Aurora doing a photoshoot in Sheer Black Pantyhose

This is Aurora – she is a local Vancouver girl and my guy did this photoshoot with her in pantyhose.  She is a friendly girl and she obviously looks great in pantyhose!

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17 thoughts on “Aurora doing a photoshoot in Sheer Black Pantyhose

    • Thanks, I’d love to hear more suggestions on that. I don’t understand much in photography, but I do find some of these photos a little bit dark. What kind of lighting equipment do you use for your photoshoots?

  1. Maybe it is just a matter of having some big reflective surfaces around to bounce the light about and soften the shadows…hey Jessica with respect to your guy, I just wondered what sort of photos you would take if you were behind the camera? Would they be different to what shots a guy would take?
    The girl is very pretty but she doesn’t look very happy or comfortable.

    • Hi, James, I really don’t know why the girl doesn’t look cheerful, maybe she was going for a fashion look that doesn’t usually show any kind of smiles. I wasn’t present at that shoot, but I got to meet her prior to it.

      In terms of me being the model, it’s a tough question. People associate pictures with having fun. I associate it with work. I don’t allow any kind of personal contact during photoshoots even if it is my own guy taking photos. Ideally I prefer not to work with people who I am either related to or have some kind of relationship with. Photos = work.

      If you would work in the same company with your girlfriend, would you treat her any differently than other women who work there? I don’t think so. People come there to work.

    • Oh, OK, one more note. As far as I know, in terms of photography my guy doesn’t give any direction on posing at all. So whatever poses you see here are most likely chosen by the model.

  2. don’t get me wrong i love the pics and photoshop can correct them easily

    i use 2 x 150 watts head flash + 2 x 250 watts permanent light (mainly for videos) and still doesn’t do the trick sometimes

    some are dark some are yellowish you can play with you white balance settings to correct the colorize pictures

    Zed from Qc

    • You know, I totally agree with you on the “yellow” topic. I tell him this every single time when he is trying to film indoors that pictures come out to be too yellow.

      I passed on the comments about the lights.

  3. Hi Jessica, I meant behind the camera with you as the photographer, not as the model. Your comments about being the model were interesting though.

  4. I am missing some information about those pantyhoses Aurora is wearing on those pictures. They really look nice. Where to find those? In wich sizes do they come? etc….
    I do agree with James that she doesn’t look happy on the pictures.
    Maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but in my opinion she should have had a good looking bra under her blouse. The pictures where you can see her naked breast gives me a picture of her to be “cheap”, not properly dressed. It is like not wearing pantyhoses when you wear a skirt.

    • Hi, Loretta,

      Pantyhose was by Gatta, style called Trish. But it looks like that’s an old design that is no longer produced. I had the same pair for myself too and gave one to her.

      I probably wouldn’t show the breasts either, or at least not in a straight forward way.

    • Oh, I didn’t even know they started selling it in Canada. I get mine in Europe.

      However, the quality dropped for some reason. It’s not what it used to be before.

      • Gatta is a brand name for the products manufactured by the Polish company called Ferax. Gatta was established in 1993 and has since achieved a leading position in manufacturing hosiery in the Eastern Europe and beyond.

        • I wear Gatta since I am a teen, and let me tell you, the quality went downhill. There are some rumours that they outsourced part of the manufacturing to Asia.

          • You see, in European Union there are no strict rules on country of origin. So if something is made in China and packaged in Europe, they can put whatever label they want. I came across a similar situation with umbrellas before.

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