Bernika by Fiore on my legs in grey!

May 14, 2017 under Fiore

This photo is from a while back in Vancouver. I thought you would enjoy to see another pair of grey tights, a subtle and gentle shade, perfect for the summer. When combined with red or hot pink, it looks even nicer!

Only S and M size are left in stock. Bernika by Fiore. On sale now for $4.99.

Bernika tights by Fiore in grey on my legs - pantyhose model with red shoes

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Ukrainian Tights – a Gift from Julia

April 28, 2017 under Brands

seamed hosiery

A few years back my friend Julia sent me a package from Ukraine. It contained many cool souvenirs and of course, knowing how much I’m into it, she sent 2 pairs of tights. 

In my opinion, both styles are quite rare. I’ve seen beige back seam tights before with a black seam and with a beige seam, but never a darker shade like this, especially with a reinforced toe. 

grey polka dot pantyhose from Ukraine on my legs - Ukrainian brand hosiery

Polka dots are common, but to find them in grey is not. To my surprise both styles turned out to be quite durable. 

If you are wondering when these photos were taken, I will surprise you – just about 2 days ago! Yes, Calgary still has snow falling from time to time. It is almost March and I still didn’t pack away my winter jackets. 

Here are photos of the packages. Giulia brand and Duve brand.

Duve, Giulia hosiery brands ukrainian pantyhose brands covers 1 Duve Giulia

Wearing Novella tights by Fiore

July 24, 2016 under Fiore

Today I stepped out to my backyard without a skirt or shorts, just in these pantyhose. My neighbours were not around, so I figured nobody would see me.

These are 60 den Novella tights by Fiore. I am wearing them with open toe shoes to show that the toe on them is reinforced.

Novella tights by Fiore on me Novella tights by Fiore on my legs grey Novella tights by Fiore - reinforced toe close up

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Wearing Honey Bee tights by Fiore

July 13, 2016 under Fiore

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. It just cheers up my day! Today I put on a pair of grey tights with yellow dots all over, called Honey Bee. It also feels fun to touch, these dots add a special texture. There is also a mock stocking design on the upper thigh.

Here’s are a few photos for you of me wearing it. I’d appreciate to hear some comments from you! What would you wear something like this with? Grey and yellow make a cool combination!

Honey Bee Pantyhose by Fiore

Honey Bee Pantyhose by Fiore 3 close up on yellow dot pattern

Lolita by Fiore – Pink Polka Dot Tights!

June 24, 2016 under Fiore

I love these grey Lolita tights with a pink band around the thighs. I wore it at some point to my dentist office and while nobody was looking took this shot of me waiting while wearing it. If you like it, it’s available at the shop section – Lolita tights.

Lolita by Fiore on my legs, polka dot pantyhose

Lolita by Fiore advertisement

Lolita by Fiore advertisement hot woman in tights

Modeling Silvia 80 Den Tights by Fiore

July 20, 2014 under Fiore

Silvia tights by Fiore on my legs 80 den

I love it how these tights have a geometric texture to it that also feels groovy to touch. Reinforced toe looks especially cute!

If you like it, here it is for sale – Silvia 80 den 

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