Interview: Anne Atkinson, Classic / Mature Model

I would like to introduce Anne Atkinson, a UK-based mature model who has an excellent portfolio of fashion and lingerie photos.  She agreed to answer a few questions about her life and career.


Q: It’s very interesting to see a woman who works as a model beyond
the age of 25.  I’ve heard before that for commercial photoshoots all
different age groups were in demand just so that the companies could
appeal to various age groups.  Do you feel that being a mature model
you have less competition than all the 21-year-olds running from
casting to casting?

A: In my age group there are fewer models with what seems to be a greater variety of looks for different types of shoots. However, getting paid work is harder as there seem to be fewer opportunities, so I have been working on generating some ideas of my own to work on.


Q: Some people say that modeling is fun.  Do you agree?  I personally
see it as work that is physically and mentally demanding, at least
based on my own experience.

A: While modelling can be very physically and mentally demanding, it can also be good fun. It’s good to be able to develop a rapport with the photographer and exchange a few jokes. I prefer not to take myself TO seriously but I feel I have to give the job everything I’ve got.

It’s important to keep fit and eat healthily though, so modelling isn’t just about turning up for jobs but also about maintaining a healthy approach to life all the time. It’s important also to bring ideas of your own to a shoot. The photographers appreciate your input and generating creative ideas adds to the enjoyment of the job.


Q: Have you ever thought of starting your own modelling agency?

A: Starting a modelling agency is not something I have thought of. I would think it would be very hard to get started in what is quite an uncertain area of business.


Q: What are your thoughts about parents putting their kids in modeling
and beauty pageants at an early age?  If it would be up to you, would
you put a certain age minimum on that?

A: When my sons were younger, as they were both attractive children, it crossed my mind to try and get them into the child modelling world. I think parents need to think very carefully about what it could involve and make sure that the child’s happiness and welfare is always foremost.

I have sometimes been concerned that some parents are fulfilling a need of their own and maybe forget to think too deeply about the welfare of the child. I certainly think the child beauty pageants are wrong on many levels. They can give a child an unrealistic set of values and could even lead to problems of self esteem as they get older.

Having said all this, there are obviously children who love all the attention, the opportunities to dress up etc. With the proper safeguards, (including proper checks from outside agencies) I think it can be OK.


Q: Great to see that you enjoy lingerie.  Do you have any favourite
lingerie outfits that you would like to share with us?

A: I enjoy posing in lingerie but, being older, there are areas of my body that I prefer to keep covered. So my favourite types of lingerie are usually items such as bodies, teddies and corsets. One of my favourites is this one (displayed below) – the frill and the different materials accentuates my figure and makes me feel sexy.

Anne Atkinson Fashion Model in Lingerie

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Top 10 Myths about Pantyhose – can you help me with this list?

I’d like to create a list of what kind of things people say about pantyhose.  Some of this applies, but to cheap brands and when you are not wearing your size!  Can you help me with this list?

1) Falls down between the legs

2) Unfashionable

3) Obsolete

4) Over-priced

5) Not Healthy

6) Itchy

7) Not for youth

8) Causes pain

9) Not for cold weather

10) Not for warm weather

Please help me to improve this and I’ll put it on a separate page for readers to see at all times.  I would also like to include an explanation to why this is not true.  (ex. different denier for different weather)

update – this list is now published under A Dozen Myths

Man Enough for Mantyhose?

by Jackie Noah, staff writer

560-with-shorts-on-stool.jpgCalling all guys who have thought about trying on women’s pantyhose but haven’t gotten the nerve!  (Come on out, fellas, I know you’re in there!)

Many of you are attracted to the look and feel of nylon pantyhose on a woman’s legs, and have wondered what it would feel like on your own legs.

Perhaps your attraction to pantyhose is strong enough to be classified as a fetish…   if that is the case, go ahead and indulge yourself – many male fans of Fantasy Stockings have told me the sensation they get from wearing and walking around in women’s pantyhose is “sheer” ecstasy! Words like, “sensual” “ecstatic” “undulation” “electric” roll off their lips…

Okay, so what is holding you back? Need another reason to open up a pack and give it a try? Health benefits! Traditionally, wearing support hose has been  for “women only”, although the health benefits of slipping into a pair cut across gender lines.

Steve Newman is spokesman for  “ActivSkin Men’s Legwear”, a product line of G. Lieberman & Son’s of Granville Ohio, USA.  Family owned for four generations,  Lieberman & Sons (GLS Hosiery) has been discretely offering its hosiery to men since 1920. Steve was recently interviewed by Gail Hogan on Columbus Ohio’s WNBC-4 TV.

Steve told Gail, “… up to forty five percent of men experience vein insufficiencies in the legs and the medical industry has largely ignored that.”

Okay, so what is the concept? “… A lot of our products are support style hosiery, which compresses the legs, which compresses the veins, and helps the little valves in your veins pump the blood up out of your legs and return it to your heart”, says Steve.

What about the public mindset that legwear is for women only?  “We at ActivSkin have been doing our part to publicize legwear as a men’s or unisex garment and as we do, more and more men are becoming comfortable wearing them, at least under long pants. I am probably the poster boy for men’s legwear, so I try to advertise it everywhere I go.”  (Steve was wearing a pair of transparent hose under his khaki shorts for the TV interview.)

Steve finished by saying that in addition to helping blood circulation, the hosiery also creates muscle compression which increases stamina and reduces fatigue. ActivSkin products are designed for men’s body proportions, and they have a fly opening in the front.

ActiveSkin products aren’t available in retail outlets, but you can view the extensive catalog online at, and make purchases… they have a PayPal account.

590-592-inset.jpgA frequently asked question by potential buyers who are still sensitive about receiving what is essentially a pair of pantyhose in the mail: “HOW IS IT PACKAGED???”

This fun answer, from the website:

We know that if we packaged our legwear in pink envelopes with big bright red letters that said, “Here’s the pantyhose you ordered, Mister!” that wouldn’t get us a lot of happy customers or repeat business. So, we send our orders in plain envelopes that don’t advertise anything about the contents. Even though we’re proud of our products, we recognize that some people might be sensitive about others knowing what they wear, so we try to be as discreet as we can.  For orders outside the USA we are required to declare the contents on a customs form, and it is usually identified simply as “clothing”.

So there you are, boys! Whatever your reasons for being reluctant to take the plunge and slip into a pair of pantyhose, there are ample reasons to put aside your hesitation and try what could become an important part of your evolving unisex wardrobe!


Steve Newman’s blog:   ActivSkin store:


*Friends, the only funding for this blog is from the shop section.  Please indulge your pantyhose obsession and show some support for my work!  Your purchases make this blog possible.*