Wearing Idalia pantyhose in Black

June 4, 2014 under Fiore

black idalia pantyhose on the grass

black idalia pantyhose on the grass 2

Yesterday I took advantage of the warm weather and wore these shiny black pantyhose outdoors! These are Idalia by Fiore. They seem to go with just about any outfit.

hosiery with a glossy effect, shiny tightsEven though they are 20 den, I’d say that they feel a little thicker, as if they were 30 den or so. In a way it works to my advantage because I am not as afraid to wear it at home, since very sheer yarn may get damaged easily. As you see from a photo below, I wear it with a house robe (my favourite silky one) over it.

Do you like black shiny pantyhose? According to a woman who works for a hosiery manufacturer, shiny pantyhose were once very much in fashion, but no longer. I had a fashion blogger friend too who would ask only for matte and couldn’t state even a slightest hint of shine. Perhaps it could be that it’s not the best thing for fuller legs.

However, I’d say that I get the most comments when I actually do wear a shiny style rather than matte. I think that the shinier it is, the better!


3 Responses to "Wearing Idalia pantyhose in Black"

  • Oscar says:

    Of course shiny pantyhose are more beautiful, specially in nude shade.
    You’re right, the shinier, the better !!!

  • Loretta Martin says:

    I like shiny pantyhoses. It looks better and they feel much better. The skirt or the trousers glide better on shiny pantyhoses.

  • Manty says:


    Your legs can’t look any better. Those shiny pantyhose are just enhancing the desire to wear them and to touch them.

    Paired with nice heels like you did on those pictures, you have simply the most beautiful pair of legs!

    Summer or not, pantyhose just should be mandatory when you have great shaped legs 😉

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