Comparing Gatta brand to Fiore brand – Hosiery Review

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 1Both Gatta and Fiore brands are from Poland, with factories just a short train ride apart. They keep an eye on each other, copy each other, and so on, just like any good competitors. In general Gatta is more popular and has a wider selection. The price is quite similar.

Today I realized that I still had one of the long time ago limited editions from Gatta called Sherry Ann. It’s been a while since I wore Gatta hosiery since I wear so much of other brands.

It is a sheer 20 den style with pink flowers along the side of the leg. Some of you who followed this blog, you probably saw this style already. It is no longer available for sale simply because I don’t have anymore of it.

I also was trying on for photos some Fiore tights in 20 denier, same size and similar kind of pattern, to compare the fit and feel. Here I’ll just show Gatta tights since I already have so many photos of Fiore.

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 2Here are my comments so far:

Lycra content: Gatta has a little more lycra! I see that Fiore usually has 12% for such styles and Gatta has 14%. In my opinion higher lycra content results in a softer feel.

Elasticity: Gatta proved to be more elastic. I tried size Large for both pairs and Fiore evenly stretched along my legs right away, but Gatta seemed to have extra material left over that rolled up on my upper thigh, later smoothing out as I continued wearing it.

sherry ann tights by gatta pantyhose picture on me 3 pattern close upToe reinforcement: Gatta has sheer toe, Fiore has invisibly reinforced toe. I rarely get runs, but I hear from other people that any kind of reinforcement helps with durability.

Cotton gusset: Gatta always, always, always has a gusset! Fiore will only up a gusset for sizes Medium and Large. Perhaps it’s not as crucial for fitting when it comes to a petite figure, but mainly it’s a money saver. But here is an important point, on tights checked for Gatta the gusset is synthetic and for Fiore it was made of cotton, thus being more hygienic. (This is not a rule though, both brands produce some with cotton gussets, and some styles with synthetic depending on the price.)

This is all for now. As you see, both have some advantages, disadvantage, and features that may be important for some people.

Cover Girl Pantyhose & the Cover Up Story

Siebruck Hosiery Ltd, a Canadian manufacturer in Montreal, Quebec, had a cool brand on the market in the 80s and 90s. Cover Girl brand was a registered trade mark (not sure if there was any conflict with the same name used for cosmetics), available in local department stores in Canada.

vintage pantyhose for sale

Buy it here for $4.99

I think of those times and sadly exhale. There were hosiery mills in Canada and departments stores with shelves full. Now, except for Mondor (even though they could partially outsource some of the processes), there is no hosiery industry here anymore.

According to some research online, we can even see that Siebruck had a patent for the ornamental design on the hosiery packages.

However, Siebruck didn’t go out of business because of lack of customers. They went bankrupt in 1996 because of a lawsuit for “unreported sales in excess of $1.5 million”. Ouch, Cover Girl was trying to cover up some serious cash. The president of the company, Herman Gruenwald, tried to present a counter-claim for $3 million dollars for damaged reputation, but obviously didn’t get too far with that.

cover girl pantyhose brand advertisement Montreal Quebeck Siebruck hosieryI got one pair of these from my friend who bought them about 30 years back. That means, that Cover Girl was still innocent and popular.

It’s about size Large, burgundy colour. 100% nylon. Of course it’s in the shop section for the price that she wants for it.

Note: If anyone doesn’t really care about getting it, but wants me to model it for them, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. At the moment it’s unworn and will be sold this way, unless of course it’s requested otherwise. 

Kylie Minogue promotes Wolford in her video Sexercise

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-made-by-Ernest-Garcà?a pantyhoe Wolford

Kylie Minogue, the singer known for her wild side, just launched a new video that starts with a shot of a Wolford shopping bag.

Mostly the bodywear is featured as the dancers exercise in white bodysuits, but in some shots you can tell that she is wearing nude fishnet pantyhose under her leotard.

This video of dancers doing all sorts of moves  on high heels was filmed in a high school gym. The song itself is written by an Australian composer, Sia.

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-made-by-Ernest-Garcà?a pantyhoe Wolford leotard

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-video pantyhose Wolford bag

Adrian Hosiery Brand

Adrian brand advertisement plus size hosieryDear pantyhose fans, has anyone tried Adrian brand before? I am considering adding it to the shop section, I found a supplier who can get it for me.

When I was in Poland a while back, I’ve heard that this brand makes excellent plus size items.

It just happened that I was on a train with a glamorous girl who was looking at a Russian fashion magazine and even writing notes and circling items. I’ve never seen a woman that serious about a fashion magazine!

Turned out she was in the fashion industry and had an assignment to analyze some trends. So she didn’t speak Russian or anything like that, but according to her, Russia was so forward with their fashion trends that she would order their magazines for research.

I told her I have a hosiery blog and she brought up that brand to my attention, turns out they had the ads all over TV and so on for their plus size selection.

Adrian brand for tights and pantyhose from Poland

I’d be happy to hear if you have any comments.

If I’d bring it in, would you give it a try?

My Friend’s Vintage Pantyhose Drawer

So as I was digging through my friend’s drawer, I found she had a collection of vintage pantyhose. She wants to sell them for about $4 for single pair, about $6 for value packs that have 2 pairs in them, and $8 for the vintage Dim brand.

Do you want to buy? E-mail me.

Just looking at these vintage pantyhose packages is already a thrill!  Most of these are made in Canada.

vintage pantyhose for sale - made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

Cover Girl brand pantyhose. I didn’t even know there was a brand like that! (SOLD already)

Silky Panty. Extra tall, burgundy. Sheer and ultra transparent, sandal foot.  Made in Canada.  100% nylon.

Cover Girl ultra sheer pantyhose for those special occasions when you want nothing but the ultimate sheer.  Soft cotton lined gusset.

vintage pantyhose for sale

Finesse brand no run pantyhose. 4 taupe, 4 black pairs in stock. Made in Canada. Magi-stitch construction provides greater durability. Run resistant. Queen size. 100% nylon.

vintage pantyhose for sale

L’amour sandalfoot pantyhose with a polka dot print.  Made in Canada.  100% nylon. Available in several shades of grey and one in taupe. Buy it here – L’Amour Vintage.

vintage pantyhose by Baycrest brand

Baycrest brand, sheer silky control top sandal foot pantyhose. Queen size. Misty black. Made in Canada. Quality tested by the retail research foundation of Canada. Buy it here – Baycrest Vintage.

These pantyhose have a silky nylon / spandex panty for gentle hip and tummy contol, ultra sheer and lycra spandex leg and an invisible reinforcement knitted into the toe for added durability called Super Toe. The extra touch of lycra in the leg offers you a better fit with a silky luxurious feel.

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

Discretion nude pantyhose, ivory colour, rather off white. Large (135 – 155 lbs). It says that there is a 30 day guarantee! (well, I’m unable to extend it to you after 30 yrs though) 100% nylon. Made in Canada.

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

Woodsonia silky panties and hose in one. Sandalfoot. Cotton gusset added for extra comfort. Panty portion consists of 77% nylon, 23% Spandex. Leg is 100% nylon. Made in Canada. Actifresh, made exclusively for Woodward’s!

Whisper vintage pantyhose brand for sale

Whisper pantyhose. Different colours. 100% nylon. 20 Denier. Made in Canada. Buy it here – Whisper Vintage.

vintage Kayser soft touch pantyhose


Kayser soft touch, all sheer sandalfoot. Extra large. All sheer pantyhose, cotton lined gusset. “Soft touch” with a touch of lycra for a superb fit. SOLD.

92% Nylon, 8% Lycra/Spandex

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

Woodsonia non run all sheer sandal foot panty hose. Colour – bone. Fits between 5’4” to 5’8”.  Non-run stitch provides greater durability. 100% nylon. Made in Canada. Buy it here – Woodsonia vintage.

vintage tights queen size - pantyhose XL from The Bay brand

The Bay brand. Queen size pantyhose. Reinforced panty and toe. Fits 160-200 lbs, 73-90 kg. 100% nylon. Made in Canada. Treated for long lasting freshness.

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

L’amour queen size pantyhose. Slate grey, 170-200 lbs. Motif style. Made in Canada. 100% nylon.

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon


Phantom fashionables. Medium size. Fashion patterned and opaque panti hose sandalfoot. Fashonables add a little mystique to a very beautiful you! Made in Canada. 100% nylon. SOLD ALREADY

made in Canada - tights from the 80`s, 100% nylon

Dim pantyhose looks like coffee in these small bags.  One pack, the shiny one, is black pantyhose and the knee highs are in the other one.  These were purchased in France in 1982.  Large size.  These Dim are $8 each.

These Dim pantyhose were bought in Marseilles in France by my friend, in a shop that just sold lingerie and stockings. She went there to visit her friend and they together went to this shop, buying Dim bras and hosiery. That store was special because it was one of the few places that had bras with adjustable straps.

woodwynn hosiery vintage

Woodwynn brand. Queen size pantyhose. 160-195 lbs. Made in Canada. 100% nylon. Charcoal.

Buy Vintage Pantyhose in our SHOP.

Is Dim brand actually Elbeo?

I kept on wondering why I can’t find Elbeo in Canada, so I asked them.  Their answer surprised me!  They say that they distribute in Canada already, but under the name of Dim.

Just a few days ago one of my fans sent me some Dim hosiery as a present.  Before I tried their stay up stockings that I bought on sale in Toronto and I quite liked them.  But this was my first time trying Dim pantyhose.

dim pantyhose legs and boots resized 2 dim pantyhose legs and boots resized

These were 14 den, black, sheer to waist.  I put them on gently using cotton hosiery gloves and wore this outfit to see a friend of mine – blue boots, pantyhose, and a white dress.

*Dear friends, please keep in mind that the funding for this blog comes from the shop section. Please have a look at it.*

Video – Hosiery News Report in French – Translated

Youtube link :

 Thank you so much to Michel from France who did this translation!


Reportage de collants Hosiery news report
Présentatrice : (A Josée, la maquilleuse) Merci Josée. (Au public) Oh non ! Encore une maille ! Les femmes qui, comme moi, portent des bas Nylon régulièrement, peuvent en acheter 2 ou 3 paires par semaine. C’est beaucoup d’argent. Ca peut coà?ter jusqu’à?400$ par année. Est-ce qu’on peut économiser en achetant des bas nylons de meilleure qualité ? C’est ce qu’on va voir aujourd’hui en allant magasiner. Et heureusement, j’en ai une paire en réserve.(Musique et plan de coupe. Dans une boutique de collants.)collant reportage 10 den photo

Présentatrice : (A la vendeuseQuand je magasine des bas nylon, quelles questions je dois me poser, tout d’abord?

Vendeuse : Avant tout, est-ce que c’est une occasion de soirée, ou si c’est un bas nylon, pour tous les jours, pour le bureau, et deuxièmement si on veut une culotte de maintien ou non, et si on va les porter avec des chaussures ouvertes ou non.


Présentatrice Qu’est-ce que je dois regarder pour avoir un bas résistant ?


Vendeuse : Le denier doit être un peu plus élevé. Plus le denier est bas, plus le bas est mince. Et un autre facteur très important, c’est le Lycra dans le produit. Ca existe 100% Nylon, c’est-à?-dire, il n’y a pas de Lycra, alors, à?a risque de descendre sur la jambe. Ca va glisser. Avec le Lycra, à?a reste mieux sur la jambe, et puis c’est plus moulant.


(Musique et plan de coupe. Chez la coiffeuse.)


Présentatrice : (A la coiffeuseA quelle occasion vous portez des bas Nylon ?


La coiffeuse (la dame 1) : PlutГѓВґt dans les soirées. Les parties de Noà?l, les choses comme à?a.


Dame 2 : Dès que je me mets en jupe ou en robe, je mets des bas Nylon.


Dame 3 : Le travail, régulièrement. Les sorties.


Dame 4 : Quand je me mets en robe. Des fois pour le travail, pour une sortie.


Présentatrice (off): Claudine, Amélia, Katia et Sylvie, travaillent à?la maison Saint-Laurent de Longueuil. Elles acceptent de se transformer en mannequin pendant quelques jours.


Présentatrice (de retour à?la boutique de collants) : Nous avons choisi quelques modèles pour nos 4 testeuses. Tout d’abord, un modèle assez simple, je crois.


Vendeuse Le premier, c’est un bas assez mince, mais très bien pour tous les jours. Culotte de maintien, et le pied renforcé.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle numéro 1, bas de gamme, à?7,50$, 15 deniers, 6% de Lycra.


Dame 1 : J’ai pas vraiment aimé le confort, le bout du bas. Il n’y avait pas de renfort. En plus la première fois que je l’ai porté, à?a a fait une maille. Première journée.


Dame 2 : Il est plus soyeux. Il bouge sur la peau. Le seul inconvénient, c’est qu’il n’est pas durable.


Dame 3 : Avec, on les enfile, juste s’asseoir, se relever, à?a fait des plis.


Dame 4 : Je l’aime beaucoup. C’était confortable dedans pour bouger. C’était souple. Il serrait bien la jambe. Il était assez solide. Rien, pas de maille.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la rue.)


Présentatrice (A un homme dans la rue) Vous, en tant qu’homme, qu’est-ce que vous pensez des femmes qui portent des bas Nylon ? Est-ce vous trouvez à?a sexy ?


Homme 1 : Bien sà?r que je trouve à?a sexy. J’adore à?a.


Homme 2 : Ca peut être suggestif, comme à?a peut être juste esthétique.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la boutique de collants).


Présentatrice Le deuxième modèle ?


Vendeuse : Le deuxième, c’est un 40 deniers. Alors, c’est bien pour quelqu’un qui va porter une jupe, qui ne veut pas d’un produit trop opaque, qui couvre complètement la jambe, mais assez soyeux.


Présentatrice Est-ce qu’il est plus résistant ?


Vendeuse : Oui. Parce que le denier est plus élevé.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle numéro 2. Milieu de gamme. A 12,95$. 40 deniers. 21% de Lycra.


Dame 1 : Bah, moi, le numéro 2, en fait, je l’ai adoré. Le renfort au bout des pieds. Moi, à?a me plaà?t assez. J’ai des orteils mangeurs de bas. Le confort, aussi au niveau de la culotte, j’ai adoré. J’ai aucune maille.


Dame 2 : C’est un massacre. C’est une torture. Il est difficile à?mettre. C’est comme si on avait une couche de bébé entre les 2 jambes. Et on peut pas les monter à?la taille, comme les autres, les premiers.


Dame 3 : Il ressemblait pas mal à?un collant.


(Musique. Plan de coupe. Dans la rue.)


Homme 3 : Ca peut être sexy, effectivement.


Homme 4 : Tout dépend de la personne. Ca fait un plus beau galbe, la plupart du temps.


(Retour dans la boutique de collants.)


Présentatrice : Le troisième modèle, c’est vraiment un modèle de luxe qu’on décide de se payer, n’est-ce pas ?


Vendeuse C’est un produit de designer. Il est de 10 deniers. Alors c’est un peu plus mince. Pied sandale. On peut porter à?a avec des chaussures ouvertes sans problèmes. Et au niveau maintien, à?a contrГѓВґle les cuisses et les hanches. Voyez ? Il est très serré.


Présentatrice (off) : On ne risque pas d’étouffer, par contre ?


Vendeuse Non, il faut prendre la bonne taille, mais faire très attention, parce que si on prend trop grand, à?a risque de rouler à?la cheville.


Présentatrice (off) : Modèle 3. Haut de gamme. 34$. 10 deniers. 24% de Lycra.


(Musique. Plan de coupe.)


Dame 1 : Le renfort au bout du bas est moindre que le deuxième. La gaine est « huh ! ». Je suis étouffée complètement. C’est un peu trop. C’est pas confortable.


Dame 2 : Il n’est pas trop serré. Il est un peu rude sur la peau. Je trouve qu’il est assez transparent. Ca fait l’effet qu’on n’en a pas.


Dame 3 : Au niveau de la jambe ici, c’est trop large. Ca plisse.


Présentatrice (off) : Ca fait des plis ?


Dame 3 : Il faudrait que je le tire, que je le tire. Il descend tout le temps.


Présentatrice Et la gaine ?


Dame 3 : Trop serrée. Vraiment trop serrée. Inconfortable.


Dame 4 : C’est assez confortable. Parfois à?a vaut la peine, des fois de payer le prix. Mais là?, non. Je ne paierais pas ce prix-là?pour ce bas-là?.


Présentatrice (off) : Même si elles ont choisi la taille qui leur convient, deux de nos quatre testeuses se sentent vraiment inconfortables dans le bas numéro 3. Et voici leur verdict final : le premier modèle remporte 3 votes. Le second, 1 vote. Et le troisième, aucun vote. Elles préfèrent le confort à?la durabilité.


Dame 1 : J’ai été très surprise d’être confortable dans un bas Nylon. J’ai été très surprise.


Présentatrice (off) : Si, de votre cГѓВґté, vous préférez un bas plus résistant, n’oubliez pas de vérifier le nombre de deniers. Plus il est élevé, plus votre bas risque de durer. Pour le confort, regardez le pourcentage de Lycra.


Homme 5 (dans la rue) : J’aime bien un look naturel. Je plains les femmes qui en portent. Je trouve que c’est agaà?ant. J’ai jamais essayé, mais c’est ce que je constate.


Présentatrice (près d’une machine à?laver) : Pour que vos bas Nylon durent le plus longtemps possible, l’idéal, c’est de les laver à?la main, mais  on n’a pas toujours le temps de le faire, alors on peut les laver à?la machine, au cycle délicat, mais ce qu’il est important d’utiliser, c’est ce petit sac en filet, dans lequel on met nos bas. Ca évitera bien des mailles. Et voilà? ! Le tour est joué !


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Host : (To Josée, the make-up artist) Thank you, Josée. (To the viewers) Oh no! A run, again! Women who, like me, wear stockings on a regular basis, can buy 2 or 3 pairs each week. It’s a lot of money. It can cost up to CA$400 per year. Can we save enough money by buying stockings of a better quality? It’s what we will try to know today, by going shopping. And fortunately, I have a spare pair.(Music and cutaway shot. In a hosiery store.)Host: (To the clerk) When I purchase hosiery, which questions should I ask myself, at first?

Clerk: First, is it for a party, or is it pantyhose for everyday use, for work, and second, if you want a support panty or not, and if you will wear them with open-toes shoes or not.


Host: What should I look for to have more resistant pantyhose?


Clerk: The denier must be higher. The lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery. And another very important factor, it’s the Lycra inside the product. It exists in 100% Nylon, that is, without Lycra, but it may slide down along the leg. It will slide down. With Lycra, it stays better on the leg, and also, it’s more clinging.


(Music and cutaway shot. At the hairdresser).


Host: (To the hairdresser) What are the opportunities for you to wear sheer hosiery?


Hairdresser (Lady 1): The most often in parties. Christmas parties and the likes.


Lady 2: Each time I wear a skirt or a dress, I wear sheer hosiery.


Lady 3: At work, on a regular basis. Or for stepping out.


Lady 4: When I put on a dress. Sometimes for work or to step out.


Host (off): Claudine, Amélia, Katia and Sylvie, work at Saint-Laurent of Longueil’s hairdresser shop. They accepted to model for us for a few days.


Host (back to the hosiery store): We chose a few styles for our 4 testers. First, a quite inexpensive style, I believe.


Clerk: The first one is quite sheer, but is OK for every day’s use. Support panty and reinforced toes.


Host (off): Style number one. Low range. CA$7,50. 15 deniers. 6% Lycra.


(Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: I didn’t really like the comfort, the toes. There is no reinforcement. Plus, the first time I put them on, I got a run. The first day.


Lady 2: It’s quite soft. It moves on the skin. The only trouble, is that it’s not durable.


Lady 3: When I have them on, just sitting down or standing up makes creases.


Lady 4: I like it very much. It was comfortable to move. It’s supple. It clung well the leg. It was quite robust. No run.


(Music and cutaway shot. In the street)


Host: (to a man in the street) You, as a man, what do you think of women who wear hosiery? Do you find it sexy?


Man 1: Of course, I find this sexy. I love it!


Man 2: It can be suggestive, it can also be only aesthetic.


(Music and cutaway shot. Back to the hosiery store)


Host: Second style?


Clerk: The second style is a 40 deniers. So, it’s good for someone who wears a skirt, who doesn’t want a too opaque product that covers the leg completely. It’s quite silky.


Host: Is it more resisting?


Clerk: Yes it is, because the denier is higher.


Host (off): Style number 2. Middle range. CA$12,95. 40 deniers. 21% Lycra


(Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: Me, the number 2, I loved it. The reinforced toes, I like it quite a lot. I have toes that are aggressive to the stockings. The comfort, too, at the panty. I loved it. I had no run.


Lady 2: It’s a massacre. It’s a torture. It’s difficult to put on. It’s like I had a baby diaper between the legs. And I cannot pull it up to the waist, like I did for the style number 1.


Lady 3: It looked very much like opaque tights.


(Music and cutaway shot. In the street)


Man 3: It can be sexy, indeed.


Man 4: It depends on the person. It makes the legs more shaped, most of the times.


(Back to the hosiery store)


Host: The third style is really a luxury style that we decide to purchase, isn’t it?


Clerk: It’s a product from a designer. It’s 10 deniers, so it’s sheerer. No reinforced toes, so it can be worn with sandals without problems. And for the support, it’s tighter on the thighs and the hips. See? It’s very tight.


Host (off): There’s no risk to suffocate, at least?


Clerk: No, you must take the right size, but be extremely careful, given if you take too large, it will slide down.


Host (off): Style number 3. High range. CA$34. 10 deniers. 24% Lycra.


(Music. Cutaway shot. Back to the hairdresser salon.)


Lady 1: The reinforcement at the toe is lower than the second style. The panty is "huh!" I can’t breathe. It’s a bit too much. It’s not comfortable.


Lady 2: It’s not too tight. It’s a bit itchy on the skin. To me, it’s quite sheer. It’s like I have no hose at all.


Lady 3: On the leg, it’s too large. It creases.


Host (off): It makes creases?


Lady 3: I should pull it up, pull it up. It slides down all the time.


Host: And the panty?


Lady 3. It’s too tight. Really too tight. Not comfortable.


Lady 4: It’s quite comfortable. Sometimes it’s worth paying a high price. But now, it’s not. I would not pay such a price for such a pantyhose.


Host (off): Even if they chose the size that fits them, 2 of our 4 testers felt really uncomfortable in the pantyhose number 3. Now, the final results. The first style gets 3 votes. The second style gets 1 vote. The third style gets zero vote. They prefer comfort to durability.


Lady 1: I was surprised to feel comfortable. I was very surprised.


Host: If you prefer a more resisting pantyhose, don’t forget the check the deniers. The higher deniers, the more durable the pantyhose is. For comfort, look the percentage of Lycra.


Man 5: I like a more natural look. I pity the women who wear hose. I find it boring. I never tried, but it’s what I see.


Host (close to a washing-machine): To maximize the durability of your hosiery, it’s better to wash them by hand, but we don’t always have the time, so we can wash them in the washing-machine, on the program "Wool", but what’s important is to use that kind of fishnet bag to put the hosiery inside. It will save it from running. That’s all!

collant reportage 3

collant reportage model 40 den

collant reportage 10 den

collant reportage 2

collant reportage 40 den with shoes


Melting Tights from Germany by URB brand

by Helene, Belarus

A few days ago my friend shared with me this link and her excitement about this new kind of melting tights. Well, I was excited too and even was thinking of how to get a pair of them for myself. But luckily I had a long journey and enough time to think about it.

melting tights on models


OK, let us suppose I will buy such tights. But what after that? Where shall I wear them? Maybe I will be able to wear them for some extraordinary party or event, which usually takes place once in a blue moon.

If I wear them outside instead of normal tights I will attract everyone’s attention.  Maybe I’ll get comments from people.  But the biggest fun it would be if I put them on in autumn, when it rains all time, and let people wonder what’s going on.

melting tights on teenagers



This reminds me of a story which my friend told me. She was trying to get some tan and used special cream for that. That was supposed to be of a good quality and she really believed in it till once she got caught in rain. This cream reacted with rain water and formed a thick layer of foam flowing down her legs! Could you imagine how embarrassed she was walking outside?

melting tights by URB


Some of these designs combine the paint with the holes and runs.  In my opinion those holes just make tights look awful. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but then why do majority of women throw away tights when they are torn?  Some people may continue wearing it with the same pride as if it were designer clothes and even think of it as sexy. Anyway it is up to one’s taste, but I can’t stand any kind of holes or runs in my tights.  Holes in tights are not a new invention, so let us turn back to paint flows on these melting tights.

melting pantyhose trio


Well, one evident advantage is that people will turn their attention to tights rather than to legs, that is why this attire is the best choice for those whose legs are far from perfect. It is summer now and many girls and women try to beautify themselves by wearing the most incredible things. Short skirts and dresses when legs are far from perfect, massive rings when fingers are swollen from heat, thick make-up flowing from heat and sweat, so those tights can complete the image. Flowing make-up and flowing paint will be a perfect combination.

melting tights blue and yellow


With women taking on professions that were traditionally performed by males, it’s not a surprise that men wouldn’t borrow anything from women.  So logically – why not men then wearing tights?  Then they also shall not forget about dresses and skirts. URB brand came out with melting tights for both genders.

melting tights for men



These tights can be really good for teenagers who like to be different and stand out from crowd. Shorts or short skirt, bright running shoes or comfortable shoes, bright top – and the teenager-girl will look wonderful. All suits them if chosen with taste.

But I don’t think it’s OK for those who aren’t in their teenage years anymore. Of course adult women will attract much attention when they try to put on such tights, but this will be not the kind of attention they are looking for. If you are not a teenager anymore, not a model or a TV-star, then better avoid such thing.

melting tights by URB brand


Such tights is quite good and innovative idea, everything has a right to exist. And we choose carefully where it’s appropriate and where it isn’t.

I come to a conclusion that even though it can be fun, but when it comes to daily wear this style is not for me. So I will wait until I become a celebrity TV host or a famous sci-fi movie actress and then I can go ahead and make a hell of a fashion statement!

2007 French TV Show about Pantyhose for Men by Gerbe

English Translation by Michel


The dialog is from here:
Similar show with the same topic: 

How Gerbe Started a Line of Pantyhose for Men

men drain up 40 pantyhose by gerbe

Host : It’s 11:05 am, and 11:05 is scoop time. No, you are not dreaming, I won’t tell you the name of the mysterious character, the one that will allow you to win an invitation to Olivier Eltzer’s restaurant. I won’t even tell you a second clue. It will be some time later. No, no I have a real scoop. Are you ready to hear it? Men are at last equal to women. I know it’s quite provocative for a scoop, but it’s indeed the case. We, men, we can, from now on, wear pantyhose and knee-high. Thanks to these ladies. Hello!


Lady 1 (in black dress): Hello!


Lady 2 (white jacket): Hello!


Host : Hello to Annie and Anne-Marie. You come to show us a product : pantyhose for men.


Lady outside frame (1 or 2): Indeed.


Host: Why pantyhose for men? Was there a demand?


Lady 1: Yes, there was. Since the opening of our website, we had daily requests from men to have a pantyhose designed especially for them. So, we have thought about it, and this year Gerbe decided to exert its savoir-faire to men.


Host: So it means, it’s not a marketing idea at first? It’s really the male customers who asked for it?


Lady 1: That’s right! It’s the demand of the market, and we have asked these men their help by asking them what kind of product they wanted.


Lady 2: They told us: “We want this. We usually buy pantyhose like those for our wives, but we would like a line especially for us”. Why would pantyhose only reserved to ladies? So, we took this like something not conformist. We thought: “It will stay very very marginal”. Then, in at a second thought, as we were facing the demand, we talked about it and we said: “Why not? We should start. There may be something to do in that domain.” And so, that why it started, and…

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 2 french 2007

two male models – one in footless hosiery and one in sheer hosiery


Lady 1: …since March 5th, we launched this line for men.


Host: So Annie, what is the assessment?


Lady 1: It’s very positive. It goes even beyond our expectations. It’s so positive that we will improve this range that presently consists of 4 pantyhose and knee-high, by adding 2 new pantyhose. So the “Drain Up 40” pantyhose…


Host: … that I am actually wearing right now, I dare to say. I will ask the camera to make a close caption. (To the camera operator) Come in. Come in. (To the audience) Strip-tease moment in this show. Look! I will not take off my pants. So, effectively, I am wearing these pantyhose.


Lady 1: …opaque, 40 deniers, draining and relaxing. I think you can…


Host: Effectively, I feel freshness at the bottom of my feet.


Lady 1: That’s right. It’s made on purpose.


Lady 2: It’s especially recommended for people who stand up or sat down for long periods of time.


Host: Cooks, for example?


Lady 2: Indeed, also barbers, or people who take planes, who sat down a long time in planes, on long trips, who feel pain in their legs, can wear that kind of product. And we already have feedback, given we already had this product for women and they were very happy about it.


Host: Is it a bit like compression stockings? I already knew compression stockings that can be purchased in pharmacies. It’s a bit similar.

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 3

Pantyhose for men have some modifications to the fit.


Lady 2: If you want, but a slight compression.


Lady 1: Preventive compression.


Lady 2: Preventive and it’s also for comfort. For well-being.


Lady 1: Draining and relaxing.


Lady 2: By the way, at the end of the show, you will tell me how good it is!


Host: All right. What are your arguments to sell pantyhose to a man? I imagine there’s a psychological barrier to break, right?


Lady 1: No, given it’s a demand from the market, so it’s very easy for us to respond.


Host: So what do they tell you?


Lady 1: There is a specific demand, given there are specific products. There are men who ask for very sheer products. So there are 2 styles.


Host: Precisely, Phatty is wearing them!


A male model, Phatty, shows up on screen.


Lady 1: That’s right!


Host: Precisely, that is a real revolution in the domain of male fashion, comparatively to classic styles every woman wears.


Lady 1: Correct. We had to do it, given we were asked for it.


Lady 2: I must add, it’s adapted to the male morphology.


Host: We’ll ask Phatty. (To Phatty) Is it comfortable?


Phatty: Yes it is. It’s quite fresh at the bottom. It’s refreshing. But it’s true that…


Lady 2: (To Phatty) It sure makes you pretty legs! (To the host) It can be worn with a bermuda. Given men asked for it could be worn with a bermuda. Or wear with a skirt or a dress, and I am speaking here absolutely seriously. Or, alternatively with pants, to feel a little bit warmer, to feel the fabric on the legs, to feel the elasthan on the legs, that applies a slight compression to the legs. (To Phatty) You must feel your legs encased in the pantyhose. (To the Host) And it’s true that we had very positive feedback, given it’s the style that tops the sales, and I must say, Annick, since the start of the commercialization, that is, since the beginning of March, we sold more than 1,000 pairs and all styles added, more than 1,500. It encourages us to continue, and to respond positively to the demand.


Lady 1: The demand now, is new fabrics and new colors, so it’s obvious we won’t stop now.


Host: Is the mentality evolving?


Lady 2: Absolutely! Mentality is evolving, and I find that just right. I must say that these pantyhose are adapted to the male morphology, so there’s a front opening that is well adapted to male morphology. (To Phatty) I don’t know what you think about it, Phatty.


Host: He looks happy.


Lady 2: He looks happy. Everything is all right. And I think he will be from now on a regular user of pantyhose.

men drain up 40 pantyhose by gerbe 2 opaque

Phatty: Yes indeed!


Lady 2: We will make the warm tights too.


Lady 1: Especially made for Winter. For cold sensitive men.


Host: We will invite you again in December.


Lady 2: These are tights made of silk Rhovyl (clothing fiber), that is very warm, that can be worn with a comfortable outfit, sport or ski outfit. Our male customers are free.


Host: Annick, Anne-Marie, thank you very much for having presented us this innovation.


Lady 2: It’s us who thank you.


Host: And myself, I keep my pantyhose on.


Lady 2: All right. No problem! That way, you will tell us again about it in December.


Host: Absolutely! Thank you, ladies!

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 4

Men in Gerbe pantyhose


Original text in French:

La marque Gerbe lance les collants pour hommes

Présentateur : Il est 11h05, et 11h05 c’est l’heure du scoop. Alors, non, ne rêvez pas, je ne vais pas vous donner le nom du personnage mystérieux, celui qui vous permettra de gagner une invitation au restaurant Olivier Eltzer. Je ne vais même pas vous donner un deuxième indice. Ce sera pour dans quelques instants. Non, non, j’ai un véritable scoop. Etes-vous prêts à l’entendre ? L’homme est enfin l’égal de la femme. Je sais que c’est un peu provoc comme scoop, mais c’est le cas, en effet. Nous autres les hommes, nous pouvons désormais porter des collants et des mi-bas, grâce à ces dames. Bonjour.


Dame 1 (robe noire) : Bonjour.


Dame 2 (veste blanche) : Bonjour.


Présentateur : Bonjour à Annie, bonjour à Anne-Marie. Vous venez nous présenter un produit : des collants pour hommes.


Dame hors écran : Effectivement.


Présentateur : Pourquoi des collants pour hommes ? Il y avait vraiment une demande ?


Dame 1 : Oui, on a depuis quelques mois, dès l’ouverture de notre site Internet, des demandes quotidiennes de la part de ces messieurs, pour avoir un collant qui leur soit spécialement réservé. Donc nous nous y sommes attentionnés, et cette année, Gerbe a décidé de dédier son savoir-faire à la gente masculine.

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 5

Photos of men in pantyhose by Gerbe


Présentateur : Donc, ce qui veut dire que ce n’était pas une idée marketing à la base, ce sont vraiment les clients qui vous ont réclamé ce produit ?


Dame 1 : Tout à fait ! C’est la demande du marché, et nous avons mis très largement tous ces messieurs à contribution en leur posant des questions quant au produit qu’ils souhaitaient vois se développer.


Dame 2 : Ils nous ont dit « On veut ça. On achète habituellement des collants comme pour nos femmes, mais on aimerait bien avoir une ligne spécialement pour nous. » Pourquoi le collant serait réservé uniquement aux femmes ?

Et voilà ! Donc on a pris ça d’une façon un peu marginale. On s’est dit : « Ca va rester très très marginal ». Puis après, devant l’afflux de la demande, on s’est concerté, et on s’est dit : « Et pourquoi pas ? Si on se lançait ? Il y a peut-être quelque chose à faire dans ce domaine. » Et voilà. L’aventure a commencé, et…


Dame 1 : …depuis le 5 Mars, nous avons lancé cette ligne homme.


Présentateur : Alors Annie, justement un petit bilan. ?


Dame 1 : Un bilan très positif, qui va même au-delà?de nos espérances. Tellement positif que nous allons étoffer cette gamme qui est composée actuellement de quatre modèles de collants et de mi-bas, de deux nouveaux modèles de collants. Donc, le collant « Drain Up 40 »


Présentateur : …que je porte sur moi, il faut bien le dire. On va demander à?la caméra de se rapprocher. (Au cameraman) Venez, venez ! (Au public)  Séquence strip-tease, un petit peu dans cette émission. Regardez. Alors je ne vais pas enlever mon pantalon. Effectivement, je porte ce collant.


Dame 1 : … opaque, 40 deniers, drainant et relaxant, qui soulage. Je pense que vous pouvez…


Présentateur : Justement, j’éprouve une sensation de fraicheur, en bas du pied.


Dame 1 : Absolument, c’est fait pour.


Dame 2 : Il est surtout recommandé pour les personnes qui sont en station debout prolongée ou assis très longtemps.


Présentateur : Les cuisiniers, par exemple ?


Dame 2 : Absolument. Les coiffeurs, les personnes qui prennent l’avion, qui sont assises très longtemps dans l’avion, lors de grands trajets et qui, effectivement, pour éviter la sensation de jambes lourdes, peuvent porter ce type de produit. Et nous avons déjà?des retours, puisque nous avions déjà?ce modèle pour femmes, et les clientes ont ont été très satisfaites.


Présentateur : Est-ce un peu comme les bas de contention ? Moi, je connaissais les bas de contention, qu’on achetait en pharmacie. C’est un peu le même système.


Dame 2 : Si vous voulez, de contention légère.


Dame 1 : …de prévention.


Dame 2 : de prévention, et c’est aussi un certain confort. Un bien-être.


Dame 1 : Drainant et relaxant.


Dame 2 : D’ailleurs, à?la fin de l’émission, vous m’en direz des nouvelles.


Présentateur : Très bien. Quels sont vos arguments pour vendre un collant à?un homme ? Moi, je pense qu’il y a une barrière psychologique à?franchir, non ?


Dame 1 : Non, puisque la demande vient du marché, donc c’est très facile pour nous d’y répondre.


Présentateur : Mais alors, qu’est-ce qu’ils vous disent ?


Dame 1 : Il y a une demande différente, puisqu’il y a différents produits. Il y a des messieurs qui demandent des produits relativement fins. Donc il y a deux modèles.


Présentateur : Justement, Phatty en porte.


Apparaà?t à?l’image un mannequin homme, Phatty…

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 6

Drain Up 40 den – popular style


Dame 1 : Voila.


Présentateur : Justement, à?a, c’est une vraie révolution dans le domaine de la mode masculine, par rapport au modèle classique que portent toutes les femmes.


Dame 1 : Voilà?. Il fallait le faire, puisqu’on nous l’a demandé.


Dame 2 : Mais qui est quand même, il faut le préciser, adapté à?la morphologie masculine.


Présentateur : On va demander à?Phatty. C’est confortable ?


Phatty : Oui, c’est assez frais. C’est frais en bas. Ca rafraichit. Mais c’est vrai que à?a….


Dame 2 : (A Phatty) Ah oui, à?a vous fait de belles jambes ! (au présentateur) On peut le porter avec un bermuda. Puisque ces messieurs l’ont demandé, pour porter avec un bermuda. Pour porter avec une jupe, une robe, et je suis en train de parler tout à?fait sérieusement. Ou encore, sous un pantalon, pour avoir un peu plus chaud, pour avoir une sensation de matière sur la jambe. Pour avoir aussi une sensation d’élasthanne qui fait une contention légère sur la jambe. (A Phatty) Vous devez sentir vos jambes qui sont bien tenues dans le collant. (Au présentateur) et c’est vrai qu’on a eu des retombées très positives, puisque c’est celui qui arrive en tête des ventes, et, il faut oser le dire, Annick : depuis le début que nous l’avons commercialisé, c’est-à?-dire, début Mars, nous en sommes déjà?à?plus de mille collants vendus, et en tout nous en somme à?mille cinq cent. Ca nous encourage quand même à?continuer, et à?répondre toujours présent à?la demande.


Dame 1 : La demande, maintenant, c’est des nouvelles matières, de nouveaux coloris, donc on voit effectivement qu’on ne s’arrêtera pas là?.


Présentateur : La mentalité évolue ?


Dame 2 : Absolument ! La mentalité évolue, et je trouve à?a très bien. On doit ajouter que ce collant est adapté à?la morphologie masculine, et vous avez une ouverture transversale qui est justement bien adaptée à?la morphologie masculine. (A Phatty) Je ne sais pas ce que vous en pensez, Phatty.


Présentateur : Il a l’air content.


Dame 2 : Il a l’air content. Tout va bien. Et je pense qu’il sera désormais un adepte du collant.


Phatty : Oui !


Dame 2 : Nous allons faire le collant chaud, aussi.


Dame 1 : Spécialement conà?u pour l’hiver. Pour les messieurs qui sont frileux.


Présentateur : On vous réinvitera au mois de Décembre.


Dame 2 : Absolument. Un collant qui est en Rhovyl soie, et qui est très très chaud et qui peut se porter soit en tenue confort, soit en tenue sportive, en combinaison de ski.  Ces messieurs sont libres.

gerbe pantyhose for men talkshow 1

There is a demand for men’s pantyhose.


Présentateur : Annick, Anne-Marie, merci beaucoup de nous avoir présenté cette innovation.


Dame 2 : C’est nous qui vous remercions.


Présentateur : Et moi, je garde mon collant.


Dame 2 : Tout à?fait. Pas de problèmes ! Justement, comme à?a, en Décembre, vous nous en direz, des nouvelles !


Présentateur : Absolument ! Merci, mesdames.


men drain up 40 knee high socks by gerbe


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