Review of Victoria Secret Pantyhose with Pearls and Rhinestone Backseam

March 31, 2015 under Brands

Victoria secret rhinestone and pearl pantyhoseThese were sent to me by a fan from Vancouver Island. I never tried Victoria Secret pantyhose before that! This specific style I wore a couple of times already and they are quite durable.

Here’s a photo taken at the airport. I wore these on my flight from Las Vegas. Let’s just say I looked glamorous, but after sitting for a long time on these pearls, I felt that they were cutting into my skin. So these are better to wear when not much sitting is involved.

These are not too sheer, they feel more like 30 den. There is a cotton gusset, shadow toe, and they are sheer to waist. The fit is good and there is no sagging or falling. There are rhinestones and pearls arranged in the shape of a backseam.

Now Calgary is getting a little warmer, so I can actually wear styles like this outside with nice heels.

3 Responses to "Review of Victoria Secret Pantyhose with Pearls and Rhinestone Backseam"

  • Todd S says:

    I didn’t even know VS had their own pantyhose, so that is a new one on me. Glad to hear it, though.

    • admin says:

      Yes, they have pantyhose with their logo, but they don’t own a pantyhose factory. They get it from other factories that make it for them. I think about 2 years ago they even had a lawsuit (should be on this blog somewhere) from a factory that used to supply to them.

    • admin says:

      One person even showed me limited edition SEAMLESS pantyhose from Victoria Secret!

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