Romanian Singer Inna in a Nylon Bodysuit

October 12, 2013 under Famous, What to Avoid

inna singer in nylon bodysuit 2 inna singer in nylon bodysuit 3

inna singer in nylon bodysuit 4I love Inna’s music and sometimes I listen to her disco tunes.  Inna is a Romanian singer who seems to please people with her voice, but now decided to please some nylon connoisseurs with her bodysuit.  Encased in this pantyhose-like sheer outfit, she even managed to flash her nipple a couple of times at Summer festival in Belgium, 2010.

inna singer in nylon bodysuitI can understand that it’s hard to keep the nylon bodysuit outfit from shifting while dancing on those stiletto heels, but what’s up with the thong that seems to have quite rough seams?  Either seamless fabric or maybe an additional layer of skin tone nylon under her outfit would do the trick to cover those parts. I would also love it if her bodysuit would cover her feet too.

But either way, she did a good job performing her songs Hot and Deja Vu despite her controversial nylon bodysuit and all the nerves prior to the show.  Perhaps with a body like that she is allowed to wear such nylon outfits!  Romania proves once again to be a very sexually open-minded place.

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2 Responses to "Romanian Singer Inna in a Nylon Bodysuit"

  • David, United States says:

    Great post. I also love Inna’s music… here is one of my favorite videos, “The Sun is Up” … her textured dress in this vide is so beautiful. Tan, and fluffy. What do you think?

  • Loretta Martin says:

    Cool outfit. I would like to have something like that, but with long sleeves, just to know how it feels to have nylon all over the body. I would not wear anything like that in public though. I don’t have that body to wear it in public and I don’t like to show my private areas that openly.

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