Rihanna is showing off her legs in Wolford pantyhose

Rihanna is one of those music stars who actually appreciates expensive hosiery!  A quick Google search revealed that she wears Wolford quite a lot.  Here is a photo from London, Brit Awards 2012.  This is a Wolford design called “bondage”.

There is also a brave picture of Rihanna in leopard print stay ups by Wolford called “Leo”.  Well, I am sure that only stars like Rihanna can get away with such bald fashion.

On the cover of GQ she is posing in fishnets with a reinforced sole.  Not sure what brand those are, but some kind of hosiery is better than nothing.  I hope she starts a trend!  To my surprise she is only 24 years old, so she still has a lot of time in front of her to rock the world.

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