Wolford Boutique Hopping in Boston

I just arrived back from Boston two weeks ago and I brought back a souvenir – a pair of Wolford Fatal Seamless 50 den tights that I bought at one of the two Wolford boutiques there.

Both locations offered a luxury experience. My first visit was to the Wolford boutique at the Copley Place where I was warmly greeted by Linda. She welcomed me and started off by telling me about the brand and all the cool specials in store that day on dresses and swimwear.

Wolford boutique in Boston 2

I chatted with Linda about a few things that interested me. Turns out that Wolford now has special uniform for their staff. If they wear pants, they don’t have to wear hosiery, but with skirts they should. I also was offered a bottle of water, it was a very nice gesture considering how hot it was outside.

Wolford boutique in Boston visit ankle jewelry

Then I headed to the next location and I was greeted by Mindy, the manager. She was wearing a skirt and tights and looked very professional. Again, customer service was simply excellent. I told her that I’d buy something, but I already bought a pair of Wolford that day. Usually if I get good service, I make a purchase just so that I am writing a review as an actual customer.

Wolford boutique in Boston store

I would like to thank both of those Wolford locations for welcoming me so warmly and representing this high end brand in the best way possible.

Lack of Refinement at the NYC Wolford Boutique (Columbus Circle Location)

Wolford boutique New York City NYC Columbus Circle reviewI got to visit New York City on my vacation and I couldn’t resist to see their local Wolford boutique near Central Park, at the Columbus Circle shopping center). Despite the crazy heat this Tuesday, I put on my Satin Touch 20 pantyhose (a gift from a special fan), a lace white skirt, and a black thong bodysuit that I just recently purchased (more about that later). Not intentionally, but I actually ended up wearing the bodysuit style that is called “New York”. I thought I was all set for my visit. My expectations were soaring high and I knew exactly what style of pantyhose I wanted to buy.

I walked into that boutique and noticed two women talking to each other at the entrance, both of them turned out to be Wolford employees. Only after they finished their conversation and I already had my back to one of them while looking at the display, I heard a greeting from Kathleen. Here comes the first strike. Greeting a customer without eye contact.

No matter how long I circled the boutique, trying to solicit any further response in my address, I still felt like I was invisible. At some point I even took the liberty to pull out the drawer of Neon 40 tights and started checking their shades and sizes, hoping that the woman watching the screen of the desk top computer would turn to me and help me pick out the right size and shade.

The day before I sent my guy “undercover” to scout the boutique. His experience was actually quite pleasant, but it was not the same sales person welcoming him though. Right away he was informed that there is a sales section with 70% OFF. At least it would be nice to also get the same information! I figured if I bring up the price, perhaps I’ll heard back which items are on sale as a way to accommodate budget-conscious customers.

I walked up to the rack with some tops and finally asked the sales person why the items are so expensive. She came up to me and highlighted some valid points about Wolford’s quality and reputation. I thought to see how she will respond to a tougher question and pointed at the snags all over the collar of a shirt that was still hanging there with a regular price tag – “Really, you say they make good quality items? Look at this damage.”

Kathleen (forgive me if I spell this wrong, I had to ask her what her name was because none of the staff wore name tags) was very polite and offered to give me a damage discount on the top. She also pointed out that even though that rack is still regular price, this is what’s left of the summer collection and it is getting shipped back to Austria tomorrow. This is just my opinion, but here is the 2nd strike – damaged merchandise should be spotted immediately by staff, not by customers, and either taken off the floor or discounted accordingly.

Third strike for me was that both of the workers on the floor were with bare legs. I brought up the question and got the answer that it is not part of the summer uniform because it is so hot outside. Of course, Kathleen pointed out that whatever she is wearing is made by the Wolford brand. Did Wolford really change their policies or is she just not aware of the dress code? Most of my Wolford boutique visits happened during the summer and I don’t recall seeing staff with bare legs. At least if the front window is occupied mainly by mannequins in fishnets, I would assume that such hosiery would be a great solution for a hot day.

I told Kathleen everything as is, pointing out that I am also wearing Wolford and that I am planning to blog about my visit. She offered me some information to take with me about the upcoming collection and I gladly agreed. But here came the fourth strike – the phone rang. Those of you who worked in customer service know that there are techniques to handle a phone call and an in person customer at the same time by picking up the phone and asking the caller to wait a little bit, then to wrap up the discussion with the person in front of you, and move on to the phone call. In this case I was still standing there, waiting for the conversation to come to an end so I could get that promised brochure.

That moment I saw my guy turn up at the door looking for me, so I was about to leave and Kathleen caught up to me and gave me that brochure to take home. I haven’t seen whether the phone call was over or whether she in fact did put the caller on hold.

My visit, regretfully, ended without a purchase. I only buy if I feel satisfied with the service. It is a little bit sad for me, I was hoping to get a pair of Neon 40 tights in Midnight shade because this is one of the shades I haven’t tried yet. If even more good deals would be pointed out to me, perhaps I’d buy a few other things too. My experience did not live up to my initial excitement based on the courtesy I’ve seen in other Wolford boutiques across the country.



Scratch and snag test on pantyhose

I was reading an article about several brands of thick pantyhose going through the scratch test. Yes, there was a cat scratching on top of the woman. Here’s an example of a cat on top of Wolford tights, 70 den. All candidates were opaque styles, suitable for winter.

scratch test, snag test, thick opaque tights 70 den WolfordOMSA and Falke, both from totally different price categories, suffered the same. Runs and lots of fur stuck to them.

Uniqlo, Calzedonia, and Wolford did better. But still there were some snags, even though no holes. Cat hair clung just as well as on the previous ones.

The best sample from this run turned out to be from surprisingly a Chinese-made brand, JNBY. There were no holes and no snags, and minimum cat hair.

Review of Victoria Secret Pantyhose with Pearls and Rhinestone Backseam

Victoria secret rhinestone and pearl pantyhoseThese were sent to me by a fan from Vancouver Island. I never tried Victoria Secret pantyhose before that! This specific style I wore a couple of times already and they are quite durable.

Here’s a photo taken at the airport. I wore these on my flight from Las Vegas. Let’s just say I looked glamorous, but after sitting for a long time on these pearls, I felt that they were cutting into my skin. So these are better to wear when not much sitting is involved.

These are not too sheer, they feel more like 30 den. There is a cotton gusset, shadow toe, and they are sheer to waist. The fit is good and there is no sagging or falling. There are rhinestones and pearls arranged in the shape of a backseam.

Now Calgary is getting a little warmer, so I can actually wear styles like this outside with nice heels.

Mean criticism or blunt truth?

“they ask me why I treat Victoria like this. But how else can I treat her? She doesn’t wear pantyhose, doesn’t put on nail polish, doesn’t wear lipstick. She only puts on some powder in the morning and goes straight to work.”

appearance, women, lookThis is a translated fragment from a Russian talk show doing a brand comparison on pantyhose. The host of the show, Sergei Stillavin, seemed to be joking around and criticized another member, Victoria, for not being like the rest of the women.

I haven’t uploaded this part of the show yet, only managed to get part 1 up on the blog. This show chooses a product or service to review and compare, anything from renovation materials to candy brands.

Maybe because the host was so blunt while on air this show no longer exists as there were some complaints.

After I read it, I thought it was a mean thing to say out loud, but right away thought that I am not too far away from how he describes Victoria. Yes, I was wearing pantyhose, but I had no nail polish and no lipstick. Only some powder, just like her.

I got a sense of discomfort deep inside, I don’t even know why. So after I took a nice bubble bath I put on some pink nail polish on my toes. Am I now closer to being like the rest of the women according to Sergei’s comment?

For past few weeks I’ve been quite stressed out. I jump out of bed and think of all the work I need to do. Sometimes I forget about nail polish. Sometimes I even forget that I have nails to begin with. It never gets to a point that I’ll show up in jeans and runners somewhere in the city, but for styling like hair and make up I may not have any time. While reading  Sergei’s comments I got a bit of wake up call.

In a strange way I agree that small touches like polished shoes, neat hair, make up, and properly sized and pressed clothing can make a big difference.  I can totally see some feminists say that it doesn’t count, but we do get judged and therefore treated based on our appearance.

My Deja  Vu at Toronto Fogal Hosiery Boutique

my visit to Fogal hosiery boutique in Toronto - legwear - customer service review and purchasesFogal is one of my favourite brands for hosiery. They have an amazing reputation and quality. So far my customer service experiences varied, so I choose to only go to the location where I know it’s excellent – Toronto Fogal Boutique.

Last time I’ve been to the Fogal store was 2 years ago, so I was really looking forward to another visit. One of my fans, David from Toronto, who helped me get more Fogal pantyhose before, invited me to go shopping there.

As we approached the store, I was wondering if the same person, Melanie, who helped me last time was still there. To my delight, as I opened the door, there she was! Melanie even remembered that I was from Vancouver. Can you imagine that level of dedication to the clients?
Fogal boutique in Toronto - store front - hosiery shop on Bay Street, DowntownI told Melanie about my trip to Cuba and how I managed to wear Fogal Cuban heel pantyhose there. It was so much fun, I wanted to get something similar since Cuban heel is so rare to find these days.  She told me about a style of pantyhose that is similar to the stockings used for the Great Gatsby movie with a fancy design on the heel.

So I grabbed a few pairs, including an ultra sheer 6 den, and tried on the samples available in the store. Actually, I even had a look at the stay ups, but since fall is almost here, I decided to stick with pantyhose. Just for the record though, they are of very good quality.

Melanie, another female associate, and David gave their feedback as I was putting on all the samples in the change room. The 2nd associate there (sorry, didn’t get her name) even gave me some tips on how to put on the backseam to make it straight.

I would like to express my gratitude to David from Toronto for taking me out to the boutique and for buying these wonderful pantyhose for me. I ended up with new 3 pairs of Fogal (Brooke, Clelia, and 6 den) to take back to Vancouver and lots of good memories from the store.

My visit to Fogal pantyhose store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


X Burlesque Show in Las Vegas

Jessica from Fantasy Stockings in Las Vegas

One of the shows that I really wanted to see in Las Vegas was X-Burlesque. I was really excited about it, so I put on some sexy stockings with a garter belt and a sparkly dress. As I was walking around, people thought I was part of the entertainment crew because of all the glitter.

It was a really nice production and all the dancers had amazing endurance to last through that entire show. There was a lovely scene with sheer stay up stockings when dancers were taking them off each other. Otherwise, they only had fishnet stockings throughout the show.

This show is a topless show, so it was made clear on the ticket and you actually had to initial it that you understand what you are about to see. I would appreciate if there would be more build up or more tease factor leading to the topless part. Somehow in my opinion they took off the tops too soon.

From a professional point of view I think that the dancers could move more uniformly, as they were not synchronized well at some points. If it would be up to me, I’d probably make a requirement for dancers not to have any tattoos. Let’s say, when I am thinking about sexuality, I really don’t want to get distracted by a childish “hello kitty” tattoo that one of the girls had.

Probably the part that I enjoyed the most was the pole dance and the scenes with the bathtub. I liked it overall, I think it’s a fun show to see for couples.

My visit to a Discounted Wolford Hosiery Outlet – California

wolford boutique outlet mall California As me and my guy were driving past an outlet mall, he asked me if I want to check it out. I kept on saying “No” until I saw that they have Wolford, so immediately it turned into a big YES! I never even thought that Wolford would have a store like that with deals.

This outlet store opened only in April, so it’s still so new and probably many people don’t know about it. It’s located in the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in the Palm Springs area, the city of Cabazon in South California. They offer discounts around 30% or so on items that are classified as “slightly imperfect B sortment”.

Coincidentally, that day I was wearing my Wolford top and my Wolford 5 den Aura tights. I walked to the store, wondering what the service will be like. If it’s an outlet store, will they still keep the same level of service?

Right away I was greeted by a sales person and as I continued digging through all the sale items staff continued to offer me to check for my size or to let me know that there are other colours available. If they wouldn’t let me know, I probably would never find out that Neon 40 comes in navy blue. Overwhelmed by excitement, I of course ended up getting a pair in that colour too.

Wolford boutique store front in California, Palm Springs Area - outlet mall - customer service reviewThroughout my visit staff were friendly and attentive, asked questions, and made sure that all other customers in the store were being served. All three women were dressed professionally and wore Wolford hosiery.

the store in general was well organized and items were easy to find. I spotted several styles that were actually already discontinued, so perhaps getting them in that outlet store would be the last chance to enjoy them. If I only would have unlimited budget, I bet I’d buy them too.

I picked out 4 pairs: Neon 40 in Gobi, Neon 40 in Admiral, Naked 8 in black, Fatal 15 in black. The store manager, Rebecca, was really nice and agreed to inspect those pairs for me to check that there are no runs in them since I wouldn’t be able to come back to exchange it. What they refer to as imperfections are actually very minor things that are not usually regarded as such by other brands.

Wolford boutique - leg display - hosiery - California Outlet Mall Rebecca also told me that when you buy 10 pairs of Wolford, your 11th pair is free. Their computer system keeps track of the purchases across all boutiques. She is actually the first person to inform me about that as nobody else told me about this rewards program throughout my numerous boutique visits across North America.

I greatly recommend to anybody in California to go for a nice drive and visit that Wolford store at the Desert Hills Premium outlets. Stock up on styles while you are there, you won’t regret it. There were many deductions to the prices, but there were no deductions to the service.

Wolford Outlet Cabazon, CA

Desert Hills Premium Outlets 48650 Seminole Drive, Space # 1140
92230 Cabazon, CA (USA)

Wolford boutique - leg display - hosiery - California Outlet Mall Wolford boutique - leg display - hosiery - California Outlet Mall Wolford boutique - leg display - hosiery - California Outlet Mall

A blogger reviews Fiore stay ups

MangoRabbitRabbit blog just posted an awesome review!  She looks adorable in both stay ups and mock stocking tights and I greatly encourage her to do more photos.


vilena stay up stocking opaque fiore on a blogger vilena stay up stockings by Fiore

In case you are wondering, this style is called Vilena and it is available at the shop section of this blog.  60 den stay ups by Fiore.

vilena stay up stockings opaque fiore

Video – Hosiery News Report in French – Translated

Youtube link : http://youtu.be/21_dtILnVoY

 Thank you so much to Michel from France who did this translation!


Reportage de collants Hosiery news report
Présentatrice : (A Josée, la maquilleuse) Merci Josée. (Au public) Oh non ! Encore une maille ! Les femmes qui, comme moi, portent des bas Nylon régulièrement, peuvent en acheter 2 ou 3 paires par semaine. C’est beaucoup d’argent. Ca peut coà?ter jusqu’à?400$ par année. Est-ce qu’on peut économiser en achetant des bas nylons de meilleure qualité ? C’est ce qu’on va voir aujourd’hui en allant magasiner. Et heureusement, j’en ai une paire en réserve.(Musique et plan de coupe. Dans une boutique de collants.)collant reportage 10 den photo

Présentatrice : (A la vendeuseQuand je magasine des bas nylon, quelles questions je dois me poser, tout d’abord?

Vendeuse : Avant tout, est-ce que c’est une occasion de soirée, ou si c’est un bas nylon, pour tous les jours, pour le bureau, et deuxièmement si on veut une culotte de maintien ou non, et si on va les porter avec des chaussures ouvertes ou non.


Présentatrice Qu’est-ce que je dois regarder pour avoir un bas résistant ?


Vendeuse : Le denier doit être un peu plus élevé. Plus le denier est bas, plus le bas est mince. Et un autre facteur très important, c’est le Lycra dans le produit. Ca existe 100% Nylon, c’est-à?-dire, il n’y a pas de Lycra, alors, à?a risque de descendre sur la jambe. Ca va glisser. Avec le Lycra, à?a reste mieux sur la jambe, et puis c’est plus moulant.


(Musique et plan de coupe. Chez la coiffeuse.)


Présentatrice : (A la coiffeuseA quelle occasion vous portez des bas Nylon ?


La coiffeuse (la dame 1) : PlutГѓВґt dans les soirées. Les parties de Noà?l, les choses comme à?a.


Dame 2 : Dès que je me mets en jupe ou en robe, je mets des bas Nylon.


Dame 3 : Le travail, régulièrement. Les sorties.


Dame 4 : Quand je me mets en robe. Des fois pour le travail, pour une sortie.


Présentatrice (off): Claudine, Amélia, Katia et Sylvie, travaillent à?la maison Saint-Laurent de Longueuil. Elles acceptent de se transformer en mannequin pendant quelques jours.


Présentatrice (de retour à?la boutique de collants) : Nous avons choisi quelques modèles pour nos 4 testeuses. Tout d’abord, un modèle assez simple, je crois.


Vendeuse Le premier, c’est un bas assez mince, mais très bien pour tous les jours. Culotte de maintien, et le pied renforcé.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle numéro 1, bas de gamme, à?7,50$, 15 deniers, 6% de Lycra.


Dame 1 : J’ai pas vraiment aimé le confort, le bout du bas. Il n’y avait pas de renfort. En plus la première fois que je l’ai porté, à?a a fait une maille. Première journée.


Dame 2 : Il est plus soyeux. Il bouge sur la peau. Le seul inconvénient, c’est qu’il n’est pas durable.


Dame 3 : Avec, on les enfile, juste s’asseoir, se relever, à?a fait des plis.


Dame 4 : Je l’aime beaucoup. C’était confortable dedans pour bouger. C’était souple. Il serrait bien la jambe. Il était assez solide. Rien, pas de maille.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la rue.)


Présentatrice (A un homme dans la rue) Vous, en tant qu’homme, qu’est-ce que vous pensez des femmes qui portent des bas Nylon ? Est-ce vous trouvez à?a sexy ?


Homme 1 : Bien sà?r que je trouve à?a sexy. J’adore à?a.


Homme 2 : Ca peut être suggestif, comme à?a peut être juste esthétique.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la boutique de collants).


Présentatrice Le deuxième modèle ?


Vendeuse : Le deuxième, c’est un 40 deniers. Alors, c’est bien pour quelqu’un qui va porter une jupe, qui ne veut pas d’un produit trop opaque, qui couvre complètement la jambe, mais assez soyeux.


Présentatrice Est-ce qu’il est plus résistant ?


Vendeuse : Oui. Parce que le denier est plus élevé.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle numéro 2. Milieu de gamme. A 12,95$. 40 deniers. 21% de Lycra.


Dame 1 : Bah, moi, le numéro 2, en fait, je l’ai adoré. Le renfort au bout des pieds. Moi, à?a me plaà?t assez. J’ai des orteils mangeurs de bas. Le confort, aussi au niveau de la culotte, j’ai adoré. J’ai aucune maille.


Dame 2 : C’est un massacre. C’est une torture. Il est difficile à?mettre. C’est comme si on avait une couche de bébé entre les 2 jambes. Et on peut pas les monter à?la taille, comme les autres, les premiers.


Dame 3 : Il ressemblait pas mal à?un collant.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la rue.)


Homme 3 : Ca peut être sexy, effectivement.


Homme 4 : Tout dépend de la personne. Ca fait un plus beau galbe, la plupart du temps.


(Retour dans la boutique de collants.)


Présentatrice : Le troisième modèle, c’est vraiment un modèle de luxe qu’on décide de se payer, n’est-ce pas ?


Vendeuse C’est un produit de designer. Il est de 10 deniers. Alors c’est un peu plus mince. Pied sandale. On peut porter à?a avec des chaussures ouvertes sans problèmes. Et au niveau maintien, à?a contrГѓВґle les cuisses et les hanches. Voyez ? Il est très serré.


Présentatrice (off) : On ne risque pas d’étouffer, par contre ?


Vendeuse Non, il faut prendre la bonne taille, mais faire très attention, parce que si on prend trop grand, à?a risque de rouler à?la cheville.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle 3. Haut de gamme. 34$. 10 deniers. 24% de Lycra.


(Musique. Plan de coupe.)


Dame 1 : Le renfort au bout du bas est moindre que le deuxième. La gaine est « huh ! ». Je suis étouffée complètement. C’est un peu trop. C’est pas confortable.


Dame 2 : Il n’est pas trop serré. Il est un peu rude sur la peau. Je trouve qu’il est assez transparent. Ca fait l’effet qu’on n’en a pas.


Dame 3 : Au niveau de la jambe ici, c’est trop large. Ca plisse.


Présentatrice (off) : Ca fait des plis ?


Dame 3 : Il faudrait que je le tire, que je le tire. Il descend tout le temps.


Présentatrice Et la gaine ?


Dame 3 : Trop serrée. Vraiment trop serrée. Inconfortable.


Dame 4 : C’est assez confortable. Parfois à?a vaut la peine, des fois de payer le prix. Mais là?, non. Je ne paierais pas ce prix-là?pour ce bas-là?.


Présentatrice (off) : Même si elles ont choisi la taille qui leur convient, deux de nos quatre testeuses se sentent vraiment inconfortables dans le bas numéro 3. Et voici leur verdict final : le premier modèle remporte 3 votes. Le second, 1 vote. Et le troisième, aucun vote. Elles préfèrent le confort à?la durabilité.


Dame 1 : J’ai été très surprise d’être confortable dans un bas Nylon. J’ai été très surprise.


Présentatrice (off) : Si, de votre cГѓВґté, vous préférez un bas plus résistant, n’oubliez pas de vérifier le nombre de deniers. Plus il est élevé, plus votre bas risque de durer. Pour le confort, regardez le pourcentage de Lycra.


Homme 5 (dans la rue) : J’aime bien un look naturel. Je plains les femmes qui en portent. Je trouve que c’est agaà?ant. J’ai jamais essayé, mais c’est ce que je constate.


Présentatrice (près d’une machine à?laver) : Pour que vos bas Nylon durent le plus longtemps possible, l’idéal, c’est de les laver à?la main, mais  on n’a pas toujours le temps de le faire, alors on peut les laver à?la machine, au cycle délicat, mais ce qu’il est important d’utiliser, c’est ce petit sac en filet, dans lequel on met nos bas. Ca évitera bien des mailles. Et voilà? ! Le tour est joué !


*Dear friends, please keep in mind that the funding for this blog comes from the shop section. Please have a look at it.*

Host : (To Josée, the make-up artist) Thank you, Josée. (To the viewers) Oh no! A run, again! Women who, like me, wear stockings on a regular basis, can buy 2 or 3 pairs each week. It’s a lot of money. It can cost up to CA$400 per year. Can we save enough money by buying stockings of a better quality? It’s what we will try to know today, by going shopping. And fortunately, I have a spare pair.(Music and cutaway shot. In a hosiery store.)Host: (To the clerk) When I purchase hosiery, which questions should I ask myself, at first?

Clerk: First, is it for a party, or is it pantyhose for everyday use, for work, and second, if you want a support panty or not, and if you will wear them with open-toes shoes or not.


Host: What should I look for to have more resistant pantyhose?


Clerk: The denier must be higher. The lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery. And another very important factor, it’s the Lycra inside the product. It exists in 100% Nylon, that is, without Lycra, but it may slide down along the leg. It will slide down. With Lycra, it stays better on the leg, and also, it’s more clinging.


(Music and cutaway shot. At the hairdresser).


Host: (To the hairdresser) What are the opportunities for you to wear sheer hosiery?


Hairdresser (Lady 1): The most often in parties. Christmas parties and the likes.


Lady 2: Each time I wear a skirt or a dress, I wear sheer hosiery.


Lady 3: At work, on a regular basis. Or for stepping out.


Lady 4: When I put on a dress. Sometimes for work or to step out.


Host (off): Claudine, Amélia, Katia and Sylvie, work at Saint-Laurent of Longueil’s hairdresser shop. They accepted to model for us for a few days.


Host (back to the hosiery store): We chose a few styles for our 4 testers. First, a quite inexpensive style, I believe.


Clerk: The first one is quite sheer, but is OK for every day’s use. Support panty and reinforced toes.


Host (off): Style number one. Low range. CA$7,50. 15 deniers. 6% Lycra.


(Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: I didn’t really like the comfort, the toes. There is no reinforcement. Plus, the first time I put them on, I got a run. The first day.


Lady 2: It’s quite soft. It moves on the skin. The only trouble, is that it’s not durable.


Lady 3: When I have them on, just sitting down or standing up makes creases.


Lady 4: I like it very much. It was comfortable to move. It’s supple. It clung well the leg. It was quite robust. No run.


(Music and cutaway shot. In the street)


Host: (to a man in the street) You, as a man, what do you think of women who wear hosiery? Do you find it sexy?


Man 1: Of course, I find this sexy. I love it!


Man 2: It can be suggestive, it can also be only aesthetic.


(Music and cutaway shot. Back to the hosiery store)


Host: Second style?


Clerk: The second style is a 40 deniers. So, it’s good for someone who wears a skirt, who doesn’t want a too opaque product that covers the leg completely. It’s quite silky.


Host: Is it more resisting?


Clerk: Yes it is, because the denier is higher.


Host (off): Style number 2. Middle range. CA$12,95. 40 deniers. 21% Lycra


(Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: Me, the number 2, I loved it. The reinforced toes, I like it quite a lot. I have toes that are aggressive to the stockings. The comfort, too, at the panty. I loved it. I had no run.


Lady 2: It’s a massacre. It’s a torture. It’s difficult to put on. It’s like I had a baby diaper between the legs. And I cannot pull it up to the waist, like I did for the style number 1.


Lady 3: It looked very much like opaque tights.


(Music and cutaway shot. In the street)


Man 3: It can be sexy, indeed.


Man 4: It depends on the person. It makes the legs more shaped, most of the times.


(Back to the hosiery store)


Host: The third style is really a luxury style that we decide to purchase, isn’t it?


Clerk: It’s a product from a designer. It’s 10 deniers, so it’s sheerer. No reinforced toes, so it can be worn with sandals without problems. And for the support, it’s tighter on the thighs and the hips. See? It’s very tight.


Host (off): There’s no risk to suffocate, at least?


Clerk: No, you must take the right size, but be extremely careful, given if you take too large, it will slide down.


Host (off): Style number 3. High range. CA$34. 10 deniers. 24% Lycra.


(Music. Cutaway shot. Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: The reinforcement at the toe is lower than the second style. The panty is "huh!" I can’t breathe. It’s a bit too much. It’s not comfortable.


Lady 2: It’s not too tight. It’s a bit itchy on the skin. To me, it’s quite sheer. It’s like I have no hose at all.


Lady 3: On the leg, it’s too large. It creases.


Host (off): It makes creases?


Lady 3: I should pull it up, pull it up. It slides down all the time.


Host: And the panty?


Lady 3. It’s too tight. Really too tight. Not comfortable.


Lady 4: It’s quite comfortable. Sometimes it’s worth paying a high price. But now, it’s not. I would not pay such a price for such a pantyhose.


Host (off): Even if they chose the size that fits them, 2 of our 4 testers felt really uncomfortable in the pantyhose number 3. Now, the final results. The first style gets 3 votes. The second style gets 1 vote. The third style gets zero vote. They prefer comfort to durability.


Lady 1: I was surprised to feel comfortable. I was very surprised.


Host: If you prefer a more resisting pantyhose, don’t forget the check the deniers. The higher deniers, the more durable the pantyhose is. For comfort, look the percentage of Lycra.


Man 5: I like a more natural look. I pity the women who wear hose. I find it boring. I never tried, but it’s what I see.


Host (close to a washing-machine): To maximize the durability of your hosiery, it’s better to wash them by hand, but we don’t always have the time, so we can wash them in the washing-machine, on the program "Wool", but what’s important is to use that kind of fishnet bag to put the hosiery inside. It will save it from running. That’s all!

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