Is white pantyhose still trendy?

You’ll probably agree with me, but white is the toughest colour to see on people in terms of hosiery. It’s so rare! It could be a fun colour for the summer though if worn properly.

I saw this photoshoot from another blogger and thought to share it with you. She looks so pretty and somehow managed to make her whole outfit work out perfectly.

fun white pantyhose 1

fun white pantyhose 2 fun white pantyhose 3

fun white pantyhose 4

She is Russian and I think she lives around there. But in my city (Vancouver, BC) for example such outfit could perhaps only be seen on Asian girls.

5 thoughts on “Is white pantyhose still trendy?

  1. I admire your advocacy on behalf of white pantyhose – I think its stigma as “nurses’ pantyhose” is tough to overcome, though.

  2. Sadly, generally no.

    BUT, I think that women who DON’T think white pantyhose are trendy are doing it wrong!


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