЃГђ°Р“ђВјГђ±Р“С’»Р“‘ВЏ? Ð’ конце Р“ђВєГђВѕГђВЅГ‘†Ð¾Ð², ГђВЅГђµ приписывÐ°Р“С’Р’в„– свой ущÐµР“‘€Ð±Р“ђВЅГ‘‹Ð¹ ГђВІГђВёГђВґ туфÐ»Р“‘ВЏГђВј ГђВёГђ»Р“С’Р’С‘ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚кÐ°Р“ђВј — Ñ‚Ñ‹ выÐ±Р“‘€Ð°Р“С’»Р“С’° Р“ђВёГ‘… сÐ°Р“ђВјГђ°!


ДиÐ°Р“С’»Р“ђВѕГђВі ГђВёГђ· ГђВЁГђВѕГ‘Ж’ “ГђВЁГђВѕГђВїГђВѕГђВіГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВёГђВєГђВё”

Виктория Боня: … Гђ±Р“‘‹Ð»Р“С’Р’С‘ сÐ°Р“ђВјГ‘‹Ðµ приÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘‡Ð½Ñ‹Ðµ туфÐ»Р“С’Р’С‘ ГђВїГђВѕ этой цÐµР“ђВЅГђµ!

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚: КстÐ°Р“‘‚и, Гђ° ГђВїГђ»Р“С’°Р“‘‚ье очÐµР“ђВЅГ‘Е’ ГђВєГђ»Р“С’°Р“‘ÑÐ½Ð¾Ðµ, ГђВєГђ°Р“С’Р’С”-то Г‘Ж’ Ð’Ð°Р“‘ВЃ очÐµР“ђВЅГ‘Е’ ГђВєГђ»Р“С’°Р“‘ВЃГђВЅГђВѕ с причÐµР“‘ВЃГђВєГђВѕГђВ№…
просто вот все… ГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘ВЏ тоÐ»Р“‘Е’ГђВєГђВѕ смущÐ°Р“‘ŽÑ‚ почÐµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’-то ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки сÐµР“ђВ№Г‘‡Ð°Р“‘ВЃ… ГђВўГђВѕ ГђµР“‘Ñ‚ÑŒ
ГђВЅГђВёГђ¶Р“ђВЅГ‘Ñ чÐ°Р“‘ВЃГ‘Е’ ГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘ВЏ вдруг вот выруÐ±Р“С’°Р“С’µР“‘‚, я Гђ±Р“‘‹ хотÐµР“С’», чтоÐ±Р“‘‹ Гђ±Р“‘‹Ð»Р“С’Р’С‘…

Ð’.Б.: ГђЕ“ГђВѕГђВіГ‘Ж’ снять! Хотите?

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚: ДÐ°Р“ђВІГђ°Р“ђВ№Г‘‚е.

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚ 2: Прямо при ГђВЅГђ°Р“‘ВЃ ГђВґГђ°Р“ђВІГђ°Р“ђВ№Г‘‚е…

Ð’.Б. ЗÐ°Р“ђВґГђВёГђВІГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ Г‘ЕЅГђ±Р“ђВєГ‘Ж’, стÐ°Р“‘ВЃГђВєГђВёГђВІГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки…

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚ 2: Гђ§Р“‘‚о Ñ‚Ñ‹ ГђВґГђµР“С’»Р“С’°Р“С’µР“‘Л†Г‘Е’?

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚ 2: смÐµР“С’µР“‘‚ся

Ð’.Б.: ГђВќГ‘Ж’ я Гђ¶Р“С’µ ГђВјГђВѕГђВґГђµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ все-Ñ‚Ð°Р“ђВєГђВё, Гђ° ГђВјГђВѕГђВґГђµР“С’»Р“С’Р’С‘, ГђВѕГђВЅГђВё могут Ñ€Ð°Р“С’·Р“ђВґГђµР“ђВІГђ°Р“‘‚ься, ГђВѕГђВґГђµР“ђВІГђ°Р“‘‚ься прям ГђВЅГђ°
Г‘Л†ГђВѕГ‘Ж’ — ГђВЅГђµ проÐ±Р“С’»Р“С’µР“ђВјГђ°!

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚: ГђЕЎГђ»Р“С’°Р“‘Ñ! Вот Ñ‚ÐµР“ђВїГђµР“‘€ÑŒ ГђВёГђВґГђµР“С’°Р“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђВѕ, вот Ñ‚ÐµР“ђВїГђµР“‘€ÑŒ просто супÐµР“‘€!

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚ 2: Другое ГђВґГђµР“С’»Р“С’Р’С•, Ñ‚Ð°Р“С’Р’С” ГђВЅГђ°Р“ђВјГђВЅГђВѕГђВіГђВѕ сÐµР“ђВєГ‘ВЃГ‘Ж’Гђ°Р“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВЅГђµР“С’Р’в„–!

Ð’.Б.: Да? ГђВђ я Гђ·Р“ђВЅГђ°Р“С’µР“‘‚е почÐµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’? Потому что вот ГђВїГђВѕГђВґ туфÐµР“С’»Р“‘Е’ГђВєГђВё… почÐµР“ђВјГ‘Ж’-то сÐ±Р“ђВёГђ»Р“С’Р’С‘ ГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘ВЏ
эти Гђ±Р“С’»Р“С’µР“‘Ñ‚очки…

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚: ГђВќГђµ, ГђВІГђВѕГђВѕГђ±Р“‘‰Ðµ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки ГђВЅГ‘Ж’Гђ¶Р“ђВЅГ‘‹ тоÐ»Р“‘Е’ГђВєГђВѕ, ГђВјГђВЅГђµ ГђВєГђ°Р“С’¶Р“С’µР“‘‚ся, Гђ·Р“ђВёГђВјГђВѕГђВ№, ГђВё то ГђВїГђВѕГђВґГђВѕГђВґГђµР“ђВІГђ°Р“‘‚ÑŒ
ГђВїГђВѕГђВґ ГђВєГђ°Р“ђВєГђВёГђµ-ГђВЅГђВёГђ±Р“‘Ж’ГђВґГ‘Е’ Гђ±Р“‘€ÑŽÐºÐ¸..

Ð’.Б.: БÐ»Р“С’µР“‘Ñ‚очки ГђВјГђµР“ђВЅГ‘ВЏ эти сÐ±Р“ђВёГђ»Р“С’Р’С‘ (откидывÐ°Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки ГђВІ сторону) ГђВёГђ·Р“ђВІГђВёГђВЅГђВёГ‘‚е…

СтиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚Ñ‹ смÐµР“‘ŽÑ‚ся.

Ð’.Б.: ГђЕ“ГђВѕГђ¶Р“С’µР“‘‚ ГђВјГђВЅГђµ Гђ·Р“С’°Р“ђВЅГђВѕГђВІГђВѕ выйти?

Ð’.Б.: ГђВЇ поняÐ»Р“С’°, что ГђµР“‘ВЃГђ»Р“С’Р’С‘ Гђ±Р“‘‹ я сÐµР“ђВ№Г‘‡Ð°Р“‘ВЃ ГђВЅГђµ сняÐ»Р“С’° ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки, то это Гђ±Р“‘‹ Гђ±Р“‘‹Ð» ГђВјГђВѕГђВ№ минус,
который Гђ±Р“‘‹, ГђВјГђВѕГђ¶Р“С’µР“‘‚ Гђ±Р“‘‹Ñ‚ÑŒ, ГђВїГђВѕГђВјГђµР“‘Л†Гђ°Р“С’» ГђВјГђВЅГђµ ГђВєГђ°Р“ђВєГђВёГђВј-то ГђВѕГђ±Р“‘€Ð°Р“С’·Р“ђВѕГђВј, поэтому я смÐµР“С’»Р“С’Р’С• сняÐ»Р“С’°
ГђВё ГђВґГђ°Р“С’¶Р“С’µ ГђВЅГђµ ГђВїГђВѕГђВґГ‘Ж’ГђВјГђ°Р“С’»Р“С’° ГђВѕ том, что Ñ‚Ð°Р“ђВј ГђВєГђ°Р“ђВјГђµР“‘€Ñ‹, что-то Ñ‚Ð°Р“ђВєГђВѕГђµ. ГђВЇ ГђВґГђВёГђВєГђВѕ ГђВёГђ·Р“ђВІГђВёГђВЅГ‘ÑŽÑÑŒ, ГђВєГђВѕГђВіГђВѕ
смутиÐ»Р“С’° этим Гђ¶Р“С’µР“‘Ñ‚ом, ГђВЅГђВѕ я ГђВЅГђµ сняÐ»Р“С’° ГђВЅГђВёГђ¶Р“ђВЅГђµР“С’µ Гђ±Р“С’µР“С’»Р“‘Е’Гђµ, я сняÐ»Р“С’° просто ГђВєГђВѕГђ»Р“ђВіГђВѕГ‘‚ки.


Shopaholics TV Show

ЕÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘ВЃГђµР“С’Р’в„– Косцов, стиÐ»Р“ђВёГ‘Ñ‚

Elissey Kostsov, one of the judges.

Vitaliy Kozak, main stylist in the show.




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Pantyhose and high heels look so classy!

Aurora doing a photoshoot in Sheer Black Pantyhose

September 13, 2012 under Style

This is Aurora – she is a local Vancouver girl and my guy did this photoshoot with her in pantyhose.  She is a friendly girl and she obviously looks great in pantyhose!

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