Anna Azerli – Pin Up Model & Opera Singer

Anna Azelri lingerie - leather garter belt

Here are some photos for you of Anna Azerli. She loves to wear pin up lingerie and she also sings a little bit. Her education is in opera, but she says she’d like to sing pop. One of my fans, Nikolaj from Berlin, helped me to find these cool photos.

Anna Azerli posing with a guitar - Rock On Rock On stockings lingerie jacket and stockings on Anna Azelri opera singer pin up model - Анна Азерли man at her feet - fetish - Anna Azelri stockings mistress

Anna Azelri stockings in a limo Anna Azelri stockings 9
pin up dress Anna Azelri stockings 10 pin up Anna Azelri stockings 8 on vacation Anna Azelri stockings 9 posing in a fancy chair Anna Azelri stockings 7 and polka dot lingerie pin up look

Anna brags about getting the best stockings out there. She says that she buys special ones that cost at least $100/pair. She claims to be Italian, but that’s maybe partially because her first language is Russian. Her single hit was a Russian song dedicated to Mr. Putin, “Marry me, President!”.

Anna Azelri in a yellow lace dress and stay up stockings

Anna Azelri stockings and black lingerie on the bed and high heels

Anna Azerli,in one of her shows, said how she  once got kidnapped by mafia for the purpose of gifting her to a narcotics trade king. The cops managed to rescue her in time. She would’ve been quite a present!

Anna Azelri wearing white lingerie 2 Anna Azelri black sheer pantyhose anna azerli, classic evenign gown, and her man stockings Anna Azerli and her dog stockings

4 thoughts on “Anna Azerli – Pin Up Model & Opera Singer

  1. Well she is definitely very well endowed up top. I know that is a turn on for a lot of men but that is just too much for me. Sexy legs though and her photos definitely showcase them well. Spending $100 a pair on stockings seems a bit steep though. In your opinion Jessica, looking at her images, can you tell if those are legit and would cost $100 a pair? Seems like she could easily get an endorsement for free stockings.

    • Hi, John, I think she spends what she says because in the videos I’ve seen of her she was wearing fully fashioned stockings. I just don’t think she is a star that big to get Cervin or Gio to sponsor her. My opinion is that she is a little desperate for fame, because if you think of it, really famous people like J. Lo for example don’t brag about something as small as stockings. If J.Lo would brag, she’d probably brag about a new mansion or some designer custom made diamond necklace, but not a $100 item.

  2. I was in Nordstrom’s the other day and there were several pairs of Wolford stockings that originally retailed for $100, so I can believe such high-priced hosiery exists.

  3. No, I did not like those pictures.
    She has a pretty face, but she has too much make up.
    Her breasts are too big. They doesn’t look natural.
    Her legs looks nice, but she shows a bit too much of herself.

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