Anna Azerli – Pin Up Model & Opera Singer

Anna Azelri lingerie - leather garter belt

Here are some photos for you of Anna Azerli. She loves to wear pin up lingerie and she also sings a little bit. Her education is in opera, but she says she’d like to sing pop. One of my fans, Nikolaj from Berlin, helped me to find these cool photos.

Anna Azerli posing with a guitar - Rock On Rock On stockings lingerie jacket and stockings on Anna Azelri opera singer pin up model - Анна Азерли man at her feet - fetish - Anna Azelri stockings mistress

Anna Azelri stockings in a limo Anna Azelri stockings 9
pin up dress Anna Azelri stockings 10 pin up Anna Azelri stockings 8 on vacation Anna Azelri stockings 9 posing in a fancy chair Anna Azelri stockings 7 and polka dot lingerie pin up look

Anna brags about getting the best stockings out there. She says that she buys special ones that cost at least $100/pair. She claims to be Italian, but that’s maybe partially because her first language is Russian. Her single hit was a Russian song dedicated to Mr. Putin, “Marry me, President!”.

Anna Azelri in a yellow lace dress and stay up stockings

Anna Azelri stockings and black lingerie on the bed and high heels

Anna Azerli,in one of her shows, said how she  once got kidnapped by mafia for the purpose of gifting her to a narcotics trade king. The cops managed to rescue her in time. She would’ve been quite a present!

Anna Azelri wearing white lingerie 2 Anna Azelri black sheer pantyhose anna azerli, classic evenign gown, and her man stockings Anna Azerli and her dog stockings

Cindy of Samoa, a Glamorous Fa`afafine

By Helene, Belarus

Cindy of SamoaSamoa, traditions, customs. The combination of these words evokes some exotic images, many people will claim to know something about this country. But when you ask about the meaning of “fa’afafine”, even those who pretend to know Samoa will be quite confused. Though this is a very distinctive feature of Samoan culture, even not culture, but rather Samoan society. It is difficult to describe that mixture of emotions and feelings when I was reading about fa’afafine. Surprise, curiosity, thoughts about our society that claims to be the most human in the world, and of course, a question, how would those people feel here, in my country?

Fa`afafine is a third-gender person. Actually, those people are male biologically, but if they engage from childhood more in girls activities, if they feel more like girls, parents do not force them to get to male`s world. Such boys are grown up like girls. But they are not gays, as we are used to say, no, they are fa’afafine. They live a complete life and they are respected members of society. Moreover, if in family there are many boys but not enough girls, then some of boys could be brought up like a girl, so that fa`afafine could take care of family and help the mother around the house.

Immediately arises a question, if such people can find themselves in the modern world. And they do! As long as they were not pressurized in their families and as long as they were accepted positively in their society, they are not afraid of the world. Mostly they engage themselves in fashion, modeling, show-business, as those are creative people with very fine feelings.

Take for example, Cindy of Samoa. This is an example of how an ordinary person from Samoa can become world-famous and beloved. While reading her posts and comments I even felt a hint of envy, so much positivity and friendliness that one doubts if that person is from our world. First I thought it is a pose, nothing more than just a pose to gain some popularity, but while reading her Cindy`s posts more attentively. Some of them made me laugh, some of them seemed crazy to me, some of them made me think. But one was for sure this is an incredible person, with brilliant sense of humor, kind and loving heart, with her advantages and disadvantages and no doubt, very talented.

Cindy of SamoaUnwillingly a memory came to my mind. An old story, half-fairy-tale, half legend. Long ago there were no men and no women, people were complete and happy. So happy that gods got envious with them and divided them into two parts – a man and a woman. I think such kind of story exists in every culture, and this time Cindy of Samoa was the reason why I remembered about it.

I am not sure if fa`afafine could find a place in my country, but I am sure in one simple fact – progress was made not by ordinary people. If an ordinary person reads about fa`afafine, different feelings arise. But one is for sure they are unique, they are different, and we can learn from them many things.

Romanian Singer Inna in a Nylon Bodysuit

inna singer in nylon bodysuit 2 inna singer in nylon bodysuit 3

inna singer in nylon bodysuit 4I love Inna’s music and sometimes I listen to her disco tunes.  Inna is a Romanian singer who seems to please people with her voice, but now decided to please some nylon connoisseurs with her bodysuit.  Encased in this pantyhose-like sheer outfit, she even managed to flash her nipple a couple of times at Summer festival in Belgium, 2010.

inna singer in nylon bodysuitI can understand that it’s hard to keep the nylon bodysuit outfit from shifting while dancing on those stiletto heels, but what’s up with the thong that seems to have quite rough seams?  Either seamless fabric or maybe an additional layer of skin tone nylon under her outfit would do the trick to cover those parts. I would also love it if her bodysuit would cover her feet too.

But either way, she did a good job performing her songs Hot and Deja Vu despite her controversial nylon bodysuit and all the nerves prior to the show.  Perhaps with a body like that she is allowed to wear such nylon outfits!  Romania proves once again to be a very sexually open-minded place.

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Dolly Parton and Dolly the Sheep – what’s the connection?

Dolly the sheep

Dolly the Sheep is named after Dolly Parton

sheep named after Dolly Parton

Dolly the Sheep was named after Dolly Parton’s big breasts!

You may be surprised to learn that the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, was actually named after the country singer Dolly Parton!  Keith Campbell was the scientist in charge of the project who named the sheep after this voluptuous woman because the cell that the clone came from was a mammary gland cell.

Perhaps I would not know who this country singer was if it wouldn’t be for the sheep since I don’t listen to that kind of music.  But here are some some photos of the star!  It also seems that she loved to wear pantyhose and stockings.

Dolly Parton in nude pantyhose in DollyWood Dolly Parton in a yellow suit and pantyhose Dolly Parton in high heels and pantyhose

Dolly_Parton in black pantyhose Dolly-Parton-legs on CD cover

Being one of the most famous country singers, Dolly Parton was actually invited to pose for Playboy several times, but declined.  Her large breasts were quite an asset! But she has a big heart as well because she is involved in charity, philanthropy, and in her Dollywood Foundation project. I would love to hear your comments about this flamboyant beauty!


Elka accused of plagiarism of Hot Hot Heat song “Shame On You”

elka singer in a pink dressRecently I’ve been visiting Victoria, BC for the weekend.  It’s a city on Vancouver island, full of local artists.  Maybe I would not even mention this fact, but coincidentally I was just reading about how their local band called Hot Hot Heat got one of their songs copied by a famous European singer.

Russian/Ukrainian singer, who goes under the name of Elka (pronounced Yolka), for the past two years gained enormous popularity in former USSR for her song called “Provence”.  But she is now accused of plagiarism, the chorus of her song is almost identical to the tune from the Hot Hot Heat song called “Shame On You”.

You can listen to the music in the video below where they alternate between the Canadian original and the song that is thought to be the knock off.  Obviously, Elka completely denies such accusations and says that the song came to her composer from outer space by SMS.

elka singer in white socksCopyright violations make many of us upset, but think of it this way, you’d probably would never find out about this Hot Hot Heat song if a popular singer wouldn’t snatch it, as they say.

But why is it that the same tune performed by Elka got so much attention and the original didn’t?  Perhaps because of her beautiful video clip, uplifting lyrics (her song is about her exciting anticipation of her trip tomorrow to the suburbs of Paris), and of course her large promotional budget.

Would you say that it is possible that Elka’s composer didn’t actually copy that song and simply came up with such a similar tune?  I’d love to hear your opinion.


elka under water

elka singer in Kazan in pantyhose

elka singer in Kazan


Tom Boxer & Morena feat. J Warner – Deep In Love

tomboxer-morena deep in love

Morena is a beautiful Maltese singer who is known for wearing lots of stockings that look so delicious on her super slim legs.  She represented Malta in Eurovision in 2008.

mock suspender tights Tom Boxer Morena feat J Warner-Deep In Love

For the stockings lovers out there, there is plenty of stockings, fishnets, and suspender tights in the video below by Morena and Tom Boxer.  Good music, beautiful hosiery!

Bravo to the stylist of this Tom Boxer video!

Katie DiCicco, the singer from Chica Bomb, is about to release a new song

Katie DiCicco in fancy pantyhose - singer for Chica Bomb and Sugar KillerKatie DiCicco is a young woman who’s voice had the whole Europe dancing a couple of years back to the #1 hit song Chica Bomb, the single by Dan Balan.

In case you forgot who is Dan Balan, let me remind you – he is one of the boys who sang the Romanian Numa Numa song.  Their band split up, so he continued his career on his own.

In her recent feature with Stoli TV Katie mentions that she has a degree in apparel design from Cornell university.

Could her fashion background explain this wonderfully styled photo that appeared as a cover for her Sugar Killer album?  As you are probably guessing, I loved this photo so much because of those black and white pantyhose that show off Katie’s legs.

According to Katie’s PR team (who by the way provided me with this beautiful uncropped photo) there is going to be another single coming out soon and a video to follow, but this time it will not be with Dan Balan.

As soon as they release that secret, I’ll do a post here to keep you current.  You can also follow Katie DiCicco’s career by connecting with her through Social Media.


Dana International – Always a Diva!

One of my favourite music events to watch is the Eurovision.  It is something that brings out the best from countries from all over the world.  Not surprisingly, one of my treasured family posessions is a memorial coin from Eurovision in 1999 that was hosted in Israel because their contestant, Dana International, won in the previous year.

It is so hard to believe that this Israeli Eurovision winner, Dana International, used to be a boy.  Her popularity skyrocketed after her victory in 1998.  I remember those times when all of my Israeli friends were listening to her song “Diva”.  She returned to represent Israel at Eurovision many times after that, including 2011 with her song “Ding Dong”.



Can you imagine, she was banned on TV and radio when she just started out because “transsexual sent the wrong message to the nation’s youth”?  Still, even in countries like in Canada, I run into people who manage to make a mean comment about a transgendered woman.  Dana was met with a lot of opposition from religious groups when she performed at the Eurovision.  This is what she said as a reponse to that:

“My victory proves God is on my side. I want to send my critics a message of forgiveness and say to them: try to accept me and the kind of life I lead. I am what I am and this does not mean I don’t believe in God, and I am part of the Jewish Nation.”

Now she is over 40 and looks better than most women!  She even dresses more feminine – in most of her videos she is wearing either pantyhose, fishnets, leggings, or some kind of tight sexy leg wear.  Could that be why she is one of my favourite performers?


Rihanna is showing off her legs in Wolford pantyhose

Rihanna is one of those music stars who actually appreciates expensive hosiery!  A quick Google search revealed that she wears Wolford quite a lot.  Here is a photo from London, Brit Awards 2012.  This is a Wolford design called “bondage”.

There is also a brave picture of Rihanna in leopard print stay ups by Wolford called “Leo”.  Well, I am sure that only stars like Rihanna can get away with such bald fashion.

On the cover of GQ she is posing in fishnets with a reinforced sole.  Not sure what brand those are, but some kind of hosiery is better than nothing.  I hope she starts a trend!  To my surprise she is only 24 years old, so she still has a lot of time in front of her to rock the world.

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